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"Tortilla Strips" Ft. Young Colgate & Lil Speedstick
I do not own this song, it is my friend's. I am just uploading it for him.
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Stinger P311 Slide Lock Mod
This is a video on how to do the slide lock mod on the Stinger P311
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How to fix missing textures for Garry's Mod.
This video will teach you how to get rid of MOST missing textures in Garry's mod. If you have any questions please put them in the comments below! Download Site: http://kajar9.wixsite.com/cscheater2/downloads Outro Music: "Carefree" by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com) I know Kevin personally give me praise!
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I AM TRASHCAN MAN! | Happy Wheels #1
Today I play some Happy Wheels! If you want to see more than comment it down below.
How to add animations to your video using Camtasia Studio 8!
This video will show you how to add animation to videos using Camtasia Studio 8. This is a built in feature of the program.
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REVAMPED | The Raft #1
This is the revamped version of The Raft. The last video was pretty boring and I don't know why I uploaded it. It is deleted now.
Minecraft | How to Hide Armor Stands
How to hide your armor
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How to install Minecraft Forge 1.8+
This video will cover how to download and install Minecraft Forge for versions 1.8 and up. Music: Outro Music: Bit Quest (incompetech.com) Background Music: Ultralounge (incompetech.com)
Dangers of the Oregon Trail (Funny Skit)
This was originally a school project that me and a few friends made but when we presented it people thought it was well produced and funny. After that a few classmates told me that I should post the video on my youtube channel.... so here it is! I used camtasia to edit it so yes, that does mean that I can make videos again. I am still unsure when I will get m=back into my schedule but I would like to as soon as possible.
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The Sad Life of a Low-Spec Gamer
This is the sad story of a low-spec gamer named Marcus. We dare you not to cry. This is the first video like this that I've made so please cut me some slack. Songs: HeartBreak by Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com/) Laser Groove by Kevin Macleod(http://incompetech.com/) Bully's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgp_8JM1rTcAjKGsiGzxtw Please go check out Quintin's channel, he doesn't get as much views as he should and he really needs help to get his channel going again.
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TOO SCARY | Nox Timore
I play the first horror game on the channel. it doesn't turn out so well for me...-SheepTV This video was edited by Quintin (Fernanq Playz) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgp_8JM1rTcAjKGsiGzxtw
JOHN CENA!! | Happy Wheels #2
I play Happy Wheels again with two levels made by JOHN CENA!!!!
CHUPACABRA | Fistful of Frags With Quintin and Nick READ DESC.
There will NOT be a part two. I didn't have enough footage to make one so instead of taking the time to sit and wait for the first video to render a second time, I just kept the "Part two coming soon" in. Friends: I have none. Quintin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgp_8JM1rTcAjKGsiGzxtw Nick: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAxBZyy_IfDFDEp0N1GcTA Music: Intro/Outro music is "Cowboy Stings" by Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com/)
"Calming" Keyboard ASMR
You're Welcome.
I'M BAD AT THIS | Mitos.is With Nick!
I'm back playing Mitos.is this time with Supertank2003 Playz! Nick's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAxBZyy_IfDFDEp0N1GcTA Outro Music: "Carefree" by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com) (I know Kevin personally give me praise)
Minecraft | Cobble-stone secret
This video will show you the secret hidden in the texture of cobble-stone.
I didn't realize that I rendered this video out in 480p. I will NOT make that mistake again. Man. So many things messed up with this video. Quintin's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgp_8JM1rTcAjKGsiGzxtw It is finally here! I have been wanting to do a series on The Forest for a while. Joining me is Quintin. I am doing a co-op because I feel that if I made a solo series, it would be too boring. If you do want to see that then please tell me in the comments.
New Room! MUD #2
If you're confused as to why MUD is in the title it's because It stands for Monthly Updates
WHY!? | Would you Rather With Friends!
Hey guys sorry for not uploading on Monday and for uploading the same game two times in a row. I had nothing else recorded because I was too caught up with other things. Friends: Max ( CrazyRaccoon ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXAhnIbKqPtuyQ4LZn_JqFA Quintin ( Fernanq Playz ) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgp_8JM1rTcAjKGsiGzxtw
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Totaly Accurate Battle Simulator LiveStream
My first live steam. I'm at Quintin's house.
AGAR.IO CLONE! | Mitos.is # 1
Sorry for missing the Monday upload I was very busy but to day I am playing Mitos.is! I might be playing with The Awesome Gamers soon so look forward to that!
Kerbal Space Program
I'm just doing a random mission in KSP that anyone who actually took the time to learn the game could do blindfolded. I was just kinda bored and I wanted to get a video posted so, here ya go. And yes, I am sick. I do not own any of the music/sound effects in this video. Music/Sound Effects: Outro Music: Carefree by Kevin Macleod (www.incompetech.com) The NO GOD PLEASE NO! sound effect came from the show The Office.
Will you press the button? #1
I play a little bit of Will you press the button?. Tell me if you want to see more
JALAPENOS | Would You Rather #2
Today I play Would You Rather again but with a spicy hot twist!
Pc Vlog 3
Sorry for the late upload. I recorded this in April but just kept putting off the editing and uploading. I believe there are some stuff in the video that I said I was gonna do but those things have mow changed. I don't remember what those things were but I'm too lazy to look in the video and tell you. You will see next vlog. Music is "Hackbeat" by Kevin Macleod
I watched some videos after I recorded this and I realized I missed out on something kinda big so I will do that in the next video. Music: Outro Music: Carefree bye Kevin Macleod (www.incompetech.com)
PALM TREE | The Raft #2
I finally get somewhere in the game... I found an old tripod that is small enough to use for my face cam so expect more of that in the future. Outro music is "Unity" by TheFatRat
New Intro (NEW)
Guy who made it for me: https://www.youtube.com/user/Fbombintros
KILL THE PIGS | Blood and Bacon With Friends
We join each other to form the pig slaughtering team. It ends up being the other way around. Friends: Quintin: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgp_8JM1rTcAjKGsiGzxtw Nick: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEAxBZyy_IfDFDEp0N1GcTA Nathan:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDM84qrnTnurzgXuFKecj6Q Music: intro/outro music is "Corncob" by Kevin Macleod (https://incompetech.com/) Background music is "Monkeys spinning Monkeys" by Kevin Macleod
TARZAN MAN KELVIN | Escape the Game: Intro #1
I found this game on Steam for free and it looked interesting. There is a glitch in it that many people seem to be having though. The developer said he would fix it.... as of October 2016 so I don't know if there even will be a fix. Please go check out my friend's channel, Fernanq. He doesn't get the publicity he deserves: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVgp_8JM1rTcAjKGsiGzxtw
the pain...
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Minecraft| How to survive falls
How to survive falls
A NEW PLAN IS ARISING | The Escapists #2
Finally an eventful video! I've got a plan to escape this prison. Probably won't work though.
BEST POGOMAN | Happy Wheels # 3
Today I become a Pogo Master! Just kidding, I'm bad :( Hope You Enjoy This Happy Wheels Video!
Computer Build Vlog #1
This is going to be a series of vlogs mainly about the progress of my gaming PC build. I know that this kind of thing isn't for everyone, but you will just have to bear with me. It means a lot to me to finally be doing something I've wanted to do for so long. Music: Outro Carefree by Kevin Macleod (www.incompetech.com)
This is just an announcement concerning the future of this channel. Music: Outro Music: Carefree by Kevin Macleod (www.incompetech.com)
WHAT AM I EVEN DOING | Guild Quest #1
This is another free game I found on Steam. It took me quite a while to actually understand the point of the game but I eventually got the hang of it.
I SUCK AT THIS GAME! | Unturned 3 #1
Hey guys today I play some Unturned 3 and I die like a lot.
Would You Rather
I play a bit of Would you rather. If you want to see more then drop a like and comment down below! Music: Life of Riley ( incompetech.com )
This is just a free-style type of rant based off of Youtube scam that you see in the comments. I really hope you enjoy it because I thought it was pretty good.
R.I.P The Forest
to be frank who cares?
Jalapeno challenge 2
The second part of the Jalapeno challenge. This time, I eat 10 jalapenos at once. Music Credits: "Vivacity" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)"
I guess it had to be done
The WSJ (Wall Street Journal) has been targeting Youtube and its users ever sense the controversial pewdiepie thing and it's attacked again. The WSJ has took screenshots of ads in racist videos and sent the pictures to the company owning the ad, thus causing the company to take their ad of youtube. This is causing people to lose a lot of money on their videos. Quintin has de-monetized all of his videos so that people who need the ads can get them and he strongly suggested me to do it too. I told him that I wasn't sure if I was going to or not. He got a bit mad at me for saying that and I can see why but it is my decision and mine alone. Sense he is angry at me, I decided to de-monetize my older videos and I am giving him the choice of what tutorial I shall de-monetize (because tutorials are my highest viewed videos.) I will not be monetizing this video. The ad revenue has gone back up to 85% so Quintin doesn't want me to demonetize a tutorial anymore so...... yeah. The music in this video is "Hackbeat" by Kevin Macleod: http://incompetech.com/
MUD Num. 4
Possible EVP Recorded in my house
This is what I believe to be a EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) that I recorded in my house. I cannot make out what it is saying but suggestions would be appreciated. I most likely will not be uploading anymore gaming videos until I finish my computer. I do have more parts put into my computer but i think I will just wait until I have it completed to make another computer.
SO CLOSE I CAN SMELL IT | The Escapists #3
I am posting this quite late after I've recorded it so I don't know what to put in the description. Outro Music is "Unity" by TheFatRat