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Clucking chickens
The chickies started clucking away when they saw their dinner would soon be coming.
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Clucking Chickens II
Day 2 of the four young chicks outside. And a few of the roosters held a brief clucking contest.
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Roosters weren't getting along today
The roosters weren't getting along today; they took turns chasing each other. One of them tried getting romantic with a hen and Uncle George came busting out of the henhouse and took a bite out of him, spitting out feathers afterwards. When the dust settled Uncle George was still king of the roosters. That's him crowing away on the top rung.
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Curly's Woob Woob Woob
With a colorized still from the Three Stooges short, "Disorder In The Court."
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Milton Hershey School Alma Mater
Milton Hershey School Alma Mater. Recorded at the MHS Homecoming in Sept 2012. Missed the opening lines. I started recording it after it had already begun. All hail to thee, Milton Hershey; Loyal and true are we, (Formerly: "They loyal sons are we") To stand by thee and each other our pledge will ever be. Thy Brown and Gold we cherish And thy traditions dear; Proudly we sing our praises for all the world to hear. Then stand we firmly united Through all the years to come By friendships and fond mem'ries Of youth and school and home. We're proud of Milton Hershey And vow to that great name Lives filled with strength and honor. to add to Spartan fame.
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Three roosters crowing
Three of the roosters - Pappy, Lanky, and Uncle George - decided to start crowing at the same time.
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The Chickens relaxing
Not much going on after the chickies ate dinner. But Lanky, the tall rooster, seemed edgy.
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The white rooster
The white rooster decided to crow for once.
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Uncle George the boss rooster
Uncle George climbs to the top rung and crows away.
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Rooster show
The roosters were crowing, posing, flapping their wings, and sparring a bit.
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4 young chicks first day outdoors, plus roosters jousting
The four young chicks are now living outdoors, next to the big coop - where two of the roosters, Ranger and Pappy, were having a lively difference of opinion about something.
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Quiet Afternoon in Chickenville
Nothing much happening. There are now 2 sets of little ones in the small coop. And Uncle George is still the boss rooster.
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Chickens hanging out on the dryer rack
A handful of chickies were hanging out on the dryer rack today. Two roosters on the rack took turns crowing.
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abreviated video, musician playing Amazing Grace on bagpipes
Sorry that it's only a brief part of the song. This was during the National Night Out in Quakertown, Pa last month. The man playing the bagpipes was very good.
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One day quiet, next day windy for the chickies.
The chickies get in position to wait for their dinner. One day it was quiet, the next day windy. The tall one, Lanky, seems to be at the center of things but he still backs down from Uncle George.
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a couple of young bunnies munching on the leaves of a small tree/bush outside our building - cute!
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The chickies getting some sun today
It was nice enough this afternoon for some of the gang to play ball in the upper field. Meanwhile the chickies were enjoying the sunny weather, and the boss rooster Uncle George got up on the top rung and crowed.
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Rain tonight 05-22
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Spring arrives in a couple of days, but not today...
Snow today. You can hear Tom Clark from WNEP talking about it in the background.
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Copy of 20170223153940
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4 Baby Chicks
4 young chickens eating, drinking water, and occasionally scuffling.
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the song Ken danced to
My late brother Ken really liked this old song and enjoyed dancing along to it. We lost him over 18 years ago.
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Firetrucks last night!
Plus the ladder truck out back below Twila's window.
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Chickens get excited it's feeding time
Small flock of chickens gets excited anticipating dinnertime. My granddaughter first throws a couple handfuls of feed to them to divert their attention. After that she goes into the henhouse and quickly closes the door behind her so none of the chickies will get out. This is done to keep the chickens from escaping and possibly getting hurt. Then she pours the rest of their chow into their feeding troughs indoors. The chickies have this figured out and they do rush inside for dinner, but not until after they've been sidetracked for a few seconds by the handfuls of feed thrown to them while they're outside.
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Light snow then flurries while driving to Laporte
Snow started lightly at home, then picked up as I was driving towards Laporte.
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Selfish lady threw snow into the parking spots next to her.
And I guess she got away with it.
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The Witch !
Happy Halloween!
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Another day in Chickenville
The little ones keep getting bigger. And three of the roosters, Hawkeye, Lanky, and Uncle George take turns crowing.
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Dinnertime for the chickens!
My granddaughter throws a couple handfuls of chicken chow to them while they're outside, then she hurries into the henhouse closing the door quickly. And then gives the chickies their dinner inside. Cool method.
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Root Beer the Rooster
Anyway that's what I call him. Normally he's shy and reserved, and stays in the background avoiding Uncle George and Lanky and a couple more roosters. But today he was up on the top rung crowing away. Go figure.
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