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How to replace PCV valve on a 01 Honda Civic (01-05 Civic)
The PCV valve is located on the side of the engine near the oil filter area. It's easiest access from under the car. Need jack stands. You will need a 17mm wrench and pliers. Use pliers to disconnect the clip holding the hose to the PCV valve, then remove the valve using the wrench. May have to turn hard. But should not be a fight! OVERALL EASY!!
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10 freeway Los Angeles in 1988!
HEY ALL! Welcome to my channel! If you loved THIS video You will LOVE MY CHANNEL! Check out my tons of other old home movies! WELCOME TO MY TIME MACHINE! This is me filming the 10 freeway! This is when we were going home from Los Angeles (aunt's house) to our home in Covina CA. 1988!
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Rick Dees - Eat My Shorts
This is a song from 102.7 KIIS FM Los Angeles California. I first heard it in 1984 and liked it! Since then, here it is!
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In the verge of moving out! (a right thing to do??) In Danger of bankrupt!
SO, my wife's job has already planned on moving her to a different position, cutting the pay significantly. This is going to cause TROUBLE! Even with me working we will struggle! Jenny's income CUT, And my job is NOT reliable! So it means NO WAY we can cover all the bills. THIS WAS UNEXPECTED. I ALWAYS have a HARD time getting a "Good" job. Employers just never give me a freakin chance! I'm tired of working some days and then it stops. SO I'm am thinking one of these two things.: Filing bankruptcy. BUT will have quite a few things to sacrifice, possibly my Mercury and or other vehicles. Because the court can take away some of my things. Or sell the house and use the equity we have to pay much of our credit off and move in to a cheaper apartment. What do you guys say? Those of you who are experienced on this type of thing?
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1995 Honda Civic EX BRAND NEW!
This is a car that my mom bought BRAND NEW in 1995. It was a 1995 Honda Civic EX trim. It was gray with sunroof, 14 steel wheels w 185/60/14 tires, automatic, 1.6l engine. Cassette player. And 48 miles, NOT 48000. It was 48 MILES! NICE! It was $17000
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Hot & Sultry Nights - Neil Sedaka
Great song for a beach night!
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Neil Sedaka - A Song
This is a song I really love! It was back in 1981 when my dad picked out a few records that were on a clearence sale. I didnt care for the music that much. But having heard this LP again going to the 90's. I then loved this song and album forever!
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adjust headlight aim on 2001 Civic
This is where the adjusters are at on a 2001 Civic. Very easy. But it does take quite a few turns of that "gear" to get it adjusted. After NOT finding ANY info what so ever on youtube about how to adjust the headlight aim for Civics 2001 thru 2005. With how popular these cars are, I'M VERY SURPRISED THAT NOBODY POSTED ANY VIDEO FOR A 2001 THRU 2005 CIVIC yet!
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Azuza ave West Covina 1988!
This is when I used to ride a bike for my transportation. I did not have a car in these days. I was saving money to buy a motor scooter. I wanted a Honda Elite 80
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The Leaving Game - Neil Sedaka
From the "A Song album!
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10 fwy going to Los Angeles 1989!
My mom driving the brand new 1989 Nissan Stanza. I'm the front passenger with my $1000 VHS video camera! I was 19 years old. Mom was 39 years old! My sister was 9 and cousin was 12!
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My wedding! 2003!
2003. Our wedding day! 15 years ago. San Diego
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What teenagers looked like in 1991!
So. I was doing a typical hang out outside of my home. These teens were my neighbors. This is what they typically were like in this time.
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Haunted House - Hap Palmer
Loved this song when I was 12! Im 47 now! (as of Aug 2017) You can buy CD here!http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/happalmer37/FROM/hpalmer
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The Gilbert Merch store!
Gil has T-shirts available!!! On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Gilbert-Merch-T-shirt-any-size-color-and-Gilbert-unique-print/293123218600 OK Y'all! You guys requested this! So here YA go! For now I am going to place a shirt up on Ebay. Where you can buy, This is the easy and quick way for me. FOR NOW. Your 80s vlogger The Gilbert Merch! YOU choose the color and size And you choose What you want ME to say!! I Tella Ya! YA! You can choose: *my unique message only *my unique picture only *both picture and message Of course you can have me to say what ever you want to say on your shirt.. LOL And Any unique picture too! Like a scene from my 80s and 90s videos! I will also have pre made T-shirts available to choose from!
