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Welcome back(1)
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I'm lazy ok?
I'm sorry for lying so this will kinda be a boring vid and u make less vids. OH NO PLEASE SUBSCRIBE SO I GET MORE ANTI LAZY PILLS OK HELP MEH PLEASE
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Sorry didn't make a video in a very very long time :(
Sorry guys for not making any videos for a long long time :(
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Welcome back(2)
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Buying a lot of gems
Jk I'll make the behind-the-scenes video so you know I'm actually doing I'm not actually buying gems XD
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My video
My video
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TUTU APP part 2 (no talk)
Hi guys if you've been wondering how to get to Tutu app it's simple go into Google and type in Tutu app!!!
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Showing my creations
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Behind the scenes of buying gems video and some gameplay
Hello guys hope you're having a great weekend with that for some of you that still probably have school sorry if you still probably have school. And if you do a comment that says nice video or something i will subscribe to your Channel.
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My video
My video
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Click Simulator Showing all zones (YET)
In this video il be showing all the zones yet that were made I'm still sure this is very new. If you want to play you can btw i got the Admin from the co-owner I use it responsibly so don't go asking for any admin commands or anything just to destroy the servers and the game it's self so yeah AND PEACE.
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Giants the end:(
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My video
My video
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Giants part 3
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Showing all zones prices in click simulator
if you didn't look at the description from the other video showing the zones well there is a lot of info in that one so please look at it thank you :3
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Stickman part 1
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My new intro
Created by VideoShow:http://videoshowapp.com/free
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Cookie clicks! (Sorry for not uploading for some months)
Hey guys! I'm still so sorry for not uploading for a long time so here's another vid I promise I will do some daily vids every week I can't record in the morning because I have school and ya. Hope you like my content please give me a favour for subscribing and liking my vids also press that little bell to be first to watch first person to say #pop will get a pin
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I am making a good video
Hi my name is pop
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With my friend
Sorry if it's boring but see ya
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My new intro
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Giant part 2
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Stickman part 2
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My video
My video
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Kingdom Rush part 1
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Tutu app!
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The story of Adventure
I didn't have enough ink for the story sorry about my dad annoying me
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Thank you so much for 1 subscriber
Keep doing the good content
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How to get some free open stuff  + secret in infinity RPG
Hey guys I am very very sorry bc I didn't want to record to much so I am so sorry and I hope you a joy my videos so byeeeeeee!!
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