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Millie Cipher *ART VIDEO*
This is an art video of me drawing my Gravity Falls OC, Millie Cipher, who is the little sister of Bill Cipher and Will Cipher (Reverse Falls Bill, said to be Bill's brother). It's a pretty crappy drawing... But I don't care! :D Anyhoo, Millie's personality? It's kind of like Fluttershy's. She sounds like Fluttershy, to be honest. She is really meek and quiet, and she cares a lot about her brothers. Millie comforts Will when he cries and she is very concerned about Bill and his chaotic tendencies. In the fanfic I'm going to write about Millie, she actually talks Bill out of Weirdmageddon and then the fanfic takes place in Dipper and Mabel's SECOND summer in Gravity Falls, Millie befriended the twins in their first summer there. And yes, Bill and Will are their human versions in the fanfic, also. Okay byeeeeeee! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)
Just the Mettaton Crew!!!!!
I'm bored so I made this video!!!!! Featuring my friends Elisha and Bella! Elaine (meeee): The Regular, Fabulous Megatron Elisha: The Crazy & Weird Mettaton Bella: The Weebo Mettaton WE ARE THE MEEEEETTATONS!!!!!!
My First Roblox Video!
This is probably the worst first Roblox video EVER. Heh, hope somebody likes it! Please remember to karate kick that like button, comment, and subscribe!
CAtY nO 😂😂
my friends are weird af y'all need some jesus also ignore my shitty ass recording skillz
My very first video!!!
So, I was just, being the geeky nerd I am, reading on the BATIM wiki and read where Sammy said "I must have him notice me.", which made me think of the way Yandere-chan is to Senpai, so I drew a Bendy and Senpai mashup! I know, I know, it's out of proportion and I'm much too lazy to finish shading in the uniform, but I really hope y'all like it! 😊
Just to let y'all know...
Yeah, I'm starting 7th grade tomorrow so my schedule is gonna be HECTIC. I am going to try my best to upload like once a week or so. But if I don't, y'all know why. Please remember to like, comment, and subscribe!
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His reaction is funny though
Ok, so I stopped recording before his reaction, but he looked down and said "Slippers." He so late sometimes! 😂
I felt like making this....
So yeah, I felt like making another video and just randomly chose this drawing of Circus Baby and I know, I failed at it. I've been trying to get better though.