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9/11 attacks. Where I was and my reaction!
I had just bought a mobile home in Rialto CA. Paid $12000 for it! Like a car! Less than 2 weeks later, the attacks happened to my surprise! All day long I was hearing the news! I was working at the time as a delivery driver!
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Before and after  McDonalds 1989 vs 2019
Check THIS OUT! McDonald's Valinda CA 1989 vs 2019 Before and after! Corner of Azasa and Amar st West Covina area!
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How to replace thermostat on 2.4l 4 cyl Mitsubishi Eclipse 02
This is WHERE the thermostat on a 2.4l 4cyl Mitsubishi is AT!
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1989 Nissan Stanza! BRAND NEW!
This is a BRAND NEW 1989 Nissan Stanza! Our 1983 Mercury had just blew the cylinder head rendering unusable, BUT, this is because my step dad kept driving the Mercury even when it was over heating. Ruined the engine. SO, as you see it, my step dad, with his good credit, went ahead and bought this BRAND NEW 1989 Stanza! Mom originally wanted a Sentra, but my step dad insisted on the Stanza GXE, which was the top of the line Stanza. The price was about $15000, and the payments was $325 a month. The Sentra started at about $7000 NEW! When I first heard the price of this new Stanza my step dad just bought, I commented to myself. "$15,000 is TOO MUCH. It's not worth to spend $15000 on a car" So in these days, the top of the line mid size cars like this one was about $15000. And the cheaper small cars typically started at $7000, and usually not more than about $10000 for a decently loaded Sentra for instance
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1997 Chevorlet S10 BRAND NEW!
This was a brand new Chevy S10 pick up. Which I used for delivering. This was a company car. I liked the truck actually. A nice driver! And was comfortable too.
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1984 Mercury start up after sitting 3 months
So I decided to use my 84 Marquis this weekend.
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life in the 80's
If you LOVED this video, you will LOVE MY CHANNEL! I have a TON of these old home movies uploaded!!!! location: 16341 Edna pl, Covina, California Year: 1988 WANT TO SEE WHAT THIS AREA LOOKS LIKE IN 2018?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vweqzLTJ9DY&feature=youtu.be These were the days of NO cell phones, no internet, no Iphones, and no mp3s! And no tablets! This is the year of the VCRs and TVs that weighed a ton, and Atari 2600 and Nintendo 8 bit systems. Oh, also the record players and home rack stereo systems with double cassette players This is a video I made in 1988, when I bought my RCA CPR-250 VHS camcorder for $1000. I was 17. And man. I was ENJOYING this cam. And I wanted to make this video for one reason and ONE reason only! That is so I CAN REMEMBER THIS!!! For years to come! As of 4-2018. 30 years ago!!!! ATTENTION: Don't bombard me with animal abuse in this video Quit with your whining about a 7 year old with a cat. This is 1988 for crying out loud.
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The freestyle days! Cruising 1989 Whittier CA!
This is when freestyle was in! The partying we typically did. Then the cruising in Whittier California. The low riders, mini trucks with hydralics! Noel had borrowed my VHS camcorder that day!
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My house when I was a kid (old home movie 80's) 16341 Edna place, Covina CA in 1988
I was 17 years old in 1988. I had saved $1000 to buy a full size VHS camcorder. RCA CPR-250. Lets go back in time and EXPLORE our house in 1988. NOTE: I don't live here NOW! This place is LONG GONE... YEARS ago! It was sold!
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Electronics store 1986
WOW! Remember all those VCRs and big screen Sony Triniton TVS and all those VHSs! And VHS TV cameras! MEGA DOLLARS!
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Police activity  1991. What police looked like in 1991!
WoW. Look at these police cars! The first scene was involving a teen (SPK sweater) doing something. I'm not sure what, but those parents were not happy there obviously. The second scene is a out of control dad. Being taken in for assault with wife. I guess.
