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Scary midnight drive to Rohtang Pass
Never drive to Rohtang pass during midnight. One of the most dangerous drive ever. It was absolutely dark outside with icy walls on both sides. Still it was worth a try
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how to wear compression top and its benefits
the compression clothing is one of most advanced new age clothing especially for performance athletes and bodybuilders. This kind of clothing helps in delaying the onset of muscle soreness and recovery. In this video, I tried to demonstrate how to wear it and spoke about its benefits.
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Basic Killer Chest Workout For Beginners
Are You A Beginner, Confused With Which Exercises To Perform For That Great Results. These are the 5 fundamental workout for complete chest especially for beginners or anyone in particular. If you have any questions, please leave a comment in the comments section. Important- warm up before we start exercising Exercises that I performed in this video - 1) Bench Press 4 sets * 12-14reps 2) Incline Bench Press 4sets * 12-14 reps 3) Decline Bench Press 4sets * 12-14 reps 4) Incline Dumbell Flies 4 sets till failure Make sure to increase weight at least 5-10% on every set depending on your strength. Please Note- I have accidentally added incline press twice in the video, please consider doing once only. Honest Error. Lightweight Buddy #mr natural Banana ***Watch my other videos If you want some motivation to quit smoking, you can watch this video secretly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFg0X... Do you know that you can build better biceps with simple excercises, watch the video below https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&vide...
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World's Quickest Protein Meal (eat under 30 secs)
Have you ever realized if you could eat your complete diet meal which includes chicken breast, veggies and carbs under 30 seconds. This is a video hack which will show how to eat/chug world's fastest protein meal, also known as POUND-STONE SHAKE This is specially helpful for people who are always on the run because 70% is diet and remaining 30% is workout and rest. Right !!! Prep- 1) Chicken breast 1-2 slices 2) Veggies(anything green, i prefer beans and broccoli) 3)Brown Rice 4) Black pepper and cinnamon Music credits: https://www.bensound.com Please leave a comment below if you liked it. #Mr Natural Banana
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MARMITE review by an Indian
A Desi Indian trying Marmite first time on camera and gives an honest review.
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Why you should  eat less salt and sugar for weight loss
So accordingly Im going to talk about 2 major foods sources which if you eliminate today, can change your tomorrow. Today I am making a video on a very important topic. Its been 5 years my dad had been diagnosed with high BP and diabetes. And today this is a very common menace in our society as even young people getting succumbed to it and it have also seen many deaths around it. So I wanted to talk about it and create a little awareness amongst my friends. And also to improve lifestyle. Does eating less salt and sugar help losing weight Eating less salt does not really help you lose weight. The sodium in salt makes your body retain more water Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and many other health problems. Sodium 759 mg Mcdonald's 1 Cheeseburger Plain French fries 230 mg Total- 1000mg Sodium 860 mg Butter chicken Daily recommended sodium- 2,300 Rajma Masala With Rice- 840 mg This is a message to all my friends who are struggling to lose weight when you try hard but without understanding the facts of it. Most of who are overweight or who tends gain weight quickly , identify what your habits are , I can gurantee you that you mostly feed on fast type of foods or oily food too much and you prefer to eat outside food. Also alcohol is a big contributor. Because your metabolism is everything. 1 pint beer calories – 200 I never use extra salt and whatever food I cook I never use salt in it. At times I feel so low so I know that I am low on salt. So we have to make sure to keep a balance. When I started this habit of eliminating salt, the craving was terrible, at night I use to feel as if I would chew the blanket. But as I felt I got more clean leaner and you will yourself feel the difference. As you might be thinking, since it’s a hot day. Lets go and have a nice ice cream. Our brain responds the same way as it would do to cocaine. From an initial insulin spike to upping your chances of kidney failure down the road, this is what really happens in your body when you load up on sugar. a hormone produced in the pancreas by the islets of Langerhans, which regulates the amount of glucose in the blood. The lack of insulin causes a form of diabetes. Once you eat glucose, your body releases insulin, a hormone from your pancreas," The insulin's job is to absorb the excess glucose in the blood and stabilize sugar levels Things to avoid in sugar Aerated drinks like pepsi cola sweets like jalebi 10.6g of sugar per 100ml of Coca-Cola Classic. Its like eating straight 2 tablespoon of sugar I know friends who can eat 250gm to 500gms of jalebi in one shot and its already demeaning guys. If you want to be healthy if you have to start today.because the early bird gets the worm
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How To Make Protein Rich Millets Or Khichdi
Every day we struggle to maintain a healthy meal and get confused what should we include in our lunch or dinner or any meal and end up eating a lot simple carbohydrates. This video will help you to make your own millet/khichdi and add any kind of curry or sides. Still it will offer a high level of nutrition ie, protein, carbs and fibre which is important for any individual on a daily basis.
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Triceps Workout For Detail And Shape
Ectomorph workout which might help to get better shape with minimum weight focusing more on form than weight. Hope this video might help and sorry for the bad resolution
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Back workout
Dumble rowing to make maximum isolation
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Is it impossible to quit smoking ?
Do you know how hard it is to quit smoking for me after 12 years. Watch this video and you will hate me or cigarette for a while. However it is really possible to quit smoking. #mrnaturalbanana
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Do You Know 5 Super-Foods To Burn Fat Naturally
These foods are hardly spoken by people because they're cheap and easily available unlike expensive fat burners. Tried and tested by an Indian for all Indians. These foods naturally increase your metabolism which actually helps in fat loss. #MrNaturalBanana If you want some motivation to quit smoking, you can watch this video secretly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFg0XZs8Q6E&t=26s Do you know that you can build better biceps with simple excercises, watch the video below https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=cW9vKrcJoHI .
