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❤CollaborationWith Sanspie The Skeleton❤
Yeah I think I did good on it
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Yaoihotness heart Sanpie the skeleton friendship
Sanspie The Skeleton channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuFLzpGxxjJMKsadiOlo5rQ Song name Mmv: bestfriend
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I'm quitting Drawing
When I said it's over it's over....
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Collaboration with sanspie the skeleton (different drawings)
Yeahhhh, if u want to collaborate with me comment below Song: Boyz- boy
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Waifu or laifu gaming
Hey guys, so I kinda don't get this game because it's all goes of boring but I hope u like this
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Say Goodbye To Second Generation!😭 (The Sims Mobile)
Yeah I'll miss them so much when I retire them ;-; but yeah hey I'm coming out with the series of me and sanspie maybe up to 12 episodes depends on how I do well in the series
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Arcaea (Mobile app)
It's a really fun game to play with! And still if you played it, comment below! They do have good music on it too! The app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=moe.low.arc Have fun playing it! :D
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Halloween Drawing video
Hey guys so I decided to do this haunted/drawings throughout October since October is Halloween month and please comment below what u guys dressing up as for Halloween, I think I might be Jeff the killer, who knows! XD but thanks for watching and see you more till Halloween!👹👹👹👹 MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! My other channel🤗👇 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7oZH1YoswhPZ990TrdLYnA
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Another Speed Art! Yandere simulator: New character: Mathgia
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5 Art style Challenge
This my my favorite shows but there is more! I just felt lazy to not do them, but if you like this video please give a like and a subscribe! 1. Proud family 2. Adventure Time 3. Amazing world of gumball 4. Powerpuff girls 5. Anime style Next video I'll make a cartoon movie style Challenge! Stay tooned!🤗
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Jonghyun struggle and death (Clip)
I worked very hard on this clip, tbh I'm proud of myself now I'm tired! All copyright is to me except the song Song: Jonghyun- only one you need That song was his last before that night he killed himself with poison, you always will inspire me jonghyun, I still have you in my heart no matter what!😍😊🤗
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Sanspie kills kanade
XD yeah, I thought I did good on it and please leave a like or subscribe it will help BabyPotato channel grow! Song: Hide and Seek (anime)
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The Sim Mobile Game {My World}
Yeahhhh, very awkward XD
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Talking angela 1
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{Yandere High School} In My Last Dream
I hope you like it waifu destiny
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Minecraft PocketEdition Gameplay
Hey guys, I know I supposed to build things on here but I got too carried away but still I hope u guys like this video and if u want to play Minecraft with me my name is Emotrivia13 The profile is a sheep XD
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My Intro For My Videos For Some Time!
Hey guys I'm back, sorry I haven't been publishing lately hut that's Ok! I'm coming back with some awesome stuff!
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Another speed art!
Hope you like it and if you did give me thumbs up and a subscribe
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👶Baby potato!👶
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Son murdering mom
My Instagram 👇 https://www.instagram.com/aliee_being_heartbroken_alw/
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Hotel Empire Tycoon (Roblox Hotel Tour)
Hey guys, another Roblox video is out
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Happy Saturday!
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My First Speed Art
Yay! This is actually my first speed art! I hope everyone liked it and mentioning liked, can I get a big like from everyone if you this art is good! I would be very appreciated if you did and subscribe to me! And if you have requests, comment below!😊
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Sanspie The Skeleton Oc (In my Drawing Form)
Thanks for watching and her channel is below👇 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuFLzpGxxjJMKsadiOlo5rQ
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Anime Drawing #3
I was bored 😛
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Pocky Chibi
If u like then give me thumbs up and subscribe!
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Halloween Video ~{Spooky Scary Skeletons}~
Hi guys, I just want to throw out some Halloween videos I'm making, keep posting notifications on to keep vibe Song- Spooky Scary Skeletons Trap music
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Yandere-chan! (Yandere simulator)
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Trying to start new art on Ibispaint
Hi my potato's, I guess I'm back and with new, I've been practicing on my art lately and think I'm getting slight better, but I hope you like this video and the song is from food fantasy app
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Friday The 13 drawing (SpeedArt For Halloween)
Hey guys, I'm excited that today is Friday the 13 which is awesome, I might go by water and see what will happen, but if you like this video please like and subscribe below!🤗
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Lovely Anime girl
;-; crush it Song: Owl City- Fireflies
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Want flowers?
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Cool Girl
Please help my channel grow by leaving a subscribe! Baby Potato will be so happy if he could reach to 100 subs! And if he reach those subs, he will show the secret person behind all the art here! Song: Lovelyz- destiny
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Intro For Series
It really suck ;-;
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BabyPotato purpose to dick! {Omg!!!!!}
For everyone who is homosexual or homosexuality! I ship you with anybody that your cute or in love with! Yaoi is always in my heart!! ❤(ӦvӦ。)
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Yes, I know, going too fast but I just love it, I can't wait to senf my comic on WEBTOON when I'm finished woth 30 pages for chapter one! I'm so happy my dream is Amazing! But yeah back home to Wi-Fi and publishing videos! See you guys next time!!!
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Aliee potato is a toddler now!
Omg!! She's so cute! ❤(ӦvӦ。)
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black Butler: Sebastian
Like and subscribe to me and if you have any requests for gaming, youtubers, anime, cartoon, and more then please comment below! And Thanks For Watching!
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Behind The Scene Of My Drawings
Hi guys! I hope u like this video I made and please give me thumbs up and subscribe for me to see more videos out of me! Thanks For Watching! And thanks for helping me best friend destiny for the video making app, I'm doing well on it! Ps- ignore my brother in background forgot to mute the sound of the video before I started
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BabyPotato Gets Engaged💍💍 {OMG!!!!!}
I'm so happy!!! And sorry for the wait at the end, I had to give my mommy her medicine 😆😆😆
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I'm back!
Hey, guys I'm back with art told u I just need a break but I still don't know what to draw if u guys can send my fan arts or ur original art I can recreate in my style And post it on YouTube! Please message me on YouTube messages!🤗
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Give my love!
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Anime girl #2
this turned out good and im happy please give a like or comment on how you like this video
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Manga girl speed paint
Hey guys, so I decided to do this and I'm happy that it came out pretty good Twitter: Check out BabyPotato (@BabyPotato20): https://twitter.com/BabyPotato20?s=09 Instagram: Babyaliee/Babypotato Gmail: [email protected]
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Vixx- Leo Original video
Please I need subscribers and likes for my videos, I want to make it to my 50 subscribers to be like others and if you have any requests comment below
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Playing fnaf piano tiles/ My voice!😂
Lol my voice!
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Bunny girl
I just don't know what I draw or what to name my videos
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