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Hot Lap with Kevin Reiterer in Thailand
Kevin Reiterer preparing for the 2016 King's Cup - riding his newly built SDC Trak Hull on the Laguna near Pattaya City. shot 100% on GoPro Hero 5
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HotLap with Kevin Reiterer- Jumeirah Beach
Current World Champion Kevin Reiterer on his winter preparation in the UAE. Besides racing at one of the worlds best known winter training spots, he is training at the open sea to improve his skills. 1 Hot Lap with Kevin Reiterer and his GoPro Hero4 100% shot with GoPro Hero4
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S8 hsr-benelli
great video from the new product of s8. nice design.
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ice 12
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2014 Jetcross PAM Onboard
Kevin Reiterer takes us with his GoPro through one of his Motos at the first round of the Jetcrosstour in Pont a Mousson. The racetrack is challenging and riders will have to go through a 16 minutes Moto. After a false start and a crash at the logjump, Kevin made his way back to 4th position. 100% GoPro Hero 3+ Thanks to my Sponsors Commerzialbank Sportand NÖ Quakysense ProWatercraft BNJ Just Vienna SeaDooCentre Oakley Aerobat Ooco Vellyket Jettrim SWATCH Liqui Moly see more videos and photos on www.kev-racing.com
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2013 FFM Jetcross tour RD 1 Cogolin- OnBoard
Be onboard with multi World Champ and Winner of the first round of the Jetcross tour in France, Cogolin. Kevin Reiterer from Austria dominates the field at the first of five rounds. Filmed 100% on the GoPro Hero 3 black edition.
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OnBoard Kevin Reiterer - 2017 GP of Sharjah
Kevin Reiterer going balls to the wall at the 2017 ABP World Championship in Sharjah UAE. Making the most important passes right at the start leading him to the Moto 1 Victory. See the complete insight of a racers Point of view. Close Action and Adrenalin for the racers competing. See more from Kevin Reiterer - www.kev-racing.com
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SWATCH Free4style
25.000+ spectators watching the best FMX riders, Jetskiers and Wakeboarders laying it on the line in Estavayer for the Swatch Free4style Event. An amazing event- wanna see more- chek otu the exklusive inside view of our crew rockin the event!
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Kevin Reiterer gets back to racing
After a difficult year, of passing high school diploma and so on, Kevin Reiterer, decided to get back to racing and again full focused on his sport and returns back to his roots...to do what he loves!
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Onboard with Kevin Reiterer UAE Championship Pro Ski GP
United arabic Emirates Championship 2013 1 round. In front of legendary hotel Burj Al Arab in the center of Dubai on Jumeira Beach. Check out World Champ Kevin Reiterer going for the win in his second moto.
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Gopro 2014 IJSBA Pro Ski GP Onboard
Austrian, Kevin Reiterer, winning run of the 2014 IJSBA World Finals in Pro Ski GP. shot 100% GoPro Hero 3+ Thanks to all my sponsors: Commerzialbank Sportland Nö Jettrim Quakysense SDC ProWatercraft Just Vienna Swatch Ooco Belts Oakley
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Jettrim "Bitchin Stitchin"
Jettrim is an exclusive brand pushing the Limits of Design and Quality by making products amazing. The Company is driven by Passion and their whole Team enjoys being part of something bigger then themselves. Custom PWC Mats and Custom race seats for Buggys are their teritory. Kev Racing took a inside look in their Workshop at 2013 World Finals Lake Havasu City. "Best products when it comes to design and handling." Filmed 100% GoPro Hero 3+
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Jetski Summer GoPro
Kevin Reiterer, multi World Champion is riding Jetski and testing the GoPro! helmetcam and camera! looks pretty nice!!!
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but out a engine
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Trainingcamp Norway, Bergen JR
One of the big names in Jetski, Kevin Reiterer, has been invited for a Trainingcamp up to Norway, Bergen. What he saw impressed him.... 30 riders with a huge amount of passion. The Trainingcamp included on and off water training and technique methods for kids up to expert riders. They obviously enjoyed it! Shot 100% GoPro Hero 3+
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VANtourer Adventures
Multi World Champ Kevin Reiterer and his crew had the chance from EuroCaravaning to spend their Adventures with the Vantourer Fiat Ducato this summer. "Pretty cool to do any activity and have a sweet home base with everything you need - everywhere you wanna go!" check them out http://www.vantourer.de/ Multi Weltmeister Kevin Reiterer und seine Crew von Kev-Racing hatten die Möglichkeit ihren Sommer mit dem Vantourer zu verbringen. Ein geniales Fahrerlebnis mit dem neuen Fiat Ducato und im Gebäck all das was man braucht. "Ob Jetskis, Mountainbikes oder Motorräder alles passt auf den Anhänger und mit dem Vantourer hat man all das was das Herz begehrt um Europa zu erkunden!" Für weiterer coole Videos folgt uns auf https://www.facebook.com/KevRacing90 https://www.instagram.com/Kevinreiterer www.kev-racing.com
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Kevin Reiterer, crashed in the second GP moto after winning the first one. Lost his world title because of this crash. but he made it out safely. and could finish 4 in this moto
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Kevin Reiterer Interview
CAfe Puls PLUS4, Prosieben Austria
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GoPro: Kevin Reiterer AAT Alpe Adria Tour, Croatia
100% on the HERO5® camera from http://GoPro.com. Watch Kevin Reiterer Main Event at the final round of the 2017 AAT in Croatia Vir ripping waves.
