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Angry Grandpa ruins cookout Video
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Angry Grandpa finds out he's on break
Angry Grandpa finds out he was put on break.com for more than just 300 people to see.
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Bike crashes into Angry Grandpa
Never ride a bike if you've forgotten how. Apparently you crash into people
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Angry Grandpa can't find the remote
The angry grandpa is "angry" that he can't find the remote control. And takes it out on his wife
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Angry Grandpa wake up
Angry Grandpa got woken up from his 3 hour slumber and didn't get the reaction we had hoped for.
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Angry Grandpa Cant take a shower
Angry Grandpa got antiqued while he was showering.
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Angry Grandpa bad pay day
Mom sent $200.00 of her paycheck to Graceland for shirts, when a bill was due... Bad day
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Angry Grandpa The revolutionary BAG
Are you tired of being rained on? Thats why you need BAG! See everything it can shield you from! Mud, sticks, firecrackers.. Even slaps to the face
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Angry Grandpa goes fishing Video
Grandpa goes fishing and the only thing he catches, is a pair of dirty underwear.
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Angry Grandpa Farts really do light
My dad claimed you could light a fart, and naturally I denied. Well, he showed me he could.
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Angry Grandpa kool Aid wake up
Kool-aid put in the angry grandpas mouth, while he was sleeping.
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BF1942 Galactic Conquest NEWLY UPDATED. Play FREE Saturdays
https://www.facebook.com/GC.BF1942 https://www.facebook.com/groups/SWGalacticConquest/ All over the net you hear players asking for elements that are lacking in Star Wars games. What is lacking in other Star Wars games this Mod for Battlefield 1942 has! https://docs.google.com/uc?export=download&confirm=yhKA&id=0ByaEJIsv0VaLd1FHRlVyeURBc2c
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►"How to kill time during a 15 minute Planetside 1 hack...(AND PS1 EMULATOR LAUNCH)"
Back by popular demand! Slightly re-edited version of "How to kill time during a 15 minute Planetside 1 hack" Stay with us and hop onto http://psforever.net/forum/ to contribute towards a great Planetside 1 EMULATOR one DAY!
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Richard from the Undateables on Take me out!
Richard from the Undateables on Take me out! IF THIS BECOMES POPULAR I WILL START PRODUCING MORE CONTENT FROM ANY SHOWS! PS: I like this guy so the inention of this video was purely artistic putting 2 dating shows together. Not intended to cause harm.
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Planetside Vanguard Event
Planetside Vanguard Event - NC Blue Lions One server still up. I uploaded the Planetside 1 launcher here as DBG suck! https://mega.nz/#!SYVHXb5C!tb8VVrk7tr7XkPQFKv5yervP6smZQu0U00RxNCzHnBc
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Unreal Tournament 3 - Planetside Mod
I found a warfare mode server modded with Magriders/Sunderers/Reavers/Jetpacks/Harrassers. One server still up. I uploaded the Planetside 1 launcher here as DBG suck! https://mega.nz/#!SYVHXb5C!tb8VVrk7tr7XkPQFKv5yervP6smZQu0U00RxNCzHnBc Rumple's Bloodshed (Warfare Mod) https://www.gametracker.com/server_in... Most maps are Planetside modded. You will be able to play BOTS if no one else is on and you can vote any map you want and get it Islander Power Surge Serenity Serenity CO (Night) Torlan Dusk Frozen Village https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexFili (Filmed by)
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Outcasters Planetside Lightning Event
One server still up. I uploaded the Planetside 1 launcher here as DBG suck! https://mega.nz/#!SYVHXb5C!tb8VVrk7tr7XkPQFKv5yervP6smZQu0U00RxNCzHnBc A Planetside film showing an Outcasters Lightning Event. CHECK OUT THE HIGH DEFINITION (HD) Outcasters are running a March Events Month with events being run every few days by different dedicated members. It is not surprising to have a full platoon of players when the Events are taking place, new players are always welcome and if you want to be a part of fun teamwork then check out the outcasters website http://www.outcasters.net/
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►Why PLANETSIDE 1 CAVES are better than Planetside 2! (PS1Emulator!)
Planetside 1 caves are now accessible for all again. Reviewing why Planetside caves are better than nearly the entirety of Planetside 2. Planetside 1 Emulator is alive! 0:01 Overall PS1 Emulator stage 0:53 All 6 caves in motion 1:46 Explanation to why the Planetside 1 Caves dominate nearly the entirety of Planetside 2. NEW PS1 Emulator Forums http://psemulator.org/forums/ Link to the main Planetside 1 Discord https://discord.gg/0nRe5TNbTYoUruA4
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THIS ONES FOR YOU ARI SHAFFIR! Sexy Thai Girl Dirty Offer - must watch
THIS ONES FOR YOU ARI SHAFFIR! This got deleted recently and it's quite a good video so re-uploading. Thanks
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►Warhammer Eternal Crusade - ELDAR (AKA Warhammer Planetside VS)
Warhammer Eternal Crusade recently released the ELDAR RACE which feel a lot like Planetside's Vanu Sovereignty. Here's a quick showcase of how they play.
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►Why PLANETSIDE 1 is better than Planetside 2!
Sanctuary and getting started - 0:01 (Click 'SHOW MORE' to see more chapters) This is my video explaining why Planetside 1 is better in my opinion than Planetside 2. My view which is shared by thousands of players. I have highlighted all the priority problems that I believe with basic explanations without too much confusing detail. 1st Major loss Lockers and hacking enemy equipment - 3:22 2nd Major Loss The METAGAME and the Global Islands of Auraxis - 4:23 Fighting on a continent - 7:07 Base fights and why Planetside 1 base designs were key to the game - 9:26 Looking at tactics, thrills, battle ranks and problems - 13:03 The character fun and the memories 16:22 3rd Major Loss Disappointing weapons and finalising my view 17:46 STUNNING PICTURES OF AURAXIS (Many unseen to the average player) 20:29 Thanks for watching
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Yantai Block Party China
Yantai Block Party China - Kunyu Shan Academy. China Shaolins An academy which teaches Kung Fu http://www.chineseshaolins.com/ . I went on my own and met people there. I was only there for a week and we went to the city on the Saturday night with everyone at the academy from all over the world and ended up doing this! Amazing time China
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#Planetside2 GUINNESS WORLD RECORD!: OpolE's Favourite bits
Planetside 2 Guinness World Record was the best thing EVER One server still up. I uploaded the Planetside 1 launcher here as DBG suck! https://mega.nz/#!SYVHXb5C!tb8VVrk7tr7XkPQFKv5yervP6smZQu0U00RxNCzHnBc
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►RIP Angry Grandpa! Thanks for a great ride!
RIP Angry Grandpa You will be missed.
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Angry Grandpa fireworks wakeup
Angry Grandpa waken up, with a strand of firecrackers. The result was 45 minutes of smoke in the house and a few 3rd degree burns.
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►Why PLANETSIDE 1 is STILL better than Planetside 2! PART 2!
Welcome to PART 2 - In game comparisons THREE YEARS OF PS2 0:10 Planets and having to live with them! 03:27 Vehicles and using them against the ENEMY! 04:35 Loadouts and equipment discrepancies 07:25 Implant and stupid bundles 08:14 What the MAX is going on! 09:16 General characteristics not followed through 09:57 Meaningful technology 11:42 Future Outlook Thanks for watching.
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COD1 LAN 2v2 Bydgoszcz - Poland
3 Poles and 1 Brit reliving the good old days :)
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►PLANETSIDE 1 OpolE quote soundpack! 73 hilarious quotes recorded
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN I bring you the OpolE Planetside 1 quotes pack! 73 funny as F#CK quotes by one of the biggest nutters in Planetside 1. **ENJOY and SUB for PS1 EMU news.*** http://psforever.net/
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►H1z1 - OpolE's best profanity bits!
Our 5 man team playing and our 5 man team failing. Props to https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexFili for the filming! Great stuff
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Bumfights Poem
Quite possibly the most amazing poem ever written
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Call of Duty SWAT MOD LAN
Probebly the only footage of Call of Duty SWAT MOD being played by us at a small LAN Made by: BooZi the insane sniper
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