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ROE New map - Grappling hook
I play the new map for ROE and try out the grappling hook. enjoy
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GTAV FiveM - Ditching the cops! Fivem NovumRP
In this video i get spotted speeding in Sandy shores in my Tesla, So of course i RAN!! http://www.novumrp.com/ join us!
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Shit Drivers of New Westminster
Bad Drivers of New Westminster BC.
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ShatterBrainz gets in an ACCIDENT! MVA
So i was biking in pouring rain and this idiot Turns right without signaling. now i have some bright AF 1100 lumen headlamp on my bike and he knew i was behind him! Watch for yourself. (sorry for the poor angle, my camera got bumped forwards)
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GTAV FiveM - I get a DUI in the snow...
Jock Cranley Goes out for a drunken drive in his wrecker... how will it end ? www.NovumRP.com to join the server
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Radical Heights - Boss key locks up throws away key
Today we talk about Boss key Studios Locking the door and shutting down.
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Ring of Elysium (ROE) A Free To Play PUBG !?! - Solo play
A game just released on steam called - Ring of Elysium - it feels like a free to play PUBG but with some twists, including escaping on a helicopter, snowboards, zip line, rock climbing, snowmobiles, trucks and hang-gliders. Featuring Ymir ! A horrible freezing storm.
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SCUM - Basket Ball - SCUM RP server
I got invited to play basket ball ... so i did! We had a quick 2v2 game in a nice coastal court. Im playing SCUM in an rp server after this i join the city of oakhart and join their militia, more on that next time !
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Burnaby - New West Bike Trails
Bring your Bike and lets go for a ride My office in Burnaby - New west along the bike path. Temp. 30.C Hazy day from forest fires. My Bike 08 Norco Rival HardTail Camera - SJ9000 unbranded action cam 4K (apparently)
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Ring of Elysium - Kill the Noise - Montage
A montage of Fun and Funny moments in Ring of Elysium for PC Featuring - NoTime4Ambition - Dabz - UgotChopped & Myself (video not for profit) MUSIC Kill the Noise - Kill It 4 The Kids (feat. AWOLNATION R.City)
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BattleRush - WW2 Open Warfare
BattleRush - Open warfare with survival crafting elements build jeeps tanks and more! I Recorded this a few months ago, forgot to upload. BattleRush 2 was released Aug 28 - on Steam for about $5-6 Improved graphics and game play! https://store.steampowered.com/app/871990/BattleRush_2/
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Radical Heights- Spectating a HACKER!
So i was just minding my own business .... and i was killed by a hacker. so i recorded him while spectating. The Problem with Games.
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Warface - Triple Grenade kill!?!?
Check out some WarFace gameplay! I might get a triple Grenade kill
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Worst Ring of Elysium game ever!!!
In this video i get a terrible start on roe on what could have been a very fun round.... ohwell
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Cuisine Royale - FREE TO PLAY Battle Royale -  With pots n pans
FREE TO PLAY BR Use Pots, Pans, Woks and whatever kitchen cookware you can find to Armour up! Grab a Shopping Bag and Fill it with Loot! This F2P BR game is Based on the Enlisted game and is an April fools gag mocking the BR genre we all love.
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Radical Heights - Solo Game + New update!!
In this episode of Radical Heights We Play Solo ! + New items and a game update!
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Smelter.io - This Game is TOUGH!!
Hi im ShatterBrainz watch me Play the new .io game Smelter.io This game is not for Hot heads! you die every 5 seconds! Find me on Player.me @ShatterBrainz "Mr. Bass" by "Manslaughter" is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. http://bit.ly/2dCdsIh https://youtu.be/GuMLqaIzsEc
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WARFACE - Running & Gunning for the Win
Warface is a Free to play FPS available on Steam & My.com. You can download it here: https://wf.my.com/en/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/291480/Warface/
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Ring of Elysium - 7 kill Solo but then ....
I play solo ROE and get 7 kills and many of them are melon smashers! Wanna join me ? add me in game @ ShatterBrainz
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GTAV FiveM- Getting Framed!
Getting Framed for "Attempted Murder" Then taking Revenge!! Please like subscribe and leave some comments :) http://www.novumrp.com/ to join our community !
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New Fortnite ? - Radical Heights **New Battle Royal** Gameplay
Welcome to Radical Heights the 80's Themed Battle Royal Join me as I explore the 1980's through a rifle scope! Music: LazerHawk- Redline (Full Album) All content is Not for profit Fun only :)
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Radical Heights - Duo match Win!
Me and a friend Play some Radical Heights in a Duo match. Check out his channel here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbkdr2R66YZIzPBcPRt28JQ Music from Royalty Free Planet : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6-wx-04aMXk6a3m_fSXLEw
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Ring of Elysium - Fun with Cars Squad play (ROE)
Me and some friends futz around with cars.
Views: 8 ShatterBrainz

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