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Tomb Raider: The Flooded Vault
Just a quick run through of one of the Tombs you encounter in Tomb Raider. At the beginning of the video the two power switches i stand next to, just hit square on them in the order i walk to them, i.e. the top one first. These videos have been constructed through normally running the gameplay, no use of guides or anything else.
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Sekiro: Seven Achina Spears (Easy way)
Another video from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice This time showing you a super cheesy way to beat the Seven Achina Spears, an otherwise annoying fight.
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GTA 5 Gameplay - Franklin meets Michael
Just a quick mission as Franklin stealing a car from Michaels house. If you want to have more control over your videos & see your tags rankings, head over to the following link & install TubeBuddy in Chrome! https://www.tubebuddy.com/TUBEWF Also feel free to signup to DollarShaveClub with this link http://fbuy.me/jwp95 to enjoy quality shaving gear for only $8!
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Subterranean River
Just a brief video showing how to complete the Subterranean River challenge tomb in SOTTR. More videos will follow, showing all challenge tombs & also a couple of exploits to help you max out your character quicker. Feel free to subscribe!
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Transformers 2 song PS3 Disc
Alright, i couldnt find the nameof this song anywhere, anyone know it???? Just noticed that theresa minute of it missing :|
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GTA Online: How to store a buzzard in your garage.
Alright here is the video of how i did it, unedited so you can see any adjustments i made throughout the process. I am currently working on getting the vehicle insured and ill upload once i have that too. NOTE: SKIP TO 5:40 FOR STEP 3 Here are the steps: 1. Get a buzzard 2. Go to your garage, I used Weazel Plaza for this. 3. park your buzzard like i did in the video, positioned slightly to the right with the door near the entrance. 4. Get out & tap x (PS3) as you get out so the door STAYS OPEN 5. Go back outside to your buzzard and get a gun, walk backwards and enter the buzzard. If it doesnt go into a cutscene then you have to reposition the buzzard slightly. Credit also goes to sdjfhasdklf for the method http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUtpGGQZ5Bk And to http://gtaforums.com/topic/634134-cop-cars-in-garage/ and everyone who posts information in that thread. Enjoy!
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Sekiro: O'rin of the water (easiest method)
Another video for you guys from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice This time showing how to easily cheese O'rin of the water. The only thing you need for this is the combat art "Mortal Draw"
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GTA 5 - Friend Request
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GTA 5 -Driving the Elegy RH8
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GTA 5 - The Bureau Raid
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GTA 5 - Stealing the Cargobob
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GTA 5 - Flying & Shooting the Buzzard.
So i finished the main story and instantly bought a buzzard. The buzzard flies almost the same in the new game as GTA 4 but with some differences which youll spot in this video. Main things with the shooting is how unsettled the aiming is, very shaky and hard to control at certain points, also rotating the heli is a LOT slower than it was on GTA 4 so sidewinding and general defensive work in the heli has become a bit more tricky. As you can see the heli flies like a treat and picks up some serious speed, cant wait for online to see how difficult it will be to dominate rooms with this, depends on how good the jet and tank is, which ill put up soon.
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GTA 5 - Stealing the Jumbo jet
So i found and stole the Jumbo jet (eventually) and had a fly around the world... Ended up landing in a restricted airstrip (could be army base) and got fucked up!
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Pilot Abuse II
The sequel to Pilot Abuse, Thanks to bryant, skemefigurez, SquadX-Fox, and ftworld Opening scene is fox dancing and ftworld orbiting. Ok pilots that got owned are... 911-Avenger (purple) Dabeastmaqd (light blue) Hell-Boy (brown) BigblindPro (yellow) Inmate_9019 (gold) Aircav-reaper (pink) Dabeastmaqd (silver) ABN-Gentleman (purple) Also Kebbies is in there...
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Sekiro: Juzou The Drunkard
Another video from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, this time showing you guys how to beat Juzou The Drunkard!
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GTA Online: Insuring the buzzard
Hey guys, here is the video for insuring the buzzard following on from getting it inside your garage. FYI: you might as well mute the video, YT shitty copyright prevented the audio i had in place and made me replace it with trash. The steps are as follows: 1. Once your buzzard is in the garage, get a random vehicle, go to LSC & insure it. 2. Drive your car into your garage, and drive back out again. 3. Blow the car up and go back into your garage. 4. Select Mors Mutual insurance and call them as you get into the buzzard, IMPORTANT: Do not press X (PS3) on the car from Mors Mutual, just leave the menu open and press R2 to exit the garage. 5. In the cutscene the menu will pop up, now you can press X straight away & wait for your heli to teleport outside. 6. Park your buzzard as i do in the video, get out & make sure you tap X to leave the door open! 7. Leave your garage and go to the heli, Use a gun to walk backwards and get in your heli and you now have an insured buzzard! Credit to: Tidoman for his post in http://gtaforums.com/topic/634134-cop-cars-in-garage/page-16 on how to insure vehicles As well as others from that same thread on GTAForums Heres the link to the first video: How to get a buzzard in your garage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDos1ugiO9Q
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Rank 10 Glitch
This is a video on how you get rank 10 on all your accounts, and keep it... also you can obtain the wanted trophy this way.
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Sekiro: Genichiro Ashina
Another video from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. This time showing the boss fight with Genichiro Ashina, definitely the most difficult challenge I've had so far in the game. Tips for this are: - Make sure you create a backup save with all your healing/buffs and everything before the fight so you don't have 40 attempts with only your healing gourd. - watch for his perilous attacks, first health bar he usually does a thrust so you can time a mikiri counter (or just back right out of it) & the second round he's open to a jump counter when he switches to a sweep. - Keep the pressure on him, you can see that the faster you get his health down, the slower his posture recharges & the less chance you have of taking big damage and wasting healing. - Try to save one of your revives for the final phase & use one in the second round instead of healing.