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High on Christmas (Disco Christmas) Set 1 of 4
Disco Christmas mix! Let It Snow, Santa Claus is Comin' to town
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Specto Optical 1994. Operating the old school lens generator
This was my job! 1994. This was my typical day when I used to operate a lens generator. I was cutting glass lenses , not plastic.
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Life in March 1990: Hang out with friends and a drink!
Life in March 1990 Put together new furniture! Hang outs with friends and having a drink!
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What Hemet California looked like in 1999
Dec, 1999: SO, my brother Hector used to live in Hemet California. This is what the city looked like in 1999
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1991 Working at dine in Pizza Hut at Sierra ave Fontana
So, I used to work at this Dine in Pizza Hut. From Aug 1991 til June 1992. I was making $4.25 an hour (min wage). I was a dishwasher and a cook. I liked the cook position better evidently. My boss was a cheapskate. It took them 10 months for me to finally get a little recognition for my quality work. And even more insulting. AN 8 CENT RAISE! 8 cents..... REALLY? I stayed with this job until I got a new one at a laboratory. I started at $5.50 an hour which I liked!
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NEW computer in 1995!!! $3000
This is a computer my brother decided to buy back in 1995. As he had always wanted one. VERY EXPENSIVE back in this day! It was a Compaq Presario CDS. He went to Good Guys to buy it. I think it had 75 mhz and 8 mb ram. And a CD rom drive. I do remember he said he paid about $250 for the printer! And $500 for the monitor.
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Remove & replace drive axles on 1996 Mazda Protege
I replaced the axle on both side of this 96 Mazda Protege. This is how I successfully did it.
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Rialto and Fontana drive around on 4th of July 2002
July 2002! NOISE ALERT! NO Never Mind the Fireworks. IT'S ME SAYING "YERS" LMAO
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update of my "I'm Tellin' Ya" shirts
Designed by Donny Tucker! I am now including jerseys!!! $19.95 for each shirt or jersey! Thank ALL of YOU for your support!! I am still looking for suggestions. You can be Straight out with me, hahaha. https://www.ebay.com/itm/293123218600?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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Before & after :  Sliding on the hill 1988 vs 2019
Back in my day in 1988. We used to go to that hill, then slide! Check out the same spot in 2019! Then Aug 9, 1988. Jose talks about being chased by a dog and crashes my bike! Check out that same spot in 2019!
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At Northview High school Covina CA June 1989 (entire 2 hour VHS tape)
So, this is June 1989. It was the LAST 2 weeks of my senior year! Til graduation! It was REALLY essential for me to make a video at this time!!!!! Because I was graduating and finishing school FOREVER! Nice way to remember my days of school! I actually miss these days!
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Working at McDonald's! 1989
I had this job in 1989! What McDonald's was like in the 80's. I worked at McDonalds back in 1989. I used to do 10:1 or 4:1 (hamburgers or quarter pounders). I cooked chicken nuggets and fillet O fish as well. I remember I used to get PISSED when restaurant is almost closing, then a SHIT LOAD of customers come in at the last minute! OH OF COURSE the busiest times there. Where we can't seem to make enough burgers for everybody..SHIT I hated that. And it's funny cause many employees particularly the youngsters,would LET OUT our frustration of the SUPER BUSY moments. AND I MEAN SUPER SUPER busy by reusing buns, cheese, patties etc after dropping on the floor! I did not usually do that. Even though I was a KID then. I worked here for almost a year. Then I quit. Because I fell for this gimmick. And ad I came across to. The ad promising I can make $300 a week working at home assembling products (making normally $75 a week here). So I let the manager know, I will be moving to the "work at home" job, assembling products. Only to learn (just after quitting) of the deadly mistake I made. The assembling products job WAS A GIMMICK! DAMN, (You know, young kids believe in everything, ME). Quitting was a BAD mistake. Now, I'm cut from income. To THIS day, it is a MEMORY! I really regret quitting the McDonalds job.
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Valentine's day in 1989!
Wow! An 80s video! Unfortunately. This is all I have of February of all of 80s!
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My Atari 2600! In 2017! What I used to play. I LOVED the Atari
Playing the Atari in 2017. Have about 48 games. Games I REALLY loved were: Tunnel Runner, Solar Fox, Mountain King, E.T, Barnstorming, Demon Attack, Yar's Revenge, Ms PacMan, Atlantis, Star Voyager, Vanguard and GIJoe. Those were my favorites!
