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Lego Murder Mystery
In the early 1980's at Italy. Tourists and visitors came to visit this place for piece and beauty. They start hearing screams and threats. We don't know who is the murderer. (To youtube company and guidelines i do not own copyrights from the Benny Hill theme music. I'm just borrowing for a short scene) So who is the murderer. Oh btw you fast forward and found out whos the murder, then that's cheating. Enjoy! OMG 2,000 VIEWS :D!!!! Thanks guys. This video i made had turned me into a success x3 More lego animations will be coming in summer. Compared to roblox murder mystery(Nikilis)
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Lego Five Nights At Freddy's
Note: Sorry about the mistake in the beginning for the word Freddie's. So you can stop commenting about it -.- Mike finds a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza as a security guard. He hadn't realized he has limited visibility, power, mental, and whats worst is the animatronics are threats to Mike Schimidt by putting him into a Freddy Fazbear suit with his eyes and teeth popping out of the mask. Will mike survive the night or become raw? 1/4/2016- OMG!!! 100,000 VIEWS *does the angry german kid rage* Ooooooohhh!! 2/1/2016- UNBELIEVABLE! 200,000 VIEWS!!! 4/9/2016- HOLY BALLS! 400K VIEWS!!! :D 5/15/16 500K VIEWS!!! AWESOME JUST AWESOME!! 6/17/16 600K VIEWS!!!!! I CANT BELIEVE MY EYES!!! 7/14/16 SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND VIEWS!!!!!! Pa-pada-Perfect! 10/1/16 900K VIEWS!!!!! 11/14/16 Wow. I can't count anymore views. :) Thank you guys so much for watching Lego Five Nights at Freddy's, it took me a long time to get this done. This video is seriously dedicated. When I uploaded this, I had barely any views and likes, later on, boom!.
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Sky Park: Patricks Girlfriend
Woooohh season 2 is here. I'm so happy this is my favorite episode that I just created. c: . Also I did not cuss on the end. Also enjoy this episode . Sorry I accidentally removed my video so leave a comment.
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Sky Park crazy farmer
In this episode Patrick finds a place to play at.
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Sky Park Episode 1 : Tell each other secrets
I just named his South Park parody called Sky Park I come up with a good title to make is vid fun and entertained. Anyway enjoy this cartoon. Like,subscribe,and post a comment. Any way let me tell you what Sky Park is about. Sky Park is about 4 boys in bizarre adventures they dont live in the sky they live in Sky Park from the United States of America.
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Sky Park : Castle trouble
The boys were forced to walk three miles to school by a fatty king pig. King pig is a stupid meany he hates children. And he has been illegally stealing people's properties for decades
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Sky park: don't mess with the substitute
So Mr.Owl can't allow free time YET bcuz he has to take the day off. So he offered a substitute name Ms.Dawnfalls. She is an evil substitute that hates kids. Whoever talks gets detention and if their is a big problem she keeps the kids like prisoners and holds a weapon to kill if they disobey her.
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Sky park: Alien disturbance
Woohoo. My 1st season is complete coming soon season 2 of Sky Park including a cool intro muzik video. The boys are now in a crazy adventures when they get disturbed by deadly aliens.
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Lego The Hunger Games
Enjoy this vid. There are 16 tributes in the games. You must decide who will win.
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Sky park Invisible man
Tank gets detention for being late to class and watching a video on youtube. When suddenly; he found something suspicious.
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Lego Paranormal Activity
Katie and Daniel moved into a new house when suddenly bad things happen
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Minecraft action figures I made it in wood shop pretty cool huuuh?
I made these minecraft action figures in wood shop
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Fnaf whats 9+10? 21 You stupid vine
I do not own five nights at Freddie's. Fnaf was created by Scott Cawthon. And the sound I do not own im just borrowing. Do not copy this video. Yay i got 100 likes on my video. This is my first time :D OMFG my first time getting 10,000 VIEWS WWTTFF :D. Wow 50,000 VIEWS!!!
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Five nights at Freddys its too heavenly here
The song was from the movie in 1993, All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. The first one was in 1989. Youtube i dont own this song im just borrowing please dont ban me. Ios app: imovie, videoshop, imove, animation creator hd. Sorry about the animation. This frikin animation app wont stop f*king around. Enjoy :)
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Lego Fnaf (Sneak Peak)
So yeah Fnaf will be coming soon. :P Im just uploading this so then you guys can have the viewing patience of lego fnaf My apoligies for the sounds not on. ); Anyways enjoy the sneak peak
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9 times: Christmas
I got an I pad mini for Christmas. Guests voice: Sam Connell and Rotombomb
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Lego bully killer
3 bullies get killed by a little boy
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Veggietales VOID meme
Who would you like to talk to? Veggietales is owned by Big Idea This video is meant for viewing not profit.
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9 times : Trick or Treat
Slender man (Clayton) Batman(Sam) Villager(Cole) Knight(Ryan)
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9 times : D.S.P.I.T.J.
Sorry I'm all out of marker ink. Anyway this is about all the craziness situations and adventures.
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Sky park : The Bowling Alley
Worst bowling ball ever those 4 buoys have. But don't get killed by bowling balls. Like and subscribe.
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Clayton and Sam in Slender man
via YouTube Capture
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9 times : Theme awesome song
This is comin up on season 2 :D
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this intro is comin on season 2 wooooo. Note: don't worry about the ads that u c them on the bottom of the screen they're just gay annoying.
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9 times: Thanksgiving
Sorry I have I remove the inappropriate part.
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9 times : Big I Boss
The 4 boys wondered Y people didn't come here so they just went on the computer and an I boss inturupped them and they got shock and went into a mini dungeon
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Sky Park Angry Tank
Enjoy ur episode sorry it went quick if u think that wuz boring I'm sorry ;~; I hope u can forgive me
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9 times : The Strangler
Eating at a place called Tico Taco has the best Mexican food. Until some hoody person won't stop stalking me. DX
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Sky Park Preview
Coming soon after 9 times. 9 times will still be on my channel on public. Here are the 4 boys . Coaster ( black and blue hat) Patrick ( ear muffs on his head) Tank( a raccoon hat with two tails on the back) and Gary ( dressed up white )
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9 times : Nyan cat
via YouTube Capture
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9 times : Jeff the killer -:D
Season 2 is now here :D .amazing huh?
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9 times slender man
Starring with Clayton,Sam,Cole,Ryan,the teacher,and The Slender man
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9 times : 100,000 mile meteorite
Clayton,Sam,Cole, and Ryan don't believe about kids talking about catastrophic and distintegration of Earth. Coles friend takes him to see people fighting,panicking,stealing,and killing because the Metorite will make the Earth no longer exist. And now the four boys are our only hope to save Earth.
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9 times: chick fight
via YouTube Capture
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This is the last
You fans, viewers, and YouTube friends never be forgotten. Remember that.
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