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ARREST LAWSUIT $75,000.00 - PC 148
In California police use PC 148 to conceal human rights violations. This penal code makes it illegal to resist or delay an officer from their lawful duties when a person hasn't violated a law. The purpose is to conceal the unlawful police behavior and shift the blame to the victim and in doing so block the only remedy available. Filing a complaint only puts the police and prosecutors on notice that they need to be creative in their arrest reports to block civil liability. Judges and attorneys worth their fees know this as a matter of fact but juries are kept in the dark in an attempt to convict. You have a right to a trial of your peers but instead you get a trial of the police officers peers. Juries typically state that they would never believe a criminal over a police officer failing to realize sometimes the police officer is the criminal. In the case of California VS POETIC Ryan Walker is the criminal and the prosecutor is engaging in what is called a malicious prosecution to conceal Deputy Walker from having his personnel file reflect the truth. Ryan Walker is an abusive cop who should be off the street. Since these violations are kept secret and treated as confidential it is up to me or other citizens to let it be known. We have our work cut out for us. Help me help you help POETIC. Please like comment and subscribe.
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Deputy's Get Roasted at Inglewood Gas Station
I provide a free service to my neighbors and community that does more than defend their rights. This video shows how I do it. If you enjoy the video or value my service be sure to make a comment and hit the like button before you subscribe. Thanks.
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Police lost another lawsuit. Newspapers reported Hawthorne Police losing a lawsuit for acting on allegations they knew to be false. I caught them helping Gardena Police act on false allegations the very same day. Of course they don't read the newspaper and are unaware they cost the city thousands with their dishonesty. Unfortunately they get their training right here on my channel so there is usually a delay before they catch up with reality.
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Gardena Police cars Towed from Checkpoint 4 Illegal Parking
Customer parking only idiots. Gardena police had the nerve to put cones down blocking a CVS parking lot and calling it their own during a checkpoint on Western & Redondo Beach Blvd. The manager is smart. He towed as many vehicles as he could til they noticed. Then he said get those other pieces of shit off my lot now. What kind of phucking idiot thinks he can block off a parking lot of an open business even when it serves them no purpose? A gardena phucking idiot. Perfect example how to take our streets back.
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Cop wants to "touch it and feel it" to verify identification at a DUI Checkpoint refusal in Whittier with Whittier Police Department Officer Medina 209. No thanks. This is a great video for many reasons but likely the biggest 2 are the individuals involved. Officer Medina and Battousai. Please share your thoughts in a comment below the video.
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Video Vigilantes Target Local Police
These video vigilantes are self-appointed leaders who overtake law enforcement in their community because the agencies are thought to be dishonest and lacking transparency. The video vigilantes. Hero or zero?
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I'm a Cop...I'm Better Than You
A 5 star in depth review of police in Sin City. I'm not being uncooperative...I didn't do anything wrong. Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department & Sheriff Joe Lombordo get trained from the most unlikely place...from a patriot on the street. (SHOW MORE) YouTube is the spot where police get training and learn about integrity. Featuring LauraSharkCW, EpicFiveTv, Ramsey Denison, Officer Remond Willis, Officer Harvey and Sheriff Joe Lombordo himself. For the real dirt on LVMPD see What Happened in Vegas the film by Ramsey Denison or his soon to be released film titled Vegas Wrong. You might be disappointed but you will love the films. See comments or end screen for links and more information.
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Educational video for the entire law enforcement community. Polite respectful tutorial highlighting the value of honesty. Please see comments for more information.
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Happy Meals with local police. Riding safely is easy enough to learn. Bicycling with traffic in a predictable manner isn't taught because folks are reluctant to share the road. Instead everybody thinks they know how and where a bicycle should be used. Many police will explain that the law requires riding in the street before suggesting common sense and safety requires using the sidewalk. Each city has its own set of rules related to sidewalk riding and police officers sometimes state the rules incorrectly to justify a stop and search. So a cyclist is expected to know and predict the law in each city as well as the preference of each officer who doesn't understand the law or chooses to ignore it. I think there is room for improvement.
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If I Am Detained Lets Do Selfies - Abstract That Warrant
Great to see you folks on the street. Thanks or watching and participating. Deputy and I met under the worst circumstances as some of you might remember but that hasn't stopped him from having a great attitude last several times I have recorded him. Don't forget to hit that like button and make a comment.
