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JOHNNY BRISTOL, award winning children's performer, writer, director, reads The Night Before Christmas as a Video Christmas Card to the world...Johnny has stood infront of over 500,000 Children live in over 1200 performances.This video has been playing on Google for over a Year now.
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LUCIDOLOGY a VIDEO MONTAGE taped live at CIBO's Monterey Cal., Nov 25th 2009. Standing room only. Joseph Lucido lead guitar, John Nava drums, Randy Uchida bass guitar, Elina Bass lead singer. Video by Johnny Bristol. Note: sorry for poor video lighting as this was caught live and could not be helped. Contact: [email protected]
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Neal Banks Band plays various songs...Video by Johnny Bristol
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Mork & Mindy Johnny Bristol 0001
Johnny Bristol's Caveman was described by Director as Threatening yet very Comical...Meeting Robin in SF while they were both in ensemble groups...later to be on Malta while making Popeye...Robert Altman wanted Johnny as Bluto but paramount won out with Paul Smith...Robin called over and said No Need to audition your perfect for the part...when Johnny showed up Robin handed him the Script as Jonathon Winters watched as Johnny realized the perfect part he was suited for...then Jonathon went 30 minutes on Johnny...Johnny Grabbed the sides of his face and asked Jonathon to stop as he was in pain...Jonathon said oh you are in pain...Jonathon took three steps away...turned...and went another 15 min...the most splendid torture for Bristol...Then Jonathon gave Bristol his robe which Bristol still has to this day...God Bless you Jonathon...
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The Long Distance Flyers Montage VII.wmv
THE LONG DISTANCE FLYERS, Terry Shehorn, David Hellbusch and Bill Spencer, playing at SLY McFLYS on Cannery Row, Monterey, California. Contact: [email protected], to hire THE LONG DISTANCE FLYERS. Video by JOHNNY BRISTOL: [email protected]
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Sister Isabel 7/24/2016 asks for all of our help...watch and become a partner of God's Love and Mercy...video johnny bristol
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AMERICA  by Stephen Tosh
America Composed by Stephen Tosh. Sung by Davitt Felder. Recorded by Daniel Simpson. Video by Johnny Bristol. Recorded at Pac Rep, Carmel California. copyright 2014 (lyrics below) There once was a dream called America. Where people sought peace from hunger and war. The people that nobody wanted found safety and something much more. A place to believe in freedom. Pursuing the dreams that all of us share; where everyone has importance, a place in the sun free from care. America, where have you gone? America, your children are calling. America, how can we dream? If nightmares are all that are found? So now we have corp'rate America, where people are entries in books of deceit. We live off the poor and the helpless, with no sign of hope or release. And where is our dream of freedom? You can't legislate the things of the heart. The rich are the ones who matter our country is coming apart. America, where have you gone? America, your children are calling. America, how can we dream? When homeless are all that are found? So, what is the answer America? You once knew well when you were quite young. Let's bring back the rights you have traded, for safety from standing as one. We once had a dream of freedom for everyone here, no matter how strange How have we become so shallow? It seems we've forgotten our name: America, where have you gone? America, your children are calling. America, how can we dream? When nightmares and homeless and hunger and anger... We all are America Now....... Lyrics Stephen Tosh
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Carmelite Sisters Singing
Carmelite Monastery CA. July 1, 2018...Sisters choir singing at Mass...if you listen closely you will hear a super high soprano that is other worldly...you tell me...plz forgive the shaky camera work...I'm not as good a tri-pod as I used to be...
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Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Mass - SOLEMNITY of OUR LADY of MOUNT CARMEL...at CARMELITE MONASTERY - 7/16/14 - donations to: Carmelite Monastery, 27601 Highway 1, Carmel, CA, 93923. Father Jon Buffington, visiting from Portland, Oregon. Carmelite Sisters Singing.Video produced, shot and edited by Johnny Bristol. Associate Producer Lori Armstrong. Special thanks to Mary Delecce.
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The Apostles Creed
The APOSTLE'S CREED...July 1, 2018. Father Patrick Dooling and congregation...taped at Carmelite Monastery, Carmel CA...by johnny bristol
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MARIACHI SANTA CECILLA July 1 2018 San Carlos Parish Hall Monterey CA
Mariachi Santa Cecilia, a going away celebration for Father Emile and Father Omarr July 1, 2018...was an awesome afternoon...packed house and this band made it more special...can't endorse them any better than this video...was a pleasure...
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"Beautiful Whale"
Mike Bristol (Miggee), at age 9. I asked Mike to sing this song in my Short Story "Children of the Whale." I wrote the entire Story then asked my friend Composer Stephen Tosh to do Musical Score under Narration and Songs...Someday I'll put the entire Story up...this is for Stephen who we lost a year ago...and I wanted Mike and my boys how much I love them...copyright Bristol-Tosh 1989
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John Pogo Pettas MPC Jr  College Football Footage 1970
John Pogo Pettas, MPC Jr College Football Footage 1970
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Father Patrick Dooling July 1 2018
Father Patrick Dooling...July 1, 2018...Gospel and Homily...also last 4 min Apostles Creed...plz forgive the shaky camera work...I'm not as good a tri-pod that I used to be...johnny
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Joeseph Lucido
Norweigan Wood
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JOHN NAVA percussionist
JOHN NAVA in performance montage...video by Johnny Bristol
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Neal Banks Band, Neal Banks, Joseph Lucido, John Nava, Martin Binder, Richard Hall, Play Santana's/Rob Thomas's Smooth at Sly McFlys, Cannery Row, Monterey CA. Video by Johnny Bristol...sorry for faded look as Lighting was limited...and I had to make 2 Cuts to get under 10min...but Google version is full 12 min
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STEPHEN TOSH Composer a touch of Covenant ofLight
STEPHEN TOSH, this is just a bit of a much Larger Composition...This will only be up for a week or so...
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Father Ambrose Onasinde
Father Ambrose Onasinde...homily on "The Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord Jesus Christ," at Carmelite Monastery, Carmel CA 8/6/2017...video by Johnny Bristol
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Get to know Thomas Bristol, New Author of the New Book "The Adventures of Grace" A Fantasy Adventure. Some say the New Girl-Female Harry Potter. This is a New Video by Award Winning Videographer Johnny Bristol. An Introduction for Purchase at www.theadventuresofgrace.com Johnny Bristol Videographer: Johnny Bristol
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A Child of Peru "I know the Light of Heaven"
A Song from the Musical based on St. Martin DePourres, "A Child of Peru", "I know the Light of Heaven". Sung by Daniel Simpson, Music and Vocal score by Stephen Tosh, Book and Lyrics by Johnny Bristol. I made this photo Story using Machu Pichu as a back drop...contact [email protected]
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The Adventures of Grace Book II THOMAS BRISTOL author
Thomas Bristol author, along with Phai Giron Illustrator signs and discusses Book II of The Adventures of Grace for readers at a book signing May 16th 2008...Video by Johnny Bristol award winning videographer...
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Miles Portley When my mind is in a panic
a Touch of "Miles Portley" a musical Love Story between a Turtle and a Daisy...book, lyrics and music by Jim Mairs (copyright) ... an 8 min piece...featuring JOHN ROUSSEAU as Miles Portley, DEBBY BERRY as Easy Daisy and JIM MAIRS on Piano...video with love johnny bristol
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Carmel Mission Choir  Be still my soul  10  15  2015
CARMEL MISSION CHOIR - opens with Be still my soul - at Carmelite Monestary St. Teresa of Avila 500 year Anniversary...Oct 15, 2015 - Choir directed by Kathy Anderson - video by johnny bristol
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Magic Carpet Potluck Reunion 2007
Half the members of the Magic Carpet and friends got together in summer 2007 other half of the members phoned in hello's...
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Poker Brat Clothin CO PHOTO STORY
Made this for Phill a few years ago...don't know if the clothing is still available...thought everyone might like this...johnny bristol
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We will miss you Father Emile and Father Omarr
Father Omarr and Father Emile (Pastor) are leaving us for new journies of the Sacred Blessed Trinity...on July 1, 2018 San Carlos Parish Monterey, CA, there was a beautiful celebration as Father Omarr called it...a beautiful and wonderful wave good bye till we all meet again...video gift from johnny bristol...all my love
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Christmas Music...Awesome...Listen...
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BILL WINGFIELD'S PREMIERE of his composition "EN CAIDA LIBRE". An excerpt from STEPHEN TOSH AND FRIENDS concert. Sound VIA Sara Stearns (Her mix thru Speakers), Video taped by Johnny Bristol at Pac Rep, Carmel CA.
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White Christmas...
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Fairytale Rap 'n' Rhyme
Fairytale Rap n Rhyme, began in 1982 copyright, Johnny Bristol wrote 17 Classic tales in this format. Stephen Tosh, then Composed the Music not changing one word of John's script as John wrote for Tosh's abilities...The Three Pigs without Music...won The Santa Barbara Video Arts Festival out of 400 Industry Submissions...Tosh pulled his Music off some of the pieces and called his tape Lullabies which won a Parents Choice [email protected] Tosh passed away May 31st 2016...to Donate...plz use paypal and my e-mail address
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STEPHEN McANDREW  You Must Believe in Spring
STEPHEN McANDREW Singing "You Must Believe in Spring". STEPHEN TOSH on keyboard. Sound VIA Sara Stearns (Her mix thru Speakers), Video taped by Johnny Bristol at Pac Rep Carmel, CA.
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Salinas vs Seaside
Salinas High VS Seaside High 2007 at The Pit in Salinas, CA...Found this video in my back-log...first aired on AMP Access Monterey Peninsula...CA....A Johnny Bristol Video...
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