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Kai Vs Tsubasa....Epic Fight AMV (Dranzer & Aquila)
this time is for old vs new.....i m back guys with my new AMV of beyblade....as promised tsubasa vs kai......no doubt kai won and he is stronger then tsubasa.......tsubasa can only defeat v force kai lol !!!!!! Song - GOODBYE - SR71 Also Check - Ryuga Vs Brooklyn Kyoya Vs Ray
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Ryuga Vs Brooklyn (AMV - Tribute To The Villains)
First Ever AMV BeyBlade Battle Titled Ryuga (Dragon Emperor) Vs Brooklyn (King Of Darkness) !!!!!! Plzzz HiT LikE & Plzz Subscribe Guys For More EPIC Anime Music Videos......!!!!!!!! SONG NAME - KILL EVERYBODY (BY SKRILLEX)
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Kyoya Vs Ray - Beyblade AMV - Epic Tribute To Wild !!!
Yo! Time For Wild Attacts.......Match Was Draw Bcoz Both R Having Similar Bey Spirits !!!!!! Stay Tuned Next Will Be Tsubasa Vs Kai......and i will also make a tribute to pokemon.....hit like and subscribe for more updates :) SONG NAME - SEDARWALL - UNTIL WE BLACKOUT
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