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Biceps day
Hammer curl to get biceps gains
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Killer Biceps Workout For Beginners
Most easiest exercises I do to build biceps. These workout you can do at almost any gym and trust me if you do religiously , it will give you pump to last long time and build mass #MrNaturalBanana
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Dont Skip A Leg Day.
These are the most basic exercises for building tower like quads to die for. Trust me when it comes to workout, the more clean you keep, the better results you get. You can these workouts at almost any gym from basic to advanced one. Never skip a leg day which is the foundation of your body. Do you know that, half your body is being trained in 1 session. So this 1 session of workout have to be an excruciating one. Enjoy the video !!! #MrNaturalBanana Do you know that you can build better biceps with simple excercises, click the link below https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=cW9vKrcJoHI If you want some motivation to quit smoking, you can watch this video secretly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFg0XZs8Q6E Do You Know 5 Super-Foods To Burn Fat Naturally https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkcYDeChwMs Watch this Triceps Workout For Detail And Shape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpFjq274ksI
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My experiences of 1 complete week of Dieting
this can happen to you when you do dieting for 1 week and see the complete video video to understand how and what you can do for 1 week to push you back in track after a vacation or if you are starting new with any form of dieting. i also tried to speak a bit about the kind of foods you can eat. Please watch till the end because dieting at times can be very complicated unless we understand whats our goal is.
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How To Stay Safe From Nipah Virus
So I made a little research what this nipah virus is all about The term nipah virus originated from the Malaysian village nearly two decades. This Nipah virus can travel from bats to humans and this basically happens when we destroy their habitats, deseases from these infected bats can travel to humans as we share a lot of common diseases with bats. Here’s What You Should Know About It • The human infection has symptoms like fever, headache, drowsiness, disorientation, mental confusion and coma. There is a high fatality rate which is between 50 to 70 percent. Like ebola or any other virus, there is no specific treatment available Since there is no vaccinations available, preventive measures are only key because preventions is better than cure, do you know that. Always keep yourself clean and maintain hygiene. Things to avoid Avoid eating pork or drinking date palm sap. Dont spread any fake viral news. If you get any message from anywhere, please check the authenticity before you spread the words. Disclaimer: This video is purely for information purposes only. Please check with your local doctor for any symptom or contact local authority. The famous EBOLA song, Click the link below to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGltVAJ4JCk #MrNaturalBanana
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Essential Groceries and Things to Know Before Starting A KETO
Some mind boggling problems with diet on keto. Because doing excercise is very important, most important is when you maintain your diet. So in this video , i tried to simplify my keto experience so even anyone like me can benefit. Always make sure you have enough stock of food , because diet on this is very important. You cant just scratch your kitchen and fridge. Keep enough fat food especially, then protein and atlast veggies What should I eat in keto? I was very confused the first 3 days. As I was not able to discern how to manage my diet. I read a lot about it online and finally I realized and became easy for me. Because you just can’t go to fitness pal app to check you micro and macros, because at the end of the day you have to get a holistic idea of food so initially read a lot and calculate and know the amount of nutrients available in every food. I still can’t say exactly how much fat or fiber in every food. If I need I use Google instantly. Fluids- drink water a lot. It’s a must. I drank at least 4-5 liters a day. While workout I have negative thought about the bcaa, because when I read online almost everybody against except a few who agreed on having bcaa because it does not send your body towards insulin spike. So what I did, instead of having the full scoop, I made it to half and found I actually entered ketosis, finally I was relived. Because friend any type of sugar can give insulin kick and further kick you out of ketosis. Always do things in moderation, even if you want to test something. Food I ate during ketosis Fat – goat cheese, feta cheese, coconut milk, coconut cream, olive oil, flax seeds, chea seeds, almond butter, peanut butter, almonds, cashews, walnuts, bacon, sausage, almond milk(unflavored) Protein- whole skinned chicken, lean chicken breast, fatty mutton, tilapia fish, eggs Carb- broccoli, salad (pepper, cucumber, spinach) Salt very important.
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The Multiple Important Triceps Workout To Do In Variation
These are some of the most common excercies I do for triceps and changes them from time to time, necause doing the same one regularly may not inhibit growth. So I seldom bring some change with a variation which also works as a shock treatment to the body and as a result may see some improvement.
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How to deadlift
Deadlift is the king of exercise which naturally boost testosterone in men once you maintain a proper posture without focusing on too much weight.
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How, what, when i preapre and eat my KETO diet (Whole Day Eating)
This is how i spend my whole day on a keto diet trying to prepare meals and schedule things almost on time. I had consumed complete 5 meals in my entire day. This is an extremely good dieting programme and i had seen results and i can also recommend my friends but make sure if you have any health concerns, do make sure to consult with your doctor or physician.
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Final Results, Verdict and Experiences Of Keto Diet
Keto, I think one of the toughest dieting i have ever done because this is very scientific in nature and also i believe no dieting can be followed blindly as per books, we always need to read and understand because, remember ever body is of different type. But remember again basics remains same, what i exactly meant here. Anyways experience was awesome in this 15days day and i think everybody who wants to lose weight this should be a must one for immediate and quick results when you do religiously.
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Car broke at Rohtang pass during midnight drive
It was a dark cold middle of the night between the icy road , where the car broke down. We were literally terrified and freezing
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The 5 important back workout
In this video, i tried to perform some of the most basic and important exercises for back. I work on back only once a week and try to go heavy so either i build muscle or maintain the same. i tried to increase the weight 10-15 % at least on every set. Again, i always do some basic warm up and stretching exercise before i start working out. So please watch the video and share your thoughts if you like it or if you have any feedback. You can download the encyclopedia of modern body building by Arnold below, read it when you have time. Its a gem http://michaelnormanwilliams.com/sch.pdf
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