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Thargoids Attacked
Between Maia's main star and A6 there was a thargoid attack leaving 4 destroyed Federal Corvettes, and a black box which has been recovered.
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PUBG Whoops
Just a couple silly goof ups, and that grenade....
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Elite Dangerous Parking in the Sky
Audio was edited out of certain parts to remove a VOIP conversation.
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Terrible Corvette
Yes, it's a bot, but really? Sections of audio cut to remove VOIP talk.
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My First Thargoid Encounter
Finally made my first encounter with an alien ship. If the video doesn't allow 1080p you can thank Nvidia for nerfing shadowplay for people with 16:10 monitors. It worked fine in the past, but outputs 1728x1078 now.
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Nov 16th Tip off
Sorry for any stuttering. Anyways, I was tipped off to the location of what turned out to be a crashed condor on November 16th around 9pm CST. There was some data aboard which I was told might be of some value. I'll post the location when I get the chance
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OT Aerial
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Am I in Heaven
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Great Pass
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Epic Goal
Audio removed to remove music I was listening to at the time.
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