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Torrance Police OIS - FAKE NEWS SHAM
Eye witness fabricated news. Sham press releases. The police tell an entirely different story to the news than to each other in radio transmissions. But I suspect the details on the radio are also fabricated to a lesser extent. Torrance Police Department. Professionalism through teamwork. Liar liar pants on fire.
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Arrogant Prick Confronts Police Officers
Am I an arrogant prick? I do confront police every day and night. What most police sympathizers are too dense to understand is I treat police with the respect they deserve even when I am shouting the F word through a PA system. My motivations and actions are reasonable lawful and justified. Oh yeah...arrogant.
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Torrance Police - Mistaken Bacon featuring RICKY MUNDAY
They say it is the thought that counts. Torrance Police Officers appear to go out of their way to be polite to us. We definitely went way out of our way to respond to this call and we expected the worse case scenario. Happy holidays. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWkwW8xZBqqXjB4teSo5fPg #RickyMunday #TorrancePoliceDepartment #Policetransparency #TomZebra
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She claims her job is more important than mine as she stands around with her strobe light shining in my eyes. To be fair to her I included another video so you can see for yourself what exactly she does that is important. I suppose searching and violating innocent peoples rights is more important than exposing an ignorant tyrant who isn't responsible enough to keep her flashlight where it belongs.
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Drunk LAPD Detective Pumps Man Full Of Lead
This drunk detective was probably slamming H and sucking C with members of the homeless community on skid row. That is an unconfirmed rumor I just made up but completely plausible after reading the official LAPD story. Police officials prefer for you to believe the man standing in front of you is in a medically induced coma and they don't actually realize he is a cop yet. Because all suspects are left free to relax without restraints after pumping a person full of lead and supposedly losing their gun seconds later. This clown would be cuffed and locked in the back of the police car if he was anything other than a cop. Even if they had to finger print him for his identity they would have known it in less than an hour...not the 3 hours police claim it took them to randomly stumble across his identification. Very entertaining story though unless you are the unnamed victim who was slaughtered in his tent in the middle of the night. No telling what awful things this crap bag probably did "on his way home" before somebody finally smashed his face in. And like a true hero, the LAPD pulled the gun that police claim they can't find and pumped the unknown unnamed man full of lead...in his tent.
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Female Photographer Flips Police UPSIDE DOWN
Incredible CopBlock from a girl. How did she do this off the cuff with no experience to speak of? She needs to be back out on the street. (READ MORE) I can't say enough about Laura. Hopefully the video helps you to see what I do. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVHPtROUuIySTBtjY0IpdHw
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Your Last Chance - Don't Blow It
Video starts with basic facts you should know before suddenly blowing your mind and sucking you into it. Enjoy your new year but be sure you watched the important part of this video so you don't blow it.
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How People Use Police As A Weapon
Police in America are regularly used as a weapon to harm people and destroy whatever is left of their social status. Social status is everything to most of you regardless if you are willing to admit. You (we) are more concerned with social status than helping somebody in need. The more people put in jail, the higher your position in the pyramid scheme. You are free. Who cares about the rest. Local Police are flooded with calls all day everyday from folks reporting their neighbor has a vehicle with an expired registration parked in the street(or similar). I am going to start responding to these peoples homes with a camera crew and let them comment on why they thought it was so important to destroy their neighbors hopes and dreams. I am sure you will be happy to see me.
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She is SASSY. Pay attention please...you are a cop. I am the photographer. I decide what to record. You decide who to extort. Listen closely. I decide where to record. You decide who to extort. Understand? Say it with me once so you'll remember. You are not a photographer. You decide traffic decisions. If there is an accident or a car stolen, you put down flares and write a report. Maybe you take pictures. When you do take pictures, you can made decisions with your camera. But even then I will make decisions about where I stand. If I need help, I will be the first to let you know. Dismissed. "Dad shut up. It's always Laura did this. Laura did that." That is much better. Cry at home that I am too close. I am not interested in your feelings. But if I am ever, you'll be the first to know. Cheers.
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Ignorant deputy is playing Simon Says decades after failing kindergarten. He had a simple job to do. Prevent traffic from traveling west on 104th St. Instead he located a photographer who he claims "baits police". Instead of making sure I didn't go west, which I already knew not to do, he insisted I stand 20 yards away from his perimeter by a trash dumpster. Although this deputy chose a career where he must take orders and stand at a certain spot doing nothing for hours on end, I did not. I chose freedom. I ride around and record whatever I choose whenever I choose. This is a first amendment protected activity. This deputy knows this. He feels that he can lie to pretend he was only doing his job in hopes of keeping his qualified immunity. Despite his ignorance it doesn't matter if he is wrong about that. His department would cover for him even if he killed me. The bad part is what happened after my cameras were stripped from me and turned off. The good part is I am about to identify another dirty deputy and practice used by the Los Angeles Sheriff Department to incarcerate innocent people. Stay tuned.
