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My Look Listen Learn Logbook course 1  - Opening video
https://udemy.com/my-esl-look-listen-learn-logbook-course-1/learn/v4/ My ESL Look, Listen, Learn, Logbook – course 1 – teaches essential ESL pronunciation rules for a variety of words through a new limited edition learning game .exe developed specially for this course. The game is a 2D Flash game and is packed with picture illustrations of words and captivating challenges to spur you on to master the course material.  This game is available as a desktop application - an .exe (executable) file. The course begins with an introductory video lecture covering the curriculum, aims, objectives and a guide of how to use the attached material:  1. The aim - The main aim of My ESL Look, Listen, Learn, Logbook – course 1 – is to see that you have learned how to spell and speak its collection of words in letter and phonetic form.  2. The objective - Our objective is to see you have mastered our course's 100 English words by passing our course quiz.  3. How to use the course material - Once you've watched the video, follow onto downloading and opening the application and then observe the main menu page. This menu will offer the option to either view a "how to play" video or begin the learning game course introduced to you in the course introduction. Please view the course' guidance videos for full illustration of how to play the game and how to pronounce the words of the course – in order to best meet our course' aim. You can take as long as you need to do this as the game saves your progress data. Please then return to your Udemy course page and take our 100 ESL words mastery quiz. Once you pass this you will have completed the course and shall be emailed our certificate of completion. We look forward to seeing you pass. Good luck! :)
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Matthew Akingbade's Uni project of an adventure game level fly-through - development 2.flv
This piece showcases the latest game world project I had modeled for a game in Unity called "the Dragon Temple" - development 2.
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1030560137   Matthew Akingbade's Game Development Portfolio
This showreel, pardoning the low quality of the screen recorder, showcases some of the earliest progressions I have made in developing games for the past 12 years- excluding my most recent projects - particularly the artwork.
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