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until we meet again // starmora
Song is 'Who Knew' by Pink and all clips belong to Marvel!! Just edited them together! Twitter: @cherryholland_
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your memory will carry on // Peter Parker (mcr/sad tw)
Song is 'Welcome to the black parade' by My Chemical Romance and all clips belong to Marvel Studios.
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cut to the feeling // MCU actors tribute
The song is 'cut to the feeling' by Carly Rae Jepsen!
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high five // tony stark
Clips belong to Marvel and song is 'High Five' by Sigrid 💗
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girls like girls // valkyrie
Clips belong to Marvel and song is "girls like girls" by Hayley Kiyoko! Twitter: @cherryholland_
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quicksilver // disturbia
Disturbia- Rihanna Showing love for my boy 🖤
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ghost of you // starmora
I don't own the audio or original clips! The Gaurdians of the Galaxy franchise belongs to Marvel Studios and the song'Ghost of You'belongs to 5 Seconds of Summer! I only edited the clips and audio together for an edit for my Twitter account: Cherryholland_ ❤️
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