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Indian soldier's terrorism in kashmir
Indian army's war crime India is a biggest terrorist in the world Genocide of Muslim in Gujarat kashmir and other part of the country No minorities are safe there No tolerance for other regions narrow minded typical racist Hippocratic nation
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مری میں ایک عورت کو چار مردوں نے مارا Murree me phir ghunda gardi shru boycott khatam nahi karna tha
Video from Spiritual Healing اچھا خاصہ بائکاٹ چل رہا تھا مری کا ان جنگلیوں سے ایسا بائکاٹ کیا جائے کہ بھوکے مریں ان پر ترس کھا کر بھی نہ جاو گندے لوگ ہیں
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Extremist Indian hindu targeting 2100 Muslim girls
Video from Ahmad Syed Terrorism in all department of Indian hindu
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Look ugly face of india How Indian hindu killed a Muslim
Indian hindu are the worst nation on this planet No minorities are safe their They are the stigma on the name of humanities there is an example of a Muslim body builder who being killed no human can kill a cockroach or an insect like this Indian bias Hippocratic liar barking rubbish cheap median won't show this If this could happend in pakistan other or country with any hindu how they will be barking worst than a dog
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Irani saazishen Aur hamari khamooshi
Pakistan hukumat fauj awaam Ko Irani saazishon ko nazar andaz karna himaakat hy Har Muslim country k khilaf Iran sazish kar raha hy Phir bhi masoom bun kr hamari safon me ghusa hua hy
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Video from Spiritual Healing
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