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Fly Mater (Edited)
Edited down version of the Pixar Cars Short Film about Mater learning to fly
Views: 227610 Jeremy Atkins
A Little Taste of the McLaren F1
A trip in the McLaren to the www.caringwithcars.co.uk raising money for Children's Hospice Southwest http://www.chsw.org.uk/
Views: 2700 Jeremy Atkins
Peter Pan Goes Wrong - Pre Play Electrical issue on Stage...
Before the play started there were some electrical issues on the stage...there wasn't too much impact on the audience....well maybe! Very funny play, very well done without overdoing it
Views: 47207 Jeremy Atkins
Sounds of Southend Airport 1973
Sound Recording of Southend Airport in 1973, by my Dad (with a 4 year old me in tow!)standing on the edge of the Golf Course under the approach. I haven't edited the sound, the full file is 12 minutes long, so will re-do the video when I get time to edit it down
Views: 861 Jeremy Atkins
Palace to Palace 2013 Charity Bike Ride
45 Mile Charity Bike Ride held on 22nd September 2013 with 240 entrants from Hewlett Packard, the largest fund-raiser for this Princes Trust event. The Course runs fron Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle (actually the Mall to Windsor Racecourse). Footage taken from a Helmet Cam, hence the wobbliness of it! Ignore the Date/time in the corner, i forgot to reset the file in the Camera!
Views: 439 Jeremy Atkins
Bulldog Stall turn
an 'Almost' perfect Stall turn from Ridders
Views: 6706 Jeremy Atkins
Talya Flying the Socata Rallye
My Daughter having her first go at the controls of the Socata Rallye 180T I have to take over near the beginning as we spot a Microlight at the same height, but as soon as that is dealt with I hand control back to her. We then do a quick fly-by of her school, Kimbolton
Views: 501 Jeremy Atkins
You are fired
Compilation of Hired and Fired from the UK Apprentice
Views: 3117 Jeremy Atkins
Burned Children's Club Flying Day 09
Burned Children's Club Flying Day 21st August 2009. This is the last day of the BCC Summer camp at Grafham Water, where they travel to Bourn Airfield and have a day of aviation fun. Pilots and Ground helpers volunteer to take the Children flying as well as Chain-mail making and a double Decker Bus to play in! The Burned Children's Club gives support to young Burns Survivors and their families, the summer camp gives them an opportunity to meet children in a similar situation and take part in many fun and confidence building activities. To find out more about the Burned Children's Club and offer support please see: http://www.burnedchildrensclub.org.uk/ The Ercoupe featured is for sale with all proceeds going to the BCC, please email Tony on: [email protected] Each child received a Tee Shirt courtesey of Aero-ist Clothing Limited, to see more pictures and the entire clothing range please go to: www.aero-ist.com
Views: 1658 Jeremy Atkins
Cat Finals 2018
A few snippets of Course 'B' at the 2018 Uk National Inland Catamaran Championships at Grafham Water Sailing Club
Views: 55 Jeremy Atkins
Landing a Socata Rallye on a Farm Strip
Landing a Rallye 180T on a 600m Farm strip in the UK Midlands. Sunny day but a gusty 20 knot Crosswind from the left. Strip is nice and long but has a hedge running down one side with an 'aeroplane magnet' tree 2/3 of the way down. Ridders filmed it on a return trip after he tossed me around the sky in his Bulldog
Views: 149 Jeremy Atkins
PCGB 944 Rutland Meet.wmv
Short vid of the 20 Porsche 944s leaving the informal PCGB Forum meet at Rutland Water, UK on Feb 27th 2011
Views: 205 Jeremy Atkins
Bulldog Loop
Ridders making big lazy circles in the sky
Views: 766 Jeremy Atkins
Optimize social services allocation with Big Data Analytics
Data Lab with east Sussex Council
Views: 48 Jeremy Atkins
Kato Cockapoo doin' the Doodle-Dash
Kato out on a walk goes into Doodle-Dash mode, especially when he picks up something he shouldn't....Kato is an English Cockapoo and was about 4 months old when this was taken. Apologies for quality, it was taken in the evening on a HTC Desire
Views: 372 Jeremy Atkins
Bulldog Slow Roll
Slow roll in a Bulldog, -1G, watch out for the grass dropping on the canopy
Views: 561 Jeremy Atkins
Wasp at the Barbeque
A neighbour heads of to work in his Westland Wasp (apologies for the quality, it was a few years ago)
Views: 153 Jeremy Atkins
Kato the Cockapoo at Puppy Agility Class
Part of the Puppy training at Charlie's involves some basic Agility, Kato is a 5 month old English Cockapoo
Views: 546 Jeremy Atkins
Kato Cockapoo Searching for Breakfast
A way of stimulating our 9 month old Cockapoo, and slowing down his eating is to throw his breakfast out on the lawn for him to seek out, it also allows us to re-inforce his training around food. He is muddy and tired as we have just come back from a 30 minute walk across the fields!
Views: 166 Jeremy Atkins
Kato Cockapoo getting a bit Mucky
Taking Kato on a walk in the country just after he is groomed is a big mistake...apologies for the wind noise it was taken on my Phone. Kato is an 8 month Old Cockapoo (English Working Cocker & Mini Poodle) and sometimes does what he is told....other times not!
Views: 259 Jeremy Atkins
Oliver Cromwell Through Holme Crossing
Oliver Cromwell passing through Holme Crossing on its way to Grimsby on 13/7/2013
Views: 28 Jeremy Atkins
Bulldog Landing at Conington
Ridders dragging it in over the fence after getting some sink over the railway lines...
Views: 896 Jeremy Atkins
Sing Sing Sing
Kimbolton School Big Band Performance of 'Sing Sing Sing' to round off the 2018 Winter Concert with Rhys on Drums!
Views: 10 Jeremy Atkins
Views: 31 Jeremy Atkins
Example Interviews for Training session, a collection of Movie interview examples
Views: 14 Jeremy Atkins
Talya Flying Lesson
Talya's First Flying Lesson in G-BOZI, a Piper Warrior she has flown in many times as a Passenger so only fitting it becomes the first entry in her log book
Views: 581 Jeremy Atkins
Sing sing sing  Big Drum Solo
Middle and final Drum solo from "Kimbolton School Presents" concert with a big finish!
Views: 55 Jeremy Atkins
Rallye Flight.mp4
My 8 year old Son having his first fly of the Rallye, he hasn't flown with a stick before and hasn't been at the controls for over 2 years, so does rather well!
Views: 591 Jeremy Atkins
Dragon Rapide_0001.wmv
Air Atlantique dragon Rapide Flight from Coventry Airshow may 31st 2003
Views: 66 Jeremy Atkins

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