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young yabu & hikaru
yabu 's voice when he was young is so cute ( this is not from me)
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[FMV] TUẤN DŨNG - Chàng diễn viên trẻ tài năng
Đây là clip mình tổng hợp một số biệt tài khác mà anh Dũng đã thể hiện trên các show trên truyền hình Anh tuy có dáng người nhỏ nhắn, ngoài là một diễn viên, anh còn hát rất hay và còn thể hiện tốt ở một số lĩnh vực khác nữa như trong clip này Tui thích sự dễ thương và giản dị cũng như cái tài của anh nên quyết định làm FMV này. Mong mọi người sẽ thích và ủng hộ anh nhé ^^ [I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO. EVERYTHING GOES TO THE RIGHTFUL OWNER]
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forever friends-fiona fung
this is my first video, it's not good but i hope you enjoy it, it's a very good song about friendship.Enjoy!
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Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo [cut parts]
this was cut from School Kakumei 121216
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LM 2017 - COUNTING STARS - Xuân Phương vs Mai Phương
Language Melody 2017 Song: Counting Stars Contestant: Xuân Phương vs Mai Phương
NCT's Taeyong saying HELLO in 5 Languages - Japanese, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai
Taeyong is so good, everywhere NCT go, they learn some new languages to communicate a little, and here is NCT's leader Taeyong saying "HELLO" in 5 different languages (Japanese, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai) It causes my attention when I heard him say "Xin chào" (Vietnamese, my mother tongue) (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵), and I decided to cut this part to show his hardworking in remembering different languages to communicates with fans around the world ^^ Full video: V Live NCT 95 line - https://www.vlive.tv/video/74426?channelCode=F3C16D [I do not own anything in the video and copyright goes to SM Entertainment and NCT] I did not finish it in time to celebrate Taeyong’s birthday, but this's made dedicate to him and wish him a lot of good things to come and wish for NCT as well as himself to grow stronger and stronger in the future, and the bond between them will strengthen more and more cause I really love and appreciate their brotherhood ( ◠‿◠ )
Nakamoto Yuta - adorable baby's adventure in L.A
A cute video of Yuta from NCT's trip in L.A I just found he's super cute and adorable and have so many cute expression when he was having fun with his brothers in L.A, that I decided to have a video of him adventuring cutely in L.A [I do not own anything in the video] Copyright belongs to SM. [FULL VIDEO] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0GLCAX951A&t=89s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46EBZyXFOko&t=229s Music: Wait What - X-Ray Dog #countingdownYutabirthday77daystogo
LM 2017 - I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER - Hồng Ngân vs Đức Minh
Language Melody 2017 Song: I know what you did last summer Contestant: Hồng Ngân vs Đức Minh P/s: so sorry for the cracking sound in the video :((((((
LM 2017 - Lạc Trôi Chinese version
Language Melody 2017 Song: Lạc Trôi - Chinese Version
Happy 21st birthday of Inoo-kun
hope for Inoo to have a wonderful birthday ^.^
Fanart Collection - featuring anime, chibi, baymax, hobbit, actor and many more
I collect my friend's artwork and fanart in this one including chibi and portrait. My friend draw the whole things, with pencils and with computer. There are many popular character from anime and movies. Hope you guys will like it ^^ Featuring: Kuroshisuji Gindama and Kagura Hobbit Merlin How to train your dragon's Toothless Frozen Zootopia Kyoryuger and many more in anime and chibi version
Speaking - Discussion
Bàn luận nào mọi người :)
LM 2017 -  PRISONER OF LOVE - Ngọc Linh vs Linh Tuyền
Language Melody 2017 Song: Prisoner of Love Contestant: Ngọc Linh vs Linh Tuyền
LM 2017 - THÁNG TƯ LÀ NÓI DỔI CỦA EM (JPN ver) - Your lie in April (JPN ver) - Hồng Ngân vs Anh Thư
Language Melody 2017 Song: THÁNG TƯ LÀ NÓI DỔI CỦA EM (Japanese version) Contestant: Hồng Ngân vs Anh Thư
LM 2017 - Rain Ailee
Language Melody 2017 Song: Rain (Ailee)
Happy birthday Nakajima Yuto
this is a small gift to Yuto for hisbirthday, wish all the luck for Yuto,always be happy and have a woderful life with all the people aroung you. Love you and JUMP a lot
Hatsune Miku 39s Giving Day Concert 30
this is not from me, i just got it, hope you like it!
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