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3 people shot 30 minutes LENNOX BLVD
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LAX Pd Handcuff man for being nervous.
Everybody is nervous when stopped by police and for good reason. Does that mean everybody should be cuffed and stuffed?
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Don't Tell Me What To Do - Shoe Whiff Crew
Training Hyperactive Deputy to Sit Speak Fetch & more...The cop whisperer. Sit Boo Boo. I do not have issues with police. I am proud to say I trained these guys myself. I give them updates daily and usually you are released when I arrive. Your welcome and thanks for watching.
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The Game Changer
Dozens of people are still trying to copy the shit I did in 2012 for good reason. Let me clarify. In 2012 there were good reasons for the way I handled things and it wasn't meant for other people to use from the gate with strangers for bragging rights.In case you haven't noticed if I am ever a dick to anybody it is with the end game in mind(copyright Battousai). And (almost)always when I am a dick you will see a respectful relationship forged in short order. I don't come to a place shit in the front yard and leave pretending like I just invented the wheel. Not saying I am above it but I try to be. To each their own. Just a suggestion. Trying to perfect what you learned from others is so last year but maybe slightly inevitable. We rub off on each other to an extent. Just be yourself. If you are saying the same shit every time that isn't a good sign. You don't have the same dialogue for each person you talk to outside of YouTube do you? You know the bullshit I am talking about right? The same thing as every other new kid on the block that is a good indication you aren't being yourself. If you have to be dishonest in your description or editing, you probably aren't being yourself. If you pretend you are doing something you only wish you were doing well...you know. If you carry a license or identification in your pocket but pretend it is against the rules to show it to somebody, that is a good indication you are one confused fake ass bitch IMHO. Exactly why did you sign up and pay for it again? So you could prove you are above using it? Whatever. If my obnoxious comments upset you....you know. Get over it. It is a new year. Keep it real. This video is a fine example if you're still confused.
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GOOD COP - Bad Cop
This really is good cop bad cop. The real deal right here folks. Sergeant H may be a wonderful Sergeant. Just kidding. Always acting like a bitch. Yeah. I will walk for 8 minutes and 800 yards. It took Sanderson and the others 10 seconds to off those innocent cyclists. See the problem I am having with that? No time to spare because those shots were approved. Jimmy better stop traffic in the future when he sees me Jay Walking. Sorry Peter. You do great. Your sergeant needs help.
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HANDS UP - First Amendment Audit
Hokey Pokey...your left foot out...your left foot in...and shake it all about. The instructions always seem to be confusing. Maybe there is room for improvement. Please keep comments family friendly and remember to like and subscribe.
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Joe needs to go. He has sold his soul along with your rights and freedoms. The casino and corporations are pulling his strings and he is all too happy to cooperate no matter what the demand. The first and 2nd amendment among others? Gone. Transparency? Gone. Joe Lombardo? Please be gone. If I am doing Joe's job he needs to go. Take your pay. Take your pension. Just go Joe.
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Redondo Beach Police Dogged by Unethical Decisions
Redondo Beach Police officer Timothy McFarland has a documented history of being immature and irresponsible around photographers. He intentionally shines his light like a kid playing with a toy rather than an adult working as a professional. RBPD has encouraged this ignorance by over looking and even encouraging disrespectful behavior by exonerating formal complaints brought to their attention. Further, little Timmy has proven himself incapable of answering the most basic of questions. Maybe this is the image police are trying to portray? Time will tell. In the meantime the police officer has been awarded with medals as his behavior may have hit an all time low today.
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Hands Up - Down On Your Knees
Put your hands up and get on your knees please. Tax payers with guns to their heads...every day of the week. Supervise your local police by getting involved and sharing your interactions with others on the internet. It is time for new leadership in Inglewood. Small for Inglewood Mayor in California.
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Provide Police Transparency Undetected - MAVIC 2 ZOOM
Mavic 2 worth its price in this flight alone. Look what it has uncovered. Woman has no morals. Integrity? Is it legal to fondle the breasts of passengers? She claims her job is important and now we know what this deputy does with her time. She chooses to be on her knees bent over for all the wrong reasons. Los Angeles Sheriff Department doesn't appear to have any concern for anybody or their rights. Record the police when they try to bend you over.
