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LackOfDmg lag switch zerk
This boy lag switches so hard he can slide with ashe fork :o
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more than 1 hour into the Kin Chaudron (bugged) fight
Kin Chaudron is a jerk and refuses to turn red so I can hit him. With his blue outline he only recieves damage from magical attacks, since zerker has none he cannot be hit by me. Upon suggestion from grenadier on reddit I fixed this bug by simply restarting my computer.
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outrage tests
Someone was curious about the hitbox of outrage break. Here's a few examples.
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TF2 Cerebral discharge breaks with Halloween spells
Discovered this interesting... glitch? while playing around with my new professional killstreak diamondback (team shine, cerebral discharge) and giving myself condition 74 + and 75. (using the addcond command from a plugin by NIGathan for admins) This took place on {S'n'T} Niggy's Surf 'n' Trade, ( movement was done through a heavily modified version of the plugin "RFBhop (real-fake bhop by thacursedpie, https://forums.alliedmods.net/archive/index.php/t-138775.html ), it was modified by the server owner NIGathan to include duckjump and airhops (jumping whilst in air for a speed boost %). Note that this bhop takes place with modifiers, allowing for incredibly fast movement. This was played on Surf Utopia v3 (PANZERHANDSCHUH) spy loadout used: Vivid Plasma modest pile of hats, Sunbeams Le Party Phantom, (white painted) Double-cross Comm
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Blood Evil hell mode
2nd awakening b nice yo.
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Blood sword is currently not fully functional. Here's a video of what I mean.
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DFO Hemari bug
Hemari flies into the sky and never comes down to play. :c
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