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"Mr. Media" Cliff Compton MV
This is a music video I put together for OVW's "Mr. Media" Cliff Compton. Cliff was knowen as a member of the WWE's tag team Deuce & Domino. He has returned to his home away from home in Louisville, Ky. for OVW. Big Thanks to "J.DAWG DESIGN" for the great cutsom Cliff Compton picture towords the end. Check his work at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Trowbridge-United-Kingdom/JDAWG-DESIGN/107532405953425
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"The Hustler" Rip Rogers MV
Newest Wrestling MV. This time it is of one of the Greatest Wrestlers and Wrestling Trainers on Earth, "The Hustler" Rip Rogers!
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6 Doller Shirt Review
I tried the Mystery T-Shirts from 6 Dollar Shirts. When my order finally came in I recorded my first thoughts and this is what came out. Go to www.6dollarshirts.com and try the Mystery Shirt or just go there and buy something you really want.
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Mike Mondo MV
Mike Mondo is one of OVW and in the Wrestling World toughest men today. He has been to the top of the Mountain everywhere he has been. A Ex-WWE Tag Team Champ, Ex-OVW World Champ and countless other Titles. Godzilla Fears Mondo!!!
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The Blossom Twins MV
Sorry for taking such a long break from making MV's people. I've been really busy with other stuff, but I hope this newest MV will make up for the lost time. The Blossom Twins are The UK's Sweet Hearts and some of the best OVW Female wrestlers around. Enjoy Hannah and Holly Blossom
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Rudy Switchblade MV
Rudy Switchblade......WAKE UP!!!
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Solo Darling MV
What? Two MV in almost a week? That's right folks. Here we have the lovely Solo Darling in action.
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Paredyse MV
This is the Music Video for OVW's Paredyse.
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Mohamad Ali Vaez MV
Mohamad Ali Vaez is one OVW's sickest and evil men. From showing his hate towords the USA and even going as far as taking Michael Hayes(an Ex-Army Vet who lost his leg to an Improvised Explosive Attack in Ramadi, Iraq)and holding it for weeks.
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Sonic Whooping Everyone
Sonic has alittle ruff time till he comes back and Arm Drags Everyone and their mother!
Views: 959 TheBeardedRandy
"The Nightmare" Danny Davis MV
After a long time of not posting videos, I have returned with my newest MV(Music Video)for wrestlers. This time we have the man who've trained John Cena, Randy Orton and countless other Wrestlers in WWE, TNA and all over the World itself, "The Nightmare" Danny Davis!
Views: 1811 TheBeardedRandy
First Surge in 14 Years
As some of you may or may not know, Coca-Cola brought back the 90's Soda, Surge! It's been almost 14 years since I'll last had a Surge.
Views: 238 TheBeardedRandy
Harlem Shake(Fat Guy Edition)
Doing the Harlem Shake, like a Fat Guy! NO COPYRIGHT!!!
Views: 118288 TheBeardedRandy
Bad Moon Rasing
Our friend J-Lile falls victim to one of the oldest jokes in the book. Like with alot of things he is the "butt" of a joke.
Views: 2102 TheBeardedRandy
Sonic and Rudy Switchblade
Here Rudy Switchblade is to the point of killing Sonic with some good work.
Views: 523 TheBeardedRandy
2 Girls 1 Cup with Nick
Again we find some of my friends watching the 2 Girls 1 Cup video for the 1st time. This is Nick watching it. You can see Nate right behide him watching it again, but like the last time he could'nt finish it and had what I like to call "The Black Woman" reaction.
Views: 191 TheBeardedRandy
Alex Silva MV
The newest Music Video staring OVW's TV Champ Alex Silva. Silva is one of OVW raising wrestlers and I am going to call it....One of Wrestlings brights young talents. I worked really hard on this one!
Views: 3366 TheBeardedRandy
America The Stupid
I speak my mind of how stupid people can be when it comes to a Coke Ad!
Views: 178 TheBeardedRandy
Sonic Wrestling Part 2
This is more of my friend Sonic wrestling in the same match, he maybe small but, his getting good!