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Motor 8 - I've Fallen & Can't Get Up
Police officer was a little late getting to the scene but crashed into a car about a block away. So much for code 4. A transient was being tortured for about 10 minutes while officers repeatedly requested more back up. Then after the scene is finished and a cop falls off his bike suddenly there are sirens coming from underneath me. Maybe that is just my imagination. Or maybe all the calls for more back up that seemed to fall on deaf ears were to justify the beating they issued. Despite what you think of my videos and this one in particular I get along with this cop just fine. He is doing fine and about to enjoy a year long vacation. Don't forget to make a thoughtful educational comment.
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Stop Police Searches - Just Say No - Tutorial
Learn how to talk to the police like their boss. Do you know what to do and what to say when confronted by angry or aggressive police officers? Every situation is different and unique but in general you should be calm and in control when speaking to the authorities. And of course, do not speak to the police... Say I do not answer questions. I would like to contact my attorney.
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1st amendment and free speech. Free press. Why is that difficult to understand? Chest mounted gopro. ContourRoam helmet camera. Sony PJ 540 handheld camera. DJI Vision 2+ aerial camera. Police fail to understand the limits of their authority.
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Police training and integrity brought to you by LauraSharkCW. Laura provides POLICE TRANSPARENCY. She is a 1st amendment & human rights celebrity. She is also hilarious when I can keep up with her jokes..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygBnNMoRxWE. Enjoy the links.
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Compton Blvd - LA LifeStyle
Compton Blvd. Car clubs & street racers show off their rides at the sideshow in Compton, California. Shiny rims, custom paint, sounds and switches. This is Los Angeles and Compton lifestyle. #Sideshow #ComptonBlvd #LowRider #SundayFunDay
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Problem Officer Identified Smooth Q Gimbal
Police accountability for under $100. Innocent test of smooth Q uncovers police who appear to be anything but... I have been using this Zhiyun Smooth Q Gimbal for my phone as well as a GoPro 6 and no complaints. Too bad we can't say the same about our local police. Comments please.
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Lawsuit Undermines Authority
Hilarious watching Officer Wiley trying to trip me up. He wants me to give him an answer in feet because no matter the measurement, he can use my videos to prove that I don't follow the safety margin that I made myself. Every deposition it is the same thing. They are pissed because I decide where I stand. I decide how far away I will be. I decide if I will cooperate and move back or tell an officer to go fuck himself. Police are used to being DICKtaters and always getting their way. You can still see that in my videos as they boss me around. A lot of times I let them have it and say yes sir to keep them from having a tantrum. The cops that know me though know better else they are reminded soon enough. I don't tell you when or where to point your gun. Mind your business officer.
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Police Lieutenant Explains 99.9% of Police Are Great Guys
Cop is accused of making false arrests based on bias. On of his supervisors talks about members of Hawthorne Police and defends conduct of law enforcement officers. You probably know it is rare for police to admit wrong doing and especially on camera related to those they work with. This video is sure to entertain including good conversation in the comments. Join the chat below the video with your thoughts. Don't forget to subscribe.
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How To Stop Dishonest Police & Protect Your Neighborhood From Tyranny
How to fix your dishonest police from destroying the neighborhood in 1 simple video. You need several cameras, determination, and years of free time. Additionally you will need lots of luck, good attorneys, a bullet proof vest, medical insurance and friends to record you from a 2nd angle. Be prepared to be stabbed in the back by most of your "friends" once they think you've got nothing more to offer. If you ever have the slightest bit of perceived success enjoy the rumors and trash talking. Despite all your Runs Batted In, you can be sure nobody comes to bat when you're on base. No matter how much you do for other people expect those you do the most for to always give the least in return. That way a few times in your life you will be pleasantly surprised. Am I negative? Sorry. You probably going to need to be focused and prepared in this game. Then there is the police. It has never been more important for police to not act like dishonest tyrants. While the state country and individual departments will ignore and approve of any unlawful behavior by police the public might not. Cameras are everywhere and videos do not forget or go away when they fall into the right hands. One bad decision can come back any time and possibly when it is least expected. Not that it will ever matter. Police can exterminate you for a paid vacation if and when they choose. Something to think about. As for the top 3 reasons why police better act professional they are listed below in alphabetic order. #LauraSharkCW #OnusNewsService #TomZebra #TonyVera #AndAllyourfavoriteauditors You can be the Johnny 5 O or Katman in your neighborhood. It might not be easy but maybe it will. It comes easier for some than others. Think about it. Try it. Be careful. Have fun. Whatever you do be positive, even to the police if you can pull it off.