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Hollywood Lady - Neil Sedaka
From the album "A Song"
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1993 Dodge Caravan Brand NEW!
This was a van my step dad Joe got back in 1993. He traded his 1990 Honda Accord. He ended up not being happy with the purchase. That's what happens when you become too compulsive!
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Repair vintage VHS camcorder that does not eject (or play tapes) 80's RCA brand
It is one small rubber band that is the mother of the problems! This is a CPR-300 I am working on. Most of the RCA VHS camcorder of this year range is all basically the same. The CPR-300 and the 350 I have is from 1987, also the CPR-250 1987 and a Sears VHS Movie 1988 is basically the same, Replacing all 3 rubber bands (drive belts) will make your camcorder work perfectly!
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How I fixed the rough idle. And resolve OBD2 readiness issue on 95 96 Mazda Protege
ATTENTION ALL! For many of you who most commonly have a problem with rough idle on the older cars.AND NOTHING YOU DO SEEMS TO FIX IT. For my case I had the wrost nightmare about the OBD readiness monitors on my 96 Protege. 4 of them was just NOT getting Ready! Fails the smog because of it. Got very frustrating! For so many months, I've NEVER been able to make out "What's causing those monitors to NOT be ready!" Also along with it, the problem with rough idle. "Didn't bother me too much, BUT for the smog check it DOES bothers". Also often get the CEL light showing "Fuel trim problems" and "Cyl 2 misfire". I just kept resetting the codes. So I don't have to see that annoying "check engine" light. Of course since I bought my car, those 4 OBD monitors NEVER got "ready" 5 months. THEN (this is the INTERESTING part), after researching the web for months! I decided to check the MAF sensor! I had bought some MAF sensor cleaner, $7. I removed the top of the air cleaner assembly (just the top) out of the car. I then cleaned the hell out of the sensor, including the area of the "hot wire". Plus I cleaned the inside throttle body as well using this same cleaner. Put it back together. Also replaced the PCV hose from the valve cover to air cleaner. (Not the hose to PCV valve, the other PCV hose) I used my 96 the next day and................. I GOT THE NICEST NEWS, A GREAT SURPRISE!!! The rough idle STOPPED!!!!!!!! My gosh!!! All those months of "scratching my head". Finally fiqured it out! And here's the BEST PART................. As of the next day. Two of 4 OBD monitors in my 96 protege are NOW READY! Will pass smog now (since its only 2 that are not ready, if more than 2 are not ready it fails) MY GOSH! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. All those months of frustration!!! And....... STILL NOT ONLY THAT! I have reasonable belief that the gas mileage is IMPROVED! Ever since I clean the MAF sensor. UNBELEIVABLE! I can't beleive a LITTLE thing like that caused those HUGE problems! This is the neatest experience I had in so long! So for my point of advice. When you clean the MAF sensor. Buy the cleaner DESIGNED for MAF sensors. Other cleaners can ruin the sensor, they have spray cleaners that say "MAF sensor cleaner". Evidently this MAF sensor is a BIG thing in a fuel injected car. So where is the MAF sensor located at, some may ask. Well on this particular car, 96 Mazda Protege. Its the rectangular shaped box just behind the air filter area. On the air cleaner hose going to throttle body. Its not the rectangular box you're paying attention to, its what's under it, and inside the hose. When you remove the air cleaner TOP, spray on all parts of the circular part including the screen and all thin metal lines "hot wire" crossing the circular part. Don't do this while sensor is connected! Disconnect everything before working! Clean this really good and WALLA! UB STYLIN!
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Fontana California in 1998!
So this is 1998, I was hanging out on Sierra st in Fontana California.
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New construction at Regal Canyon dr. Walnut CA June 1989
NEW houses at Regal Canyon dr. Walnut California! This is when my dad and my brother worked here! Date: June 28, 1989! Right at the corner of Amar and Regal Canyon Dr.
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July 1988. 60 freeway 10 freeway Los Angeles. Riding in the 1978 Datsun 280Z
So a typical visit at my aunt's house. Going home. July 8, 1988. Riding in my brother's Datsun 280Z
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