Views: 18897 TheBeardedRandy
Kharn Alexander MV
Full Kharn Alexander Music Video Song Title: Rio Bravo By: CKY
Views: 2222 TheBeardedRandy
Randy Terrez MV
Hello again friends, I have returned. I give the newest OVW Wrestler MV. Randy Terrez, better knowen as The Witch King has been using his Lucha Style and little Devilish Skills to bag win after win in OVW.
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Sonic's Match Cont.
This is the last video of Sonic wrestling in his 1st match. Out of no where Sonic hit's both of his opp. in the head then into the mat.
Views: 574 TheBeardedRandy
Sonic Taking a Beating
Sonic was taking no-stop heat in the match, I was not sure if he was going to make it
Views: 812 TheBeardedRandy
Kharn Alexander MV Preview
This is a small preview of my next Wrestling MV for a good friend and even greater wrestler Kharn Alexander.
Views: 243 TheBeardedRandy
2 Girls 1 Cup With J-Lile
God.....how many more? This is J-Lile watching 2 Girls 1 Cup! Of all of us he has the best reaction, yelling like his getting raped makes it all the better. ICE CREAM!!!!
Views: 237 TheBeardedRandy
MiniBeast Attacks
MiniBeast(TED "THE TRAILER" MCNALER little brother) goes nuts and shows what the the big brother can do, so can the little brother!
Views: 483 TheBeardedRandy
OVW Femme Fatales MV
I bring to you, a MV of all the current OVW Femme Fatales. OVW gives you some of the best female wrestlers out there today and also some the hottest ones as well!
Views: 1318 TheBeardedRandy
Scaring Kaleb
I scare one of my coworkers because it's the thing to do.
Views: 16 TheBeardedRandy
"The Juggernaut" Osyris MV
Here is my newest MV(Music Video)for a wrestler. This time around it's The Juggernaut Osyris. Song: Unstoppable By: Bone Crusher ft. Mastamind and The Rezza Brothers
Views: 334 TheBeardedRandy
A New Mobile Homer?
It seems like TED "THE TRAILER" MCNALER has a little brother and he is....Maaa...Maaa...Maaa...MaaaMaaa...MINIBEAST!!!
Views: 841 TheBeardedRandy
2 Girls 1 Cup...A Love Story
Yet again another 2 Girls 1 Cup reaction video. Our friend Cody was the man of the night for this one.
Views: 2266 TheBeardedRandy
The Greatest Wrestler Ever!
From "Mondo Wrestling a Go-Go" we have the greatest wrestler to ever step into a ring. Ladys and Gents here is.....La Cucaracha!!!
Views: 119 TheBeardedRandy
That's Normal Right?
One night at work our employee toilet went insane.
Views: 72 TheBeardedRandy
Our friend Joshua was on the swings thinking he was super cool, but we knocked him down a level.
Views: 68 TheBeardedRandy
More of Zazzles
Here is another video of my cat Zazzles. He can be such pain at times, but I love him.
Views: 113 TheBeardedRandy
Flight Of The Random
Beware, you never know when it's coming!
Views: 22 TheBeardedRandy
What The Hell Mad Max?!
Early game play when I first started playing Mad Max: The Game.
Views: 18 TheBeardedRandy
A Whole New World, of Pain
Mad Max game play.
Views: 15 TheBeardedRandy
Lazy Butt
Here we find Zazzle's favorite place to nap. He is such a Lazy Butt
Views: 47 TheBeardedRandy
I Just Got my License in Mad Max
So was just scavenging in the Wastleland in Mad Max and apparently a Buzzard just got their license.
Views: 22 TheBeardedRandy
Asher Knight kills Randy Terrez
From OVW's "Mondo Wrestling a Go-Go" Terrez looks as if he is going for the kill on Knight until Terrez turns his back and Knight hits him with a killer move!
Views: 800 TheBeardedRandy
The Elite MV
This is my newest MV of the tag team in OVW knowen as The Elite.
Views: 143 TheBeardedRandy
Sonic in Action Part 1
This is my boy Sonic in his 1st wrestling match.
Views: 1490 TheBeardedRandy
2 Girls 1 Cup With Friends
Just becasue there are like 5 billion on here already,I went and posted a 2 Girls 1 Cup Video of my friends watching it for the 1st time. It's myself(video taping)Mike,Tess,Jen.,Nate/Fat Boy and Jenn.
Views: 447 TheBeardedRandy

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