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New Young Punk Cops Taking Over Hawthorne
Cyclists are still the easy targets for coward cops. And coward cops are easily identified that way. Keep on being a bully and see how that works out for you. Who is training this kid to stand around and be arrogantly shining his light into peoples eyes? Isn't he too young to create an impression that will likely be hard to change? Just saying, the kid is new. He should be trying hard to be professional. There are a couple others or more specifically 1 other. Maybe I am wrong. If I keep seeing this I am going to start bashing you clowns publicly. Have some heart if that isn't asking too much. Were talking about innocent people. Guess I am not used to seeing Hawthorne do things that I wouldn't appreciate being done to me...unless they are done to me. Maybe I prefer it that way. Get some bikes . Especially the kid who likes picking on them.
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Christmas Cannabis Does Not Impair Driving
Cannabis users are not impaired and other fun facts. Studies have been inconclusive regarding whether cannabis use causes an increased risk of accidents. In other words there is no evidence that you are more likely to be involved in an accident. Don't think for a minute that being sober or under the limit will save you from a DUI arrest. Mixing alcohol and marijuana is more dangerous than either alone. Always drive safely.
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Young Lady Laughs at Police Orders
People have stopped blindly following orders from derelict cops who aren't smart enough to know when to STFU. Some cops think they are the boss of everything and everybody even when nobody is breaking the law. Not sure which genius sent over the more intelligent minds to try to push LauraSharkCW down the street even while there was nothing going on but I do appreciate that Laura takes the time to ask why and politely decline unlawful orders. #InglewoodPoliceDepartment #1stAmendmentGoddess
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Walking While Black - Hawthorne Police Department
Black man detained and searched for crossing the street in Hawthorne. You can hear all sides of the story for yourself. 0:33 seconds if you want to skip to the action. On an unrelated note, yesterday ESPD tried to prosecute Poetic, Ricky Munday, and I for impeding traffic on a street with no vehicles on it other then the 7 cops that pulled us over for taking pictures. As this video proves, even when I ride the wrong way on a busy street I do not impede traffic. El Segundo cops got tossed out of the courtroom onto their asses with my crew and I on their heels. We turned the tables on them told them off in open court with full support of the judge. Shout out to the judge yesterday in Inglewood court. Fair, reasonable decisions all day long. Please take a look at Mistakenbacon.com and let me know what you think. I collected over $100 in donations after mentioning the donation link in one of my last videos. Thank you to everybody that contributed. I initially told some people that I would mail them a business card after they inquired about them. If you want one, you can open a link on mistakenbacon.com and print them. Please like share and comment if you enjoy the video. Thanks for watching. New Icon and tags on 1-24-2017. 305,278 views. Hoping this video picks up the pace. Like comment and subscribe.
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Deer hunting with a Sony AX53 4K Handycam. . Bicycle touring & riding. Bird watching. Bitterroot River swimming and bridge diving. Fishing for Pike and Trout. Vintage Motorcycles and tractors. Excellent home cooking sewing and baking with Mom. Refreshing beverages straight from the Sweeney Creek. Allegiant Air from LAX to Montana and back. July 2017 photography with the Sony AX 53 4K Handycam.
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Talk To Police Like A Boss - Citizen Oversight Education & Training
$200,000.00 a year for uneducated police officers? Sounds fair to me but some police can be arrogant and difficult to talk to. Others will simply ignore you as if you don't exist.There is a good reason for this...it is effective. You are paying the salary of these cops and they go much higher than the 200K above. Unfortunately you are also responsible for training your local police. Dealing with police is no different than dealing with a janitor or the guy at the car wash to an extent. You also have to train your janitor and the guy who washes your car even if they are experts in their field. This is probably confusing if you are uninformed. Don't be intimidated by your police or you just wasted the 30 % of your income that you don't see. The tax you pay at the cash register. The fees and penalties you pay at DMV and when you get a parking ticket. This is your system. It was set up for you by the people you paid to do it for you. You paid these people handsomely. They owe you in a big way. Collect the service you have paid for. I do not pay public servants to waste my time and dig around under the seats of my car. I also don't pay them to dig under the seats of your cars. That is why I record them when I see them just in case I see something I don't want them doing to me. This is where I am different than other people. None of us want to be searched. Most of us are fine with police searching other people so long as it isn't us or our loved ones. You have that backwards folks. If you don't care when it happens to others it will happen to you and nobody will care about that. I record every search I cross. Police quit searching me years ago. I can show them contraband and they will get uncomfortable and walk the other way. Does that make sense folks? If you value your rights than you damn well better value any stranger or homeless persons rights as well. That is how it works. Divided we fall folks. Get involved. Record the police. Make comments. Share your story. Make a donation and help support my efforts. Thanks.
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Learn what DUI Checkpoints are all about folks...police overtime to arrest innocent people on a holiday weekend. I was in a cell with 6 guys and Sergeant Tomeo is by far the biggest criminal I met the entire night. Despite breaking no laws, I spent 2 days in jail and police stole my helmet, my helmet camera and my handheld camera. Sergeant Tomeo is a coward that took great pleasure in cuffing me to a steel bench leaving me in pain for hours. He is obviously one of the dumbest police cowards I have met in a long time.
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Mavic 2 Zoom - Compass Disaster
Sat on my DJI MAVIC 2 ZOOM until I got a proper Samsung tablet. First flight disaster strikes. A compass issue caused Ricks new drone to lose control and fly into a building. Could this have happened to you or to me using a Mavic? You can judge the area for yourself and make a comment if you know. Unless you have experienced this yourself though I imagine most anybody can do is speculate. I wouldn't have thought much of launching in this same location. I didn't think there would be a problem for Rick even after his first launch demonstrated an inability to hold a proper location. I have yet to crash a drone or damage a single propeller. Two were bricked in the same day by a DJI software update a little over a year ago. My Mavic is in need of a $20 ribbon to properly control the gimbal again. And my zoom has only a few flights on it. You can be sure I will continue to be careful and even more so after watching Rick hit the wall.
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LAPD Ride Along  - Venice Beach
A day in Venice Beach shadowing LAPD after an unjustified shooting. You can ride along and see different reactions from police as well as the public.
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Welcome to the United States Of America. Hawthorne Police (Shimkus) decided a man must be selling drugs after they spotted him sitting in his mustang with the windows down for an extended amount of time. A police sergeant (Grajeda) parked his unmarked SUV nearby and spied on the man. The officer and sergeant communicated extensively about how the man never did anything illegal, never made any kind of transaction or hand off with anybody. Officer Shimkus claimed it was odd that the man spoke to another man, but did not hand anything off. He claimed that despite not seeing anything illegal, something illegal "could of" happened but maybe they just failed to notice it. Since the police witnessed no crime, they conspired to lie about probable cause. (probable cause 101) The sergeant instructed the officer to stop the innocent man for littering. The police never said anything to the man about littering...he never asked why he was stopped. As it turned out, they were wrong about the guy. A thorough search of the man turned up no contraband. He was cited for a suspended CDL. The man may not realize that he was targeted or to what extent. The police hoped to rob this man of his possessions and lock him in a cage though they had no knowledge of any wrong doing on his part. The Sergeant drives a police vehicle that was purchased through asset forfeiture. In other words, all the property that he steals from people on the street, benefits him directly. He recently was overheard bragging about how many of the local prostitutes have been threatening to sue him. I wonder what actions took place to make local prostitutes think they have a reason to sue him? Can you think of one? One of Grajeda's subordinates, Leboe, (sp) was recently arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Norwalk. Should prostitution be legal? Maybe just for the police that steal the services from these women along with their wages? Who will police the police while they police the prostitutes and so called drug dealers? Unfortunately the law does not enforce itself against these dishonest cops. In fact it is designed around these exact actions and this is what they are trained to do. These police do not see anything wrong with their actions. If you see a problem with these actions, share this with others and make sure they are aware. Your only chance to do anything about police lies as policy is put your foot down when you are on jury duty. Hear the cop testify? Yes, it sounds great. The police are liars. All of them. Rendering a verdict against a person for a victimless crime? The man is either innocent, or even if not, the police have not told the truth. Do you feel ok with convicting people to a lifetime in a cage with inhumane conditions based on perjury from the police? Yes? Well then I guess you are a citizen of the USA. Shimkus will be promoted for this type of work. This is exactly what they are trained to do and pride themselves on when spending time with each other. Its all fun and games and they are laughing all the way to the bank at your expense. You pay their salaries. You pay the wages of the corrupt prosecutors, public defenders, judges, jailers, and the list goes on and on. You pay for this whole corrupt system unless you are one of the victims of it, or a coward profiting from it. Subscribe.
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