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Paint Royal Copenhagen porcelain flowers - Краска королевские копенгагенские фарфоровые цветы
Here is a close-up of a professional porcelain painter decorating a Blue Fluted Full Lace dinner plate at the Royal Copenhagen store in Copenhagen, Denmark. The design dates back to 1775 and features a floral pattern inspired by typical Chinese porcelain patterns of the time. The pattern was gradually modified and now represents the ultimate hallmark of Royal Copenhagen porcelain. For more information: www.royalcopenhagen.us www.royalcopenhagen.us/shop/shop-series/1/dinnerware/3/blue-fluted-full-lace
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Fire in Copenhagen - 在哥本哈根火灾 - Пожар в Копенгагене
On January 30, 2014 at 11.05 am. a fire erupted on the second floor over a bank in Frederiksberg, Denmark. No one was hurt. the firemen entered the apartment via the front door and doused out the flames from inside which created billows of black smoke and steam. Shooting flames erupt at 2:09 and firefighters at 6:52. The video is shot from a doctor's waiting room. // D. 30.01.2014 kl. 11.05 blev en brand i en tom lejlighed ovenover Danske Bank anmeldt til Københavns Brandvæsen. I starten af optagelsen ses en kraftig røgudvikling, efterfulgt af stikflammer 2:09, der slutter med brandfolk 6:52. I videoen ser det ud som om, brandvæsenet ser passivt til, men udenfor kameraets synsvidde står slukningskøretøjer på Falkoner Allé.
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Crazy Asko washing machine - cılgınca makinesi - псих машины - पागल वॉशिंग मशीन
This brand new Asko W6567 washing machine was professionally installed in my appartment. On the spin cycle, it goes crazy. This is the second Asko W6567 delivered to my door with the same problem. I switched to a Miele washing machine. No more problems.
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The Sleepy Duckling's Horror Show
These innocent ducklings just want to nap. Forget it. When their world is threatened by humans, all bets are off. This video still has the old annotations and you can't see the original version if you watch this video on your cell phone. Use a PC if you want the full benefit of the Sleepy Duckling's Horror Show.
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De Dommelaers play "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Cheeky champs from Holland. They drink, travel, laugh and play their way around the planet. Now in Copenhagen!
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Copenhagen's carefree roller skaters
Here's a swarm of happy roller skaters breezing through the streets of Frederiksberg, Denmark on a balmy Friday in June 2011.
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Embroidery Garden
I was commissioned to embroider childlike, hippie-style flower motifs on a handmade, striped silk party dress for an event in Hong Kong. The displayed dress has not yet been assembled.
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Extreme slow-motion lightening over Copenhagen
Action starts at 0:07. Filmed in Frederiksberg, Denmark on August 3, 2014.
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Play time in Denmark
See how Danish kids play on a warm summer day in the park. It's just full of warm hygge on a summer afternoon. No wonder Danes are a little bit happier, they value a simpler life. That's a local band playing live in the background. They are totally 70's.
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Van Halen's Jump with smoking laser
On my way home I suddenly saw this going on in the center of Copenhagen. It looked better in real life than on this video.
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Little Messi, the happiest dog in Denmark
Walking through Copenhagen, Denmark I spotted this doggie soccer player. I've never seen a dog juggle a ball like this. He gets all worked up and then jumps in a puddle at 0:46 to cool off.
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Baby's first air piano performance
This little 4-month-old munchkin enjoys her first live concert performance. Music: A Maiden's Prayer by Tekla Bądarzewska-Baranowska (1834–1861)
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Wild string art and happy kids in Copenhagen
Children and adults play around in the surreal landscape of multi-colored strings on St.Thomas Square in Frederiksberg, Denmark. This happening was created for Metropolis Festival 2015 by Karoline H. Larsen at www.creativeactions.com.
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Street drawing in Copenhagen
Grab some chalk and go out and do it. Draw!
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Dancing granny punk rocks in Copenhagen
It's great to strut your stuff at any age...
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Winard Harper playing drums in Copenhagen
Winard Harper cutting loose at Jazzhus Montmartre during Copenhagen Jazz Festival, July 12th 2015.
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