Views: 1884 Kevin Reiterer
2016 King's Cup RAW Moto 2
RAW footage of the 2016 King's Cup World Cup in Thailand. Second Moto. Kevin Reiterer the first time on his new ski in wavey race conditions going from the back of the pack to the front but then crashing out. The impact collapsed the battery and the race ended for him.
Views: 3132 Kevin Reiterer
King's Cup Onboard 2013
After a false start, Young Austrian, Kevin Reiterer, makes his way through the pack. Finishing behind Dustin Motzouris in second. Impressive way of riding a PWC.
Views: 9363 Kevin Reiterer
wntv reiterer kevin 2009
TV Report in german. nice report about kevin reiterer
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GoPro Euro Tour Belgium Onboard
Kevin Reiterer, gets into the 2014 IJSBA Euro Tour with a new Setup ready to race. Check out his amazing races at the first round of the Euro Tour in Belgium. Unfortunately, the steering broke in the last moto. Shot 100% GoPro Hero 3+ www.kev-racing.com for more photos and Videos Commerzialbank Sportland Nö Quakysense SeaDooCentre Pro Watercraft SWATCH Liqui Moly Jettrim Ooco Vellyket
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Training Tip #1- Sensomotoric
www.kev-racing.com Way to go for a fun workout for your PWC skills and to prevent injuries. Sensomotoric training. Challenge your friends on unstable objects and see what tricks you can come up with- always keep your racing movements in the back of your mind. shoot 100% on GoPro Hero 3 HD black edition
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2013 Jetcrosstour round 3 - Set it up
Points leader Kevin Reiterer, went into the third round of the Jetcrosstour with lots of confidence. Despite false starts he made his way up to the front and showed some incredible passes against some of the best riders in the world.
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Trailer Onboard GP of Italy Aquabike World Championship
The Highlights of a rough water condition Moto at the Aquabike World Championship GP of Italy. The Austrian starting last after changing to his backup boat and making the way through the entire field.
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G.P. start crash
The last europeanrace had been in Portugal! In the second race was a crash from kevin reiterer, chris wilkinson and a Yamaha rider.......
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King's Cup shortfall
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Jetski Lockjump
Two fourteen years old kids jumping across the longjump and now they make a video for you!!! They are really cracy and for more INFOS visit www.kev-racing.com!!!!!!!!!!!
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"Hot and Fresh" into 2014
Kevin Reiterer, spends most of his off-season workouts in Dubai. Filming one of his Training sessions in the greatest Location of Training. Right next to Jumeirah world's famous Burj al Arab in big roller waves. PR Film productions Filmed 100% with GoPro Hero 3+
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European championship jetski 2007 Austria ORF 2
nice video offical orf austria
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2015 UIM Aquabike World Championship Qatar, Doha
The 2015 UIM Aquabike World Championship took of in Qatar Doha. See through the young Austrian, Kevin Reiterer, to go through the first moto of the event. A change of crafts put him in last place to battle for the victory he made qucik passes through the pack. Exciting to watch! Shot 100% @GoPro Commerzialbank Sportland Nö Quakysense, Oakley BNJ SeaDooCentre ProWatercraftracing Just Vienna Liqui Moly Jettrim check out more of Kevin on www.kev-racing.com
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Onboard GP of Italy Aquabike World Championship
Kevin Reiterer in rough water conditions on his way through the field after changing his boats and starting in the last starting row. "It wasn't easy with the Hydro in these waves, however I just had so much fun", says the young Austrian. This video is for all the jetski enthusiasts around the world who hadn't got the chance to watch the race LIVE. Enjoy #Commerzialbank #Quakysense #SportlandNiederösterreich #Jettrim #SeaDooCentre #Pro Watercraft #LiquiMoly #JustVienna #Oakley
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2014 King's Cup Onboard Moto 2
Kevin Reiterer on his way through the field at the 2014 World Cup Grand Prix in Thailand. Shot 100% with Gopro Hero 3+ Commerzialbank
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alpen adria cup jetskirace prag
jetski race prag alpen adria cup final 2007
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short trailer kings cup jetski race
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2014 Jetcross Swatch Free4style
Check out Team Kev-Racing hammering it at the SWATCH Free4style in Estavyer Switzerland. 20.000+ Spectators rockin the Event and watching the best riders in Jetski, FMX and Wakeboard perform on one of the most challenging and most exciting tracks! Shot 100% GoPro Hero 3+
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jetski night race marocco
the only one in the world
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2014 Jetcrosstour Final Onboard
Austrian, Kevin Reiterer, did a perfect weekend with 3 moto start to finish win and clinched the title of one of the most challenging race series in the world. He lets us join with an onboard video to see how it feels like to ride in very challenging conditions agains the best in the world. 100% shot by a GoPro Hero 3+ for more visit our homepage www.kev-racing.com thank you to your sponsors Commerzialbank Sportland NOE SeaDooCentre Prowatercraft JUST Vienna Quakysense SWATCH Oakley BNJ Aerobat Ooco Belts Vellyket Jettrim
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GoPro Hero 3: TeamVentures
A few people of the Kev Racing Team having fun at a public baths in Austria! Yessir! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kevin-Reiterer/230574856956732?fref=ts Homepage: http://www.kev-racing.com/pages/english/homenews.php
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World Champion Kevin Reiterer
Views: 1396 Kevin Reiterer
Views: 3102 Kevin Reiterer
This is the Trailer for the next epic project "LakeVentures" Stay tuned!
Views: 557 Kevin Reiterer
Views: 393 Kevin Reiterer
Europeanchampionchip Holland
The best riders from all over the world are coming here and go out by 3 meter waves with skis which goes more than 67 Miles!!!! A cracy video!!!!!!!!
Views: 2171 Kevin Reiterer

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