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Paramotor - Dirt bike Action
This video was film during Glenn's great visit to Dubai. I didnt have a paramotor,therefore I planned to do a combination of my two sports, Motocross and Paramotor.. It was great fun. This video is dedicated for all my European friends. Come here and have a taste of what we do ;) Filmed by: Ali Al Hammadi Glenn Tupper Music: Race Against Myself - The offspring
Views: 7437 Ali Al Hammadi
"Paramotor Swoopdown - Daejeon City" (Unofficial Trailer-1)
This is an unofficial trailer of the up coming DVD "Paramotor Swoopdown-Daejeon City". It was was filmed during our competition in South Korea - Daejeon City. Since it is an unofficial trailer (Not the final one), please give your comments to make it better (negative comments will be even more appreciated. Pilots and Camera men, are: - Ali Ali Hammadi - Pascal Campbell-Jones - Jerome Pommier - Sylvain Moisseron - Cathal Fowler - Mike O'Shea - Glenn Tupper Edited by: Ali Al Hammadi Music: Lords of Acid - Undress & Possess Thanks to all who participated and made the future steps of the urban paramotoring competitions.
Views: 229792 Ali Al Hammadi
Aviators' Camping Trip
An amazingly organized flying-Camping trip to RAK beach. more than 60 ppl participated and enjoyed it! It took a place on 24-25 April 2009. As you can see in the video, it included planes, paramotors, jetskies, motorbikes, boats and trikes! Thanks to my friend Jerome for his efforts in making it happen! Next time, YOU ALL WILL HAVE TO JOIN!
Views: 2638 Ali Al Hammadi
Paramania GTR in Action - Desert Style Paramotor
This was filmed during Dean Eldridge visit to Dubai. we had tones of fun. Filmed by: Dean Eldridge Ali Al Hammadi Edited by: Ali Al Hammadi Email: [email protected] Phone: +971 50 422 7335 Music: Wax Tailor
Views: 5419 Ali Al Hammadi
Dirtbike Ride with Emilia Plak - Dubai (CRF450 & KTM450)
A ride with Emilia Plak during her visit to Dubai.
Views: 5077 Ali Al Hammadi
Dirtbike Ride - Dubai (CRF450r)
A baptizing session of my new Honda CRF450R in a special ride on friday morning. this quick clip is made using the GoPro and the contour HD cams (I lost one somewhere on the track already) A small accident happened as we were riding, a friend had a collosion head to head with another guy from another group. they were so lucky to get out of it with out a scratch. Filmed by: Ali Al Hammadi Mohammed Al Sammach Edited by: Ali Al Hammadi Music by: The offspring - The kids aren't alright.
Views: 3283 Ali Al Hammadi
Flying The Sahara (Paramotoring in the Desert of Dubai)
Good time in the desert.. I recommend you watching it in HD.
Views: 4085 Ali Al Hammadi
Paramotor Crash
A powerful engine on a light pilot caused a huge torque effect and made him twist! he went down very fast!! thats why i dont like the high hang points systems!
Views: 71571 Ali Al Hammadi
Paramotor flying in Dubai (National Day)
Flying with banners above the national day's parade on Jumeirah Road. It was a great FUN! Made & edited by: Ali Al Hammadi
Views: 5383 Ali Al Hammadi
Soaring at Dune de Pyla
Soaring at Dune de Pyla with paramania gliders. Pascal Campbell-jones in the Yuneec and me in the Fusion.
Views: 2600 Ali Al Hammadi
Official Video "ICAROBATIX - The Race 2011"
The stakes were set high with this special edition of Parabatix Sky Racers, set in the Rhone Alps in conjunction with the 38th Coupe Icare which attracted over 60,000 people over the weekend. With new features and a whole new track layout Parabatix spectators roared as the Icarobatix extreme sky race took place just meters away from them; smoke, high-G, low-to-the-ground maneuvers = jaws wide open! This time with a line up of the top six best sky racers from the last Parabatix sky race. There was a lot of action, emotion & intense moments while the scores shifted radically between each race reflecting the outstanding performance of each sky racer shown live on the large chronometer screen. Sky racers were jumping up and down the score board through out the duration of the two days of Icarobatix. As the end of the event approached, Spanish sky racer Paco Guerra who had been flying very consistently suddenly pulled off an amazing performance on the last sky race and managed to snatch the golden ICAROBATIX trophy ahead of France's Alex Mateos who finished in second position, a mere 5 seconds behind! Swiftly followed by the leader of the first day Dean Eldridge (GBR) in third place. Video made by: Ali Al Hammadi
Views: 2937 Ali Al Hammadi
Icarobatix - More?
Edited by: Ali Al Hammadi Music by: Mathieu Rouanet
Views: 559 Ali Al Hammadi
Parabatix Coupe Icare 2011- Teaser
Edited by: Ali Al Hammadi
Views: 7938 Ali Al Hammadi
A quick Motocross ride + Crash (Dubai)
a quick ride in the desert with my buddies. it includes a small stupid accident as the sand dunes are tricky sometimes when you dont see whats coming.
Views: 1124 Ali Al Hammadi
Paramaotor Incident with a Drama
Okay, i was a bit bored, so i tried to make it as funny as possible!
Views: 3050 Ali Al Hammadi
Eywa's Show
Me & Pascal attending Festival le rêve de l'Aborigène - Airvault, France 2009. Suddenly our friend Eywa pops up outta nowhere and does a freaking amazing show! We all enjoyed it! THANX EYWA MAAAAAN! PEACE!
Views: 1091 Ali Al Hammadi

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