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Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition-Chosen Undead. Playthrough part 1
Dark Souls Undead Asylum to the Taurus demon! =) My first video on youtube so please do like and subscribe if you enjoyed it! =) Originally there was suppose to be commentary where I talk about the lore of the game itself however the mic is having problems, I will try to get it fixed as soon as possible! =)
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Dark souls Prepare To Die Edition-Gargoyles are attacking. Playthrough part 2
Ringing the first bell! If you enjoyed this video, do like and subscribe =) There will be no commentary till I get a good mic which will be soon though!
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Ninja Blade Playthrough part 1 - Holy crap SPIDER!
First mission of Ninja blade! Do like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video =) Me failing plenty of the QTE
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Titanfall Playthough Attrition mode
I apologize for my noob playthrough! Just wanna share my gameplay video! =)
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