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MENCOOL - Beretta M92F Diecast Model
Diecast model that i've had on my desk for a few years, i haven't seen any videos so i figured i'd post one. Enjoy :-)
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2015 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagles
Pick up a few 2015 Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagles
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My mma glove collection...Pride FC, Rizin FF fight worn, UFC, WEC, Bellator.
Pride Premium gloves signed by Fedor and Nogueira...The original Pride Premium display case broke when the previous owner had it, I have pics of the gloves in the original case. WEC gloves signed by Jose Aldo JR the day he won the belt at WEC 44 Fight worn Gabi Garcia gloves from Rizin FF Grand Prix 2016
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The Simpsons Pinball Party mods
Mods = Graphic decals on sides and rear, LEDs, Duff Beer, Springfield Elementary School bus, Target decals, white rubber.
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2014 Britannia Horse Privy w/milkspots :-(
Bought a package from ebay and they showed up spotted. The seller is saying that he checked before shipping them and they were fine. Can this really happen in a few days while being shipped? This sucks, my snake privy britannias are so nice, i was hoping these would be as well. Nothing was said about milkspots in the ebay ad.
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Silver maple w/goat privy & Red-Tailed Hawk
Picked up some more coins for my stack. I thought i only had three of each "Birds of Prey coin", but when going thru my stack, i have 5 of the others, so i'm going to order two more Red-Tailed Hawks :-)
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Over 100 - 1 oz silver coins
My coin collection
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My firearms - Sig Sauer P226 Legion, Colt AR, Benelli, CZ, Ruger
My hunting and range firearms. I live in Canada, restricted firearms are only allowed at approved gun ranges. So no, I don't carry, and they're double locked, trigger and in a safe.
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My first silver purchase - Silver Gold Bull unboxing
My first ever silver purchase. Sliver Gold Bull contacted me about the two coins, and said that milk spots show up on older bullion and that the "stuff" on the coin was cardboard. I'm not sure if that's what it was, but it did come off the coin :-) They told me that they're going to give me some cleaner with my next order that will remove the milk spot off the coin. Fingers crossed.
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2010 Chinese Panda Coins
Few more chinese panda coins.
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1oz Republic of Burundi - African Lion coin
Picked up a few of these to add to my collection.
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Lunar II coins w/ Lion Privy
A few different Lunar II coins with Lion Privy
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2015 Australian Kookaburra w/goat privy
Picked up a goat privy Kookaburra to add to my collection :-)
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Some 2015 coins, 2012/13 privy coins, zombucks
Some new coins I just picked up.
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2oz Ultra High Relief Privateer round & sheet of 1oz JM bars
Bought one of the privateer rounds and a sheet of 1oz JM bars
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First six coins in the Zombucks series.
Here are the first six of ten Zombucks coins. I noticed some milkspots on the Walker coins.
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More coins to add to the collection :-)
Been awhile since i've added some coins to my stack.
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Small unboxing - 5 ounces of silver
Few coins i picked up and SilverGoldBull threw in a few things
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2011-2012 silver Chinese panda
Two 1oz 2011 Chinese panda & two 1oz 2012 Chinese panda
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First silver ebay purchase
Small purchase from ebay
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Some more silver :-)
Another order that just came in. Quite a few milk spots on the maples, and some sratches on many of the coins :-( Still happy that i added more to my stack. My first goal is 100oz and i'm half way there :-) Another unboxing with lunar series coins coming up in a week or so.
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2012 Australian Kookaburra w/dragon privy
Picked up a kookaburra w/dragon privy to add to my collection :-)
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Silver & Copper Zombucks Slayed Dollar
A few silver and copper zombucks to add to the stack :-)
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First Toronto Gold Bullion order
Roll of 2015 Kookaburra's, 2015 Australian Koala, 2015 British Year of the sheep
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2013 1oz Chinese Panda
Five chinese panda coins
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2011/2013/2014 Australian Fiji Taku
A few Fiji Taku coins.
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2011-12 Australian Koala 1oz coins
Did the perth mint use frosted capsules pre-2012 for the Koala coins?
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Another silver gold bull package
I had the cam set to picture and not video during the unboxing, so i redid the video. Thanks for watching. There will be another unboxing this week :-)
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MMA memorabilia - gloves, signatures, canvas, worn... "Updated"
Updated video of my mma memorabilia.
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My full silver stack "360 oz"
Hey guys, it's been awhile. Here's my full silver stack as of right now.
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