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Epic battle huge Black widow and small Black widow
Two arachnids go at it!
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Action! Spider battle!
Huge black widow and red something go at it when I psychicly call action.
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Striking teachers block sub from teaching kids.
Teachers block entry to school for a sub who just drove theough a rain storm to teach their kids.
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Working out a groove.
Just me foolin around and grooving with a jazzy chord progression. F#m7 C#m7 Bm7
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After Everything
An old tune of mine performed live After Everything Paper cups flowing down the road And I don't know which way to go. Pick one up, tastes like salt, Tastes like everything, that was my fault After everything has been said and done. After everything tomorrow has begun. After everything two of us are one After Everything x2 Ask me a question Ask me anything you want Make it fine, like wine After Everything
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GI Joe and Cobra Too
Jourdan Bleu vocals and guitar
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