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My funny skills I was doing
Hello gange remember to subscribe me and smash that like button and comment below If you people get me to 1,000,000,000 I will do a dead sister prank When I get 100k like I will do pranks like this Pranks: I lost my memory prank I cut myself prank Teddy bear scare When I get 200k I will challenges like this Challenges: Slime challenge Drawing challenges What's in my mouth challenge Love you guys Instagram:delexis_the_queen Delexis age:10 David age:9 Delasia age:8
Fairy Slime AMR Video
Hi guys I came up with start doing slime AMR Video Link more #ddd4lslimeamr #ddd4lchilling Link for more My Instagrams:@sisters_plus_brother_4_life @Delexis_the_queen My musically: @DDD4L
Just having a good time
Hello my gangs, give me up to 100k likes ,also remember to subscribe to my channel school is out and I'm enjoying YouTube and my life so comment below and for more pranks and challenges to do please comment below. Delexis Instagram: delexis_the_queen Delexis:10 Delasia:8 David:9 Thanks love you guys
DDD4L skills
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