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GTA Online: Trying to get the buzzard delivered...
Still trying to figure out how i can get the mechanic to bring my buzzard to me, so i thought id shoot him out... it did not work.
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Sekiro: General Matsumoto
A quick video showing you guys how to beat General Matsumoto in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.
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Shadow of War - Max Skill Points!
Just a quick video showing you guys how to get as many skill points as you want so you can max out those new prestige! Here's the link to CheatEngine: https://www.cheatengine.org/
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Tomb Raider: Temple of the Handmaidens
Another optional tomb in Tomb Raider, i will be recording as many as i can, and if the game allows me to re-do tombs ive already done, ill put those up too. The successful second attempt starts at 4:00 for those of you who want to skip ahead, the first part of the video is the entrance to the tomb, how to get in & once im in the tomb there is a minute or so of me figuring out what to do. Any subs and comments are appreciated also if you use twitter feel free to follow me @WildfireV2.
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GTA 5 - Monkey Business
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Red Dead Online Money Glitch
Just a quick video to show you guys the latest money glitch. Make sure you get on it before it's patched! Step 1. Go to the location shown on the map Step 2. Collect fish Step 3. Switch sessions Repeat those steps until you have 10 fish, & then sell them and start again.
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GTA 5 - The Big Score
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ABN owned part 2
Ending part of ABN getting smashed.
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Underworld Gate
Another quick video showing how to beat one of the challenge tombs from Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This time it's "Underworld Gate", the very first challenge tomb you're likely to encounter in the game, amongst the Peruvian Jungle. Feel free to subscribe for more Tomb Raider content!
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GTA 5 - Father/Son
Doing the mission Father/son and taking a visit to LSC.
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Dragonball Z Montage
Got more footage from an awesome game, the game is DBZ - Raging Blast, and the song is Fluke - Absurd. Hope you like it.
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NFS Most Wanted ( 1080p)
I decided to record something a little different, A game thats 6 years old, and is still fantastic. This was recorded from the Xbox 360, So the gameplay isnt awesome because the controls are kind of difficult to adjust to. Still, It was the Blacklist 12 i think, against Izzy. Its also the first video ive uploaded since i bought a HD PVR & Started using Vegas Pro 10. Add me on Xbox 360 if you want or PS3 XBL: x420Raptor PSN: Wildfire_08 Enjoy, Rate, Comment and do whatever the hell you want. The song two songs are: - 99 Problems/Points of Authority - Jay Z & Linkin Park From Collision Course - Skeptic By Snapcase
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Tomb Raider Ending
The final part of the last fight, and final scene for Tomb Raider
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NFA_Nighthawk  1 on 1.
Played him 1 vs 1, he kept making some lame excuses. Edit: No HQ button? After thisgame i play him and Aircav-Felony 2 vs 1. Also in some parts of both new videos the footage skips, im not sure why, think its something to do with the software im capturing with. Song Mobb Deep - Shook ones part II
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Sikhking and Stuntkilla Vs I am Zeus
These two lagging clowns got destroyed, they actually started raging on the mic making excuses at the end but i thought best to leave it out. Proof, that Sikhking, is in fact..... Garbage, hahahah.
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Dirt 3
Just a short clip of a Trailblazer event in Dirt 3.
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Clownzy2 Vs Silverbolt
Owned him 1vs 1 then got kicked by connection
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Random Pilots.
Just gathered footage from some freemodes i was i and pilots i battled. Not sure why the 2 vs 1 scene is so strange, i had to capture it pretty quick while battling.
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GIRL_LOVE58 Owned.
Alright, this bint was constantly trying to chase me, so we battled,all she does is get health continuously.
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ABN owned
ABN getting murdered in TDM, I had more kills by myself than theyre whole garbage team, Part way through ABN-GangstaPilot jumps in the church glitch (thats why we started kicking him) Then they start leaving before the end like pussys.
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GTA IV Noob Trap Tutorial
Ok, i recently upgraded to S-Video for recording, and it takes a while to get used to playing in non HD graphics, also its a little test of quality, although i can probably improve this later. I was in a free mode with two friends and we decided to trap a noob, so i made a little tutorial on how to do it yourself. The noob in this video sat in the trap for about 30 minutes, messaging every new person into the room to kill him so he could get out, and nobody came for him hahaha
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KIllzone 3 - Operations
Alrighty, this was a video i captured from the first day i got the Killzone 3 public beta, Ive played the private beta before it and Honestly this game is fantastic, Its the best FPS ive ever played and quite literally blows the whole CoD series out of the water. I think i was using the engineer class at first because its what i use on BFBC2 with a ump45, so i figured id use the same to start off with, I have recently started using the marksman class though, Cloaking is fantastic. Anyway, hit me up if you wanna play This footage was raw, and remained unedited.
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Tekken 6 Fights
Thought id capture a few fights from Tekken 6, awesome graphics when im playing in HD, great new characters, and good contact effects.
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Cell Games
Battles from DBZ Raging Blast Cell Games.
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Tree of Life
Another video from Shadow of the Tomb Raider showing how to beat the Tree of Life Challenge Tomb. Feel free to subscribe for more gaming content!
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Thirsty Gods
Another video guide to the Challenge Tombs in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, this time, "Thirsty Gods"
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider: San Cordoba
Another Challenge Tomb video from Shadow of the Tomb Raider, this time featuring "San Cordoba".
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