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Flossing My Teeth
Exploring the routine, the domestic, and the everyday from an artistic perspective
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"Compilation of Peeing" (20 Different Pisses, Artist in Bathrooms, 2017)
Exploring human waste as a narrative device Like and Subscribe for more videos every Tuesday
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Thoughts On James Baldwin's Notes of A Native Son
Baldwin has some really engaging critiques of civil protest literature and the guise of sentimentality. I share my two cents Like and Subscribe for more experience learning videos
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What I think About Employee Evaluations
What I think about employee evaluations/ Inside my mouth 3
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Inside My Mouth
Exploration of My Interiors
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Maggots eating a dead Cow Juxtaposed Art Version
Maggots eating a dead Cow Juxtaposed Next to me Eating Honey From a Jar. A gesture questioning the ever churning cycle of consumption! Enjoy
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Reading TS Eliot Slowly
Exploring timing through the use of vaunted poetry
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5 Vocabulary Words
Hey All Just Something A little Random hope you get something from it though. Like and Subscribe for more content
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Fear of the Unknown
Talking about painting and fear i.g. a_hero_journey_story
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Discussing Our New Art Collective
Performing a discussion about our new art collective
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Civil Rights In my Retail Establishment
Reading Civil Rights Speeches In My Retail Establishment Stairwell Civil Rights Series 1 : J. Stanley "A Tribute A Fallen Black Soldier" Exploring the lineage of civil rights literature as a liberating gesture Hey Shoppers hope you enjoy this new series, please pardon my natural awkwardness
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Keyboard experimentation
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MVI 0578
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MVI 0579
keyboard investigation
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Art Studio Tour and Cool Books
Hope you like and come with me on this crazy journey. Thumbs up if you like and don't forget to subscribe!
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Reconstructing My Foreskin(Surgery Art Version)
I've always wondered what it would be like to have foreskin, call it a case of phantom foreskin. Using artistic processes, I am reconstructing what was lost in the beginning. ig a_hero_journey_story art website www.danielashley.net
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