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How to Speak Trinidadian
I teach prettyoddpanda (Keira) Trinidadian slang. If I get good feedback I will make more videos about Trinidadian slang. The other video Keira and I did: http://youtu.be/5rq-iqCu0IA Follow me on twitter: http://bit.ly/1698bgL Follow my blog: http://bit.ly/SBBa6o Follow my Google+ Page: http://bit.ly/13KI4vN Follow prettyoddpanda: http://bit.ly/18D7Ymu Follow prettyoddpanda on Twitter: http://bit.ly/12p0OTk
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Americans React to Trinidadian Music
I play Trinidadian Soca music to my American friends. Here are their reactions! My blog: http://demeliou.wordpress.com My Tumblr: http://demeliou.tumblr.com Keira's (PrettyOddPanda) Youtube: http://youtube.com/PrettyOddPanda Keira's (PrettyOddPanda) Twitter: http://twitter.com/PrettyOddPanda Keira's (PrettyOddPanda) Tumblr: http://tumblr.com/PrettyOddPanda
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Channel Trailer
My blog: http://demeliou.wordpress.com My Twitter: http://twitter.com/DemelioU My Google+ Page: http://bit.ly/13KI4vN My Tumblr: http://demeliou.tumblr.com
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