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Skiing with babies and toddlers- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex(3 years) and Ashlyn (16 Months) on their first day of the 2014-2015 season
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Alex takes Ashlyn skiing Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex (3) takes Ashlyn (18 months) down the hill
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Alex skiing the mountain- Ski Big Bear, PA
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10. Bad Plans
this section is all about being inappropriatly attached to snowboards, skis, or each other while attempting to make it down the mountain...and sometimes off jumps
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Alex's first ski race- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex's first ski race at 4 years old- he took 3rd in the 4-6 year old division!
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Alex's First Double Black Diamond- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex (3 years old) skiing his first double black diamond at Ski Big Bear, PA
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12. I Bet That Hurt!
crashes from mid season
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No More Wedgease- Alex skiing at Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex (2) skiing at Ski Big Bear, PA
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alex skiing (Ski Big Bear, PA)
Alex's first time on skis- 4 months, 24 days old
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17. Why Do We Do This?
rail crashes from the second half of 2007
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Nick's Karate Kick
We told him if he made it past the shovel handle, we would buy him a soda....we never said he had to land from the 05-06 season...he was 10
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Alex and Ashlyn- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex, 3 and Ashlyn 18 months
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22. Big Bear Finale
Our last weekend at Big Bear....more water than snow
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23. Belleayre Revisited
After our mountain closed, we made another group trip to Belleayre
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18. Indian Rock Sledding
couldn't let the day end at 4:30, but the mountian was closed so we went sledding
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Alex Skiing December 30, 2012 Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex's first day of skiing during his second season, 16 months old
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Alex (3 years) and Ashlyn (19 Months) Skiing- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex's first air time and Ashlyn's first time on her own
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Belleayre Snow Day
We had a snow day, so we went to Belleayre
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14. Skrew Skill
another round of jumps and rails from mid- late season
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19. Hoola Hoop Skiing
Hoola Hoops + wheelchair ramp + snow = some really funny crashes
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backyard skiing with SnowGel
Well now that we have SnowGel, our speed issue has been solved, next we need a better box
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Rocco's Boots
Rocco shows us how to quickly put on a pair of ski boots
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24. Closing Credits
probably the best part off the movie...watch all the way to the end
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backyard up gap down with snow gel
we put up this up gap down box in the backyard, because with the snow gel we have enough speed...the supports were sketchy and there was a log pile in the landing zone
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Easter skiing 2015 Ski Big Bear, PA
Ashlyn- 20 Months, Brandon- 3 years and Alex- 3 years skiing on Easter
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Alex Tree Skiing in Utah- 4 years old
Alex (4) skiing trees at Park City and Deer Valley in Utah
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Mike's leave
some of the stuff we did while Mike was home on leave
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battleship at Big Boulder
never rode a battleship before today...this was the fourth time i hit it
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Mike showing how the Daffy is done
Mike's got this down....Double daffy and daffy double grab on Ski big bear's tiny jump
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Mike's Movie
Movie Mike made in Afghanistan
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7. Belleayre Road Trip
Our mountain shut down for a week in early Jan due to lack of snow...we packed the car (creativly) and hit the road
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PSIA park and pipe
park and pipe event with the PSIA
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Backyard session
Backyard session
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Alex's first solo run- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex's first solo run on the bunny hill. At Ski Big Bear, PA- 16 Months old
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Alex and Ashlyn- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex's first chairlift ride
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Family Skiing- Ski Big Bear, PA
Michael (7), Matthew (5), Alex (3) and Ashlyn (19 Months)- