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"SømethÏng WÏcked" The really Scarey Movie
sick, twisted, suspency thriller.
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You will be Missed...
My grandmother passed away a few weeks ago... she was 95.. she lived a full, long healthy and happy life surrounded by all of us in her life who loved her dearly...she died in her bed, at our home in Dallas, surrounded by my whole family holding her hand...what a way to go...we called her PRESH... short for Precious...You will be messed.
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Fast Times parody3
Fast times at Ridgemont High parody (comedy)
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'Spandex' The Gay Boy Wonder
a goofy, comedic mocumentary sketch, sketchies.
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Ghost Recon 2 "The Movie"
My edited version of a movie trailer for Ghost Recon 2 IF they ever did a movie..:)
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Brian's DEMO Reel
this was my first acting demo reel. Ahhh the wonderful memories!
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reaching out to the kids of America
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A fun short film my family and I made over the Holidays. :) good times.
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A Grad student film I worked on back back in '05..these were the out takes. :) The people I worked with were AMAZING people.. miss them :)
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The Field
Went home to see the family and my brother and sister and nieces all wanted me to pull the camera out so we could shoot a film...the idea was made up by the kids... they are so creative. :) good job.
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Chasing Wardrobe
just another one of my fun lip syncing music videos.. i LOVE this song.. so i wanted to do a video in honor or Snow Patrol.... Editing is a blast and putting together music vids is even more fun.. so i hope you enjoy watching as much as i had fun making it :)
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Brian's DEMO Reel
this was my first acting demo reel. Ahhh the wonderful memories!
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Second Workout
after having hurt myself and a long awaited surgery from last year, Now i've made a full recovery and am BACK in the gym.. Would love to share some ideas on my workout with yours... Hope this helps. peace
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Sugar We're Goin' Down
My omage to Fallout boy
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The baby steals the show!!! :-)
via YouTube Capture
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Uta Tv 2
Uta wishes ALL a Very Merry Christmas
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just a fun music video making Uta a star! :)
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