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What in the world can that be (I dunno Vizzini, what is it?)
Idk lololol imma switch glasses so u can die and I lives hahaahahahahaahahah That's Vizzini, I don't have bad grammar and I can actually spell. 😎
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Top secret footage
Don't tell anyone lmao I'm not recording πŸ€” I'm pretty sure it's her other friend Edit: I'm so sorry I uploaded this Morgan. ',:^)
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tHERE'S AN ELF (0ld)
I t ' s o n a w i n e b o t t l e Why you gotta be drunk lmao
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brennana thought she had a good idea
No she's just weird and no one likes her Brenna is a -1/10 true πŸ…±οΈ Don't develop into this type of crap, kids. This is what self-doubt and depression goes into.. talking about Google Pixel 2's and iPhone 8's
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Hey guys it's Scarce here oXi cLeaN gETs thE toUGH stAINS oUt
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Delete Internet Explorer ^_^
ah this video sucks but i approve of it myself yes, now be a good child and do your homework, bye boi edit: is this the type of quality you'd like to see? bc internet explorer sucks and everybody knows it Edit: Okay, I know this is old, I still like it so I won't delete it. If I ever get to one of those huge milestones like, 10MIL, or at least 1 thousand, remind me to look back on this video. Thanks, Brennana. Edit: Yeah.. I'm still leaving this up.
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practically exposing my camera roll
I don't have any context for most of these I'm sorry @blink-182 and my parents
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a short comp.
Enjoy. Let's all hope that I don't get a copyright strike. {Some of these might have different watermarks or might not even have a link at all so, sorry} Bill Nein - https://youtu.be/FtYpULGq3tQ Screaming Deer - https://youtu.be/KDW6JlPDY7I bagels - https://youtu.be/FDw6aYgVPeM I Love You Dog - https://youtu.be/0t-4u9xGL9k hi, my name is Chelsea - https://youtu.be/imkNMmwL7dY that's Tourette's - https://youtu.be/q7ekk47uLdM raw steak - https://youtu.be/9s-LU3OZvzg clothing hanger - https://youtu.be/pBNNIcEBe9c ✨🎺✨ - https://youtu.be/J-fXTRHApRc Mr. Thiccman - https://youtu.be/-UzEvoYz4wc wtf Richard - https://youtu.be/UBQP9gEldRk surfer duuude - https://youtu.be/zmmEVXG1jy4 whatcha gon do? - https://youtu.be/uWz-PY8qXZw abortion - https://youtu.be/jZuIhS4SeuQ nervous waiter - https://youtu.be/Sd9BBto5NTI fergie pig - https://youtu.be/OI0fWMSFdlE dog jumps on dog in pool - https://youtu.be/ukcmKBC7dDo bang bang - idk, some playlist morning rhyhorn - idk, some playlist Boombox shrek - https://youtu.be/xP2e3pPFyQo what are you doing in my swamp - https://youtu.be/hIRShvxn2mQ let out a big roar - https://youtu.be/Q1YMAJ0SDvM repeat after me, I have no talent - https://youtu.be/BO30-CZ4h4A peekaboo vine - a rare comp. hello, hi vine - https://youtu.be/FMbXqW2XG6w dog gets pranked - https://youtu.be/06gYP2WBfo4 nonstop flipping - another rare comp. breakfast fail - a rare one mission impossible - https://youtu.be/fhl-htJKRxo (5:23, couldn't find one with music) blow square breaths - https://youtu.be/YeEB8Kw3qAY be my bff vine - https://youtu.be/slPk39ElWas monster - another rare one you may now kiss the bride - https://youtu.be/ajvyi2X24aU btw I talk in my sleep - https://youtu.be/FU0lpENZvPU track is always lit - https://youtu.be/_352P3N4_sU HIV+ oh David - https://youtu.be/F_zmz0Z4HSA (0:56) chicken reads chicken - another rare one Depression? - https://youtu.be/poWb6EH4iN4 Kermit singing - https://youtu.be/KkmLUSkich0 BTR - https://youtu.be/TjL5ighW1tY Mexico - https://youtu.be/46LjD0Y0nLI This isn't lactose, its milk - https://youtu.be/z2k4MM51P24 another peep - https://youtu.be/T8204ONyIa8 perfect lookin - https://youtu.be/xAM7bsyyZEM (3:28) super savers shoppers club - https://youtu.be/KabPdUnn0-E Chaz Smith - a rare comp. did you wash the dishes - https://youtu.be/8K8tBJ3_u0o boom, a child - https://youtu.be/tkJqYKzwiVo duty at the park.. - you're a rare one.. accept yourself - https://youtu.be/4xHrxgFNnN8 freestyle dance teacher - https://youtu.be/ZkNMZlkrzaU what the hell carl - https://youtu.be/e88b2lqIa_Y (A few of these were so hard to find lmao) Credit to all the people in the videos.
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when disney adds in a cringy meme
yeah also sorry for not uploading for like 2 weeks I just moved to South Carolina and you know.. busy crap going on Edit: delet
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did what the book said πŸ‘Œ
im so abusive
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a short message
(I'll be active on social media - to the subscribers/friends who know me irl and want to contact me) ',:^) πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ go away m8 lulz β€οΈπŸ’– (the thumbnail is not meant to be clickb8 btw)
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dan's an albatraoz
ignore those swear words ladies- iM NA ALBatOWZ (medibang paint pro) credit for song; AronChupa
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send this to ur crush w/out context
My self esteem went up especially high somehow. Hope this gets shared lmao
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hot reindeer slippers
I have an elf on the shelf and he brought me slippers Rudolph slippers 🦌 One day until Christmas, according to Siri or anything like that πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„btw Edit: How to make the perfect meme; skip the shower, have a cold, sit on the bed, and throw one up into the air and cut the camera before the slipper hits the cam.
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Curb your gym class homework
This better not go viral Also please no copyright strike pls
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