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Secondary Air Injection Pump Noise Issue on a 2005 4.7 V8 Toyota Tundra - Explained
This repair is for if your pump is making noise upon cold start and going away after a minute. Secondary Air Injection Pump Issue on a 2005 4.7 V8 Toyota Tundra Explained Also - This is a good guide to help with removing the intake manifold. (its not for the 2005 model but close enough) http://www.someguyinnevada.com/toyota-tundra-starter-repair-a-journey-of-discovery
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Moving cross country via rental truck 5 tips penske rental u haul van move  moving
Moving back to California from Kentucky, decided to makje a quick video on the move.
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Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner fail poor cap design flaw
I bought three of these at costco and they all leak like this. It's a nightmare
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2005 Toyota Tundra Front Door Speaker Re-Cone Kit Blown Speakers Fixed
This is my helpful tips if you decide to fix your speaker yourself with simply speakers kit. If you can get your speakers out you can fix them. If not leave it to a shop. Apparently These speakers are special and only the Jbl will work with the car.
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