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ARREST LAWSUIT $75,000.00 - PC 148
In California police use PC 148 to conceal human rights violations. This penal code makes it illegal to resist or delay an officer from their lawful duties when a person hasn't violated a law. The purpose is to conceal the unlawful police behavior and shift the blame to the victim and in doing so block the only remedy available. Filing a complaint only puts the police and prosecutors on notice that they need to be creative in their arrest reports to block civil liability. Judges and attorneys worth their fees know this as a matter of fact but juries are kept in the dark in an attempt to convict. You have a right to a trial of your peers but instead you get a trial of the police officers peers. Juries typically state that they would never believe a criminal over a police officer failing to realize sometimes the police officer is the criminal. In the case of California VS POETIC Ryan Walker is the criminal and the prosecutor is engaging in what is called a malicious prosecution to conceal Deputy Walker from having his personnel file reflect the truth. Ryan Walker is an abusive cop who should be off the street. Since these violations are kept secret and treated as confidential it is up to me or other citizens to let it be known. We have our work cut out for us. Help me help you help POETIC. Please like comment and subscribe.
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Disrespectful Cop Gets Tom Zebra Training
How not to talk to the police...oversight and transparency are a myth. Do not try this unless you are willing to go to jail get convicted and have no attorney willing to help you. Those are the facts. Speech is not free. There are huge consequences to what you see me do in my videos even if you think it is funny or cool. Profanity is usually the tool of the uneducated or those who are unable to communicate. (LAPD) If you can make your point or solve your problems without acting like me you are probably better off. Thanks for watching.
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Deputy's Get Roasted at Inglewood Gas Station
I provide a free service to my neighbors and community that does more than defend their rights. This video shows how I do it. If you enjoy the video or value my service be sure to make a comment and hit the like button before you subscribe. Thanks.
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Police lost another lawsuit. Newspapers reported Hawthorne Police losing a lawsuit for acting on allegations they knew to be false. I caught them helping Gardena Police act on false allegations the very same day. Of course they don't read the newspaper and are unaware they cost the city thousands with their dishonesty. Unfortunately they get their training right here on my channel so there is usually a delay before they catch up with reality.
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Gardena Police cars Towed from Checkpoint 4 Illegal Parking
Customer parking only idiots. Gardena police had the nerve to put cones down blocking a CVS parking lot and calling it their own during a checkpoint on Western & Redondo Beach Blvd. The manager is smart. He towed as many vehicles as he could til they noticed. Then he said get those other pieces of shit off my lot now. What kind of phucking idiot thinks he can block off a parking lot of an open business even when it serves them no purpose? A gardena phucking idiot. Perfect example how to take our streets back.
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These officers refuse to activate their dash cams and try to prevent anybody else from recording as they choke a man for registration. Despite losing 3 lawsuits officers pretend they don't know the 1st amendment. Its not difficult. It says I can record. I can stand in the closed lanes of the street or on the open sidewalk. Officer Kang first tells me to get out of the street but then won't allow me to stand on the sidewalk. This is not an isolated incident. He is a habitual offender that was already fired but sued to get his job back with all the back pay. He said he loves his job but he refuses to change his behavior. I like Kang and the other officers from Hawthorne too. But don't mistake my kindness for being a fool. I have 10 or more years of video on all the cops. The smart ones know I have dirt on them and act accordingly. Kang is apparently not one of the smart ones. Hurts me to say that because like I said, I do like him.
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Educational entertainment featuring the LAPD. Good clean fun for the entire family. Enjoy my free speech from your couch. Beautiful day and a wonderful good time.
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DISHONEST or DUMB - You Decide
Secretly record police to capture their true behavior. Is Lieutenant Watt dishonest or dumb? Before you decide you should know this is a trick question. Visit the comments below to understand the answer. (READ MORE) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4I9ItpicCS8 if you haven't already watched Torrance Police make fools of themselves as Katman documents the process of applying for a CCW. Carry concealed weapons permit. 1st amendment, 2nd amendment. Tom Zebra. Onus News Service.
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Video Vigilantes Target Local Police
These video vigilantes are self-appointed leaders who overtake law enforcement in their community because the agencies are thought to be dishonest and lacking transparency. The video vigilantes. Hero or zero?
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One city stands against transparency even after their mayor was sentenced to prison for corruption. Learn the truth about Gardena Police Officers and employees from the city. Police behavior you have to see to believe.
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It is a slippery slope and several cops just slid right off. Checkpoint corruption and lawlessness within the LAPD. Informative and entertaining video. Must see for law enforcement personnel.
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Cop wants to "touch it and feel it" to verify identification at a DUI Checkpoint refusal in Whittier with Whittier Police Department Officer Medina 209. No thanks. This is a great video for many reasons but likely the biggest 2 are the individuals involved. Officer Medina and Battousai. Please share your thoughts in a comment below the video.
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I'm a Cop...I'm Better Than You
A 5 star in depth review of police in Sin City. I'm not being uncooperative...I didn't do anything wrong. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department & Sheriff Joe Lombordo get trained from the most unlikely place...from a patriot on the street. (SHOW MORE) YouTube is the spot where police get training and learn about integrity. Featuring LauraSharkCW, EpicFiveTv, Ramsey Denison, Officer Remond Willis, Officer Harvey and Sheriff Joe Lombordo himself. For the real dirt on LVMPD see What Happened in Vegas the film by Ramsey Denison or his soon to be released film titled Vegas Wrong. You might be disappointed but you will love the films. See comments or end screen for links and more information.
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Police training and integrity. On line commendation for the officer featured in this video. I was caught off guard by how helpful and informative this Manhattan Beach Police Officer Is. 9-4-2017...the end of the holiday weekend. Unfortunately it ended with arrests. Stay tuned for my next video featuring Hawthorne Police Department.
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Young Girls Living The Life - LAS VEGAS
To put it nicely people are funny and this statement isn't exactly honest. I help perfect strangers daily. I quit sharing videos of me helping strangers because I noticed some folks would lash out at me. Of course the criticism would never be said to my face but a small percentage has always found its way back to me. I always cut the convo short explaining free speech. It is okay for folks to criticize me. You don't have to come running to inform me because it is much easier for me to stay out of that loop than be forced to hear it and try to make sense of it. That goes double when the comments come from people I have dedicated weeks months or years to help. Only question I have is how come giving to others is wasteful unless I am giving to you?
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How Videos Disappear - LVMPD Retaliation
Las Vegas Metro Police routinely destroy video evidence. In 48 hours I documented a dozen ways LVMPD interfere with photographers and retaliate against them. https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=D6KW92yRMFIG_XQ88d_I5AMh1r7jGsRuBcMyO9MuAyQ9UUW9QZRKYBa3y_PFsjQtj7SclW&country.x=US&locale.x=US
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Police CAUGHT Blue Handed
Learning your rights will likely be the best investment you've ever made. It will cost you nothing but a little time, and maybe an inexpensive camera for insurance. The state is using penalty assessments to rob you blind. California drivers owe $10.2 Billion in penalty assessments. Besides income tax many of us have paid a fortune in extra fines and fees at the DMV and local court house. Penalty assessments quadruple the base fine for a 1st offense DUI from $390 to nearly $1700 if paid on time. These stealth taxes fund court and judicial operations but no accurate records are kept or available. Go figure. Of course this is all put on the back of the poor who can't quite afford to walk the straight and narrow. These figures are dated and likely not accurate in the first place.
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Say goodbye to QUALIFIED IMMUNITY shields public officials from civil liability so long as they don't violate POETIC's clearly established constitutional rights. DNA is used to free innocent suspects sent to prison by dishonest police and prosecutors. Recording the police has been established and protected for many years now. The 6th amendment guarantees a jury trial by ones peers and is violated in full just like the rest of the bill of rights. Deputy Ryan Walker rolled the dice in March of this year betting that he could arrest an innocent person for no valid reason and get away with it. The people in the neighborhood have had it with abusive police and deputy's. People are recording more often and in larger numbers because of Deputy Ryan Walker and cops like him who think they are above the law. The Los Angeles Sheriff Department is now doubling down refusing to follow their policies or the law. Turn over the camera and evidence of Deputy Ryan Walkers guilt. The staff at South Los Angeles Sheriff Department claims policies are made to be ignored and that their manual is more like a comic book to be read by victims for entertainment and laughs. Shawn Nee and the ACLU sued to get these policies put in place but the behavior and abuse continues.
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Dishonest Cop Learns Free Speech 1st Amendment USA
Garver had the nerve to approach me a few weeks later and apologize explaining to me that he had no idea who I was at the time of the false citation shown in this video. He then showed up in court and testilied to convict me of failing to ride on the right side of the road, and making an illegal left turn. Both allegations are proven false in this video but Judge Arnold refused to allow my video evidence into the courtroom. Dusty testified how I accosted him instead of anything related to the infractions I was cited for. I brought printouts of the laws to show how I followed the law perfectly. Judge Arnold and Dusty Garver both threw my printouts into the garbage and I was convicted of $1000.00 worth of violations that I am not even suspected of violating. The only justice I ever see recording these cowards is here on the internet...where the jury is made up of my peers. Thanks for watching.
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Las Vegas Police - TRANSPARENCY Terrorists
Las Vegas rated dangerous for tourists thanks to the police officers working in the area. LVMPD have taken the lead for most disgraced police department in the United States. It is important to realize this is a choice they choose every day. Shameful immature dishonest behavior is the norm for many cops and the rest get judged to the lowest denominator. Congratulations LVMPD. It is a shame that the good cops I know have to be lumped in with the rest as zeroes.
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Retaliation. LOS ANGELES SHERIFF declined to press charges against POETIC until I confronted Walker about the unlawful arrest and camera that has disappeared. Within days of posting the video the department sent a letter to POETIC with a court date next month. This is no surprise to any of us with experience. The certainly know how to pick their battles. POETIC HAS ALWAYS BEEN A PERFECT GENTLEMAN. Never raised his voice or even said a bad work. Watch his videos and see for yourself. RYAN WALKER should be fired or place out of sight until he can act like an adult. You have been watching POETIC for 5 years and many of you might not know it. That is because he doesn't get caught up in confrontations with ignorant police under any circumstances. Even during an unlawful arrest he stays calm cool and positive despite how frustrating this must be for him. He has far more important things to take care of in life than this imbecile named Walker. That is where I come in. I look forward to training him to ACT like a decent person for you and hopefully before he does much more damage. Unfortunately he will never be able to do more than act until further notice. I will let you know if and when the day comes he becomes a man. #LASD #ryanwalker #1stamendment #tomzebra #policecomplaint #retaliation #tarnishthebadge
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Mistaken Bacon - A Tom Zebra Film - What I Love About YouTube - VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED
MISTAKEN BACON - A Tom Zebra tutorial on holding police accountable for their actions. Big money and hilarious education. Please take the time to participate in comments and share your thoughts good or bad...like comment and subscribe. Teaching the public how to provide transparency to local police. Featuring Katman of Onus News Service and Ricky Munday. #YouTubePoliceTraining #WhatILoveAboutYouTube #CivilRightsLawsuit
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Torrance Police Officer Dusty Garver needs to be removed before he kills or even inconveniences another human being. Since he is too stupid to act like an adult, lets all hope he rides his motorcycle full speed off a cliff. See you soon Dusty. I am going to open and share a can of act right since you can't seem to find it without my help. Watch for me.
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Fraud Alert - Inglewood Police Roll Call
https://transparentcalifornia.com/salaries/2016/inglewood/?&s=-total Chief Mark Fronterotta - $533,267.00 Sergeant Lester Iguchi - $454,381.00 City Manager Artie Fields - $452,749.00 Lieutenant James Kirk - $436,935.00 Captain Marie Dibernardo - $433,744.00 Officer Michael Levin - Overtime pay only - $104,553.00 Sergeant Lester Iguchi - Other pay only - $110,099.00 Like I mention in the video I will help them carry it to the bank so long as they learn to keep their mouths shut when I try to record a police scene. I have numerous videos where police have acted questionably and still not bothered to close off a scene to anybody. I roll up and suddenly they want to tape everybody else in and tape me out. It is a new year. I look forward to transparency in 2018. If you enjoyed reading this description visit transparent California and find your way to San Jose California where nearly all police make over $100K in overtime yearly and total pay and benefits for officers is close to half a million each. Please keep comments respectful or informative if possible.
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Educational video for the entire law enforcement community. Polite respectful tutorial highlighting the value of honesty. Please see comments for more information.
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CORRUPTION - Hawthorne Officials In AWAD of Trouble - The corruption continues in the city of Hawthorne. A member of the Awad family hit and run a female cyclist in front of their dealership on Prairie Ave. The dealership, police and passers by left a lady laying half in the street and sidewalk with a broken foot. Eventually they sent a parking enforcement officer out after I called and insisted. Usually a felony hit and run calls for a police officer and a known suspect calls for an arrest. Although the suspect was identified and vehicle photographed, the city chose to do nothing about it. Hawthorne Auto Plaza fired an employee for insisting that Zac Awad turn himself in. If that wasn't bad enough, the Hawthorne Police tried to intimidate the witness when he tried to file a report at the station. #HAWTHORNEAUTOSQUARE #CORRUPTIONHAWTHORNE #HAIDARAWAD
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POLICE HONESTY - Lies In Law Enforcement
Educational video about integrity in law enforcement, Jury trials, judges, attorneys and the criminal justice system. Most of us consider USA to be the greatest and most free country on earth. Statistically speaking USA has the largest # of people locked up and the biggest % of its people locked in solitary confinement.
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4th Amendment Terminated Supreme Court Of The United States
SCOTUS has terminated our 4th Amendment rights forever. This case allows the police to stop you on the street, demand your identification, and check it for outstanding traffic warrants — even if you are doing nothing wrong...in all the United States. Bill of rights cancelled. When we condone officers’ use of these devices without adequate cause, we give them reason to target pedestrians in an arbitrary manner. We also risk treating members of our communities as second-class citizens...according to the court that made the decision.
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Officer Abuses Youtube Privacy Complaints
Police do not have an expectation of privacy while working and while out in public. Complaining to YouTube is inappropriate conduct for an officer. YouTube supports free speech plus your name and salary information. Complaining brings more attention and another round of videos. Thanks for watching.
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Don't Tell Me What To Do - Shoe Whiff Crew
Training Hyperactive Deputy to Sit Speak Fetch & more...The cop whisperer. Sit Boo Boo. I do not have issues with police. I am proud to say I trained these guys myself. I give them updates daily and usually you are released when I arrive. Your welcome and thanks for watching.
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Photographer Arrested after questioning Joe Lombardo
Arrested for taking a picture? Apparently it is possible. Cop gave me a written warning for obstruction after cuffing and stuffing me. Stay tuned for the follow up where cop makes up the law for you and my camera. No shame in his game. Later they did the same to Laura. Come to Las Vegas for vacation. Sheriff Joe Lombardo shook my hand and had lunch with me minutes before I was unlawfully arrested/detained for taking a picture. Joe insisted he was running a transparent operation. The facts say something different. Several more beautiful videos on the way.
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It is 2019 and these women have no rights. What kind of place criminalizes the most neglected girls who are the most in need? Police pretend to fight human trafficking but the reality is they fuel it with their false citations and worse. How much work do you suppose it takes to pay off a single false citation? #TomZebra #WomenWithoutRights #hardcore
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Protect the GREEDY & Screw the NEEDY
Civil rights appear to be evaporating into thin air as police and their unions continue to take more rights and pay for themselves. They overpaid welfare babies at this point. Police are not required and even forbidden from entering any dangerous area unless and until they wait for more back up than is reasonable. Even then, they are not required to do anything but protect themselves. If they have any attention to help you consider yourself lucky if you are still alive when you wake up in jail.
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Texas Highway Patrol - Drug Dogs & Perjury
Texas troopers are offering free sniffs but they aren't actually free. They are forced upon motorists randomly and nothing you do or say can prevent them. It is a fact that police dogs are praised immediately and without delay for an alert. That the alerts are mostly false is irrelevant. Obviously that is the reason false alerts are given as often as 90% of the time. Police have no motive to remedy false alerts since it gives them a warrant on a leash and allows them to disregard the 4th amendment. Adam Kokesh is being held in Wise, Texas and his arrest makes many things crystal clear. 1. The 4th amendment has been discounted to free...free air sniff sorry your rights do not exist. 2. The 1st amendment has been discounted to free...free air sniff sorry your rights do not exist. Turn off the phone you are now a prisoner. Unfortunately when slavery was outlawed a clause was written into the 13th amendment making it legal for anybody arrested to be sold off into forced labor to the same person who freed them. Strict laws were written making it impossible for newly freed slaves to move about freely without violating and as a result the prison industry began and eventually snowballed into the mass incarceration we have today. Prisoners are no longer sold into forced labor for the most part but the government has found a way to collect even more money for simply locking the slaves into a box. Those not locked in a box are required to pay up to and over $168,000.00 a year per prisoner. Even the hardest working slave would have never generated that much revenue. Our masters are brilliant. What will they think of next?
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Cops in California are so comfortable taking lives from innocent people they are now in a race with each other. The recent trend is for an individual officer to violate policy and go in alone without back up. Of course there is no need for back up because these victims of police violence wouldn't resist if their lives depended on it. Sadly, their lives do depend on it.; Police officer is scared to death...defends himself against man who hasn't done anything illegal. What is interesting is if police were actually concerned they might follow their policies and wait for back up. That is what Gardena Police Department continues to lie about. Sure they were scared. #OIS #COVERUP #TOMZEBRA #GARDENAPOLICEDEPARTMENT
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She claims her job is more important than mine as she stands around with her strobe light shining in my eyes. To be fair to her I included another video so you can see for yourself what exactly she does that is important. I suppose searching and violating innocent peoples rights is more important than exposing an ignorant tyrant who isn't responsible enough to keep her flashlight where it belongs.
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SuperStar Cop - I've Got Tom Zebra In The Back Seat
Los Angeles Sheriff Deputy's take a break to socialize with youtube viewers. Meanwhile the south bay enjoys a few minutes of freedom. Next upload will show the description is serious even if the police are not.
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The American Way - Intimidation Manipulation Deception
Can I call my Mom? Why am I being detained? Police are full of questions but refuse to answer any. "Code 6 with 3 in the alley" is what came over the radio. Police are going on a fishing expedition looking for clues under your clothing.
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Arrogant Prick Confronts Police Officers
Am I an arrogant prick? I do confront police every day and night. What most police sympathizers are too dense to understand is I treat police with the respect they deserve even when I am shouting the F word through a PA system. My motivations and actions are reasonable lawful and justified. Oh yeah...arrogant.
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Go ahead...arrest me. Support 1 video...save a dozen lives. It is only a matter of time before you or somebody else you know becomes a justified accident. Confusing orders under the threat of execution aren't good for anybody unless (SHOW MORE) you are a police officer wanting an unearned vacation. I said this before Daniel Shaver was executed. I am saying it again. Some police policies need to be reviewed. This is an obvious problem waiting to happen. If you are late returning a rental car this is what to expect. Don't think it can only happen to people you don't know.
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If I Am Detained Lets Do Selfies - Abstract That Warrant
Great to see you folks on the street. Thanks or watching and participating. Deputy and I met under the worst circumstances as some of you might remember but that hasn't stopped him from having a great attitude last several times I have recorded him. Don't forget to hit that like button and make a comment.
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Inglewood Police Sergeant Hackett - Flashlight Games
I thought we were friends. Inglewood Police Department Sergeant Hackett is practicing aiming his high intensity flashlight. I know this video doesn't make the cut. Sorry. Working on relevant videos. They take time.
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Guy With Camera Teaches Cop A Lesson
Hawthorne traffic cop needed a refresher course on the law. Just phukin with you Judd. If you enjoy my videos please take the time to like or dislike, comment and subscribe.
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Police Officer Acts a FOOL - Independence Day 2018
YouTube is where police turn for training in 2018. This is the New World Order. You must pay police and train them individually by yourself on your time and dime. Police officer acts a fool on Independence Day 2018.(SHOW MORE) Police continue to embarrass themselves on Fremont Street as well as Las Vegas Blvd. Joe Lombardo has made a fool of himself over the last year and LVMPD has been caught hiding evidence of their negligence from October 1 of 2017. It is so simple to honor your oath. Obviously police aren't the hero they pretended to be. We get it. But how hard is it to just leave lawful people alone?
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Hey pretty waitress. I found your phone. Enjoy the videos. Like comment subscribe and share my videos with all your friends and family. Take care. PIER PLAZA 7-9-2017 Celebrate Party Drinks Fun Friday night.
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Blame It On The Alcohol - LAX Airport Police
Blame it on the alcohol. LAX police responded to a girl sleeping on top of a counter. Unfortunately when she sat up she fell to the floor. Did I over react in this video or was the officer out of line. Please share your thoughts.
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Activists vs Police Sergeant - Epic Debate
One of the funniest most educational and entertaining videos you will see directly from the Tom Zebra CopBlock video vault. Katman helps me carry the conversation so I sound smart instead of just smart ass. Don't be impatient and cheat yourself out of a good laugh. Watch the entire video and be sure to leave a comment. You won't be disappointed.
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ARRESTED...GIVE ME YOUR ID...BECAUSE YOU ARE FILMING. LAPD got caught trying to cover up this unlawful arrest. Read the documents within for a pleasant surprise. Al Lopez is making his normal pay of 200,000.00 yearly and then bringing in an additional 80,000.00 to sweep unconstitutional behavior under the rug. Feel free to call the #'s if you want to give thanks for the service you bought and paid for but did not get.
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Torrance Police - Mistaken Bacon featuring RICKY MUNDAY
They say it is the thought that counts. Torrance Police Officers appear to go out of their way to be polite to us. We definitely went way out of our way to respond to this call and we expected the worse case scenario. Happy holidays. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWkwW8xZBqqXjB4teSo5fPg #RickyMunday #TorrancePoliceDepartment #Policetransparency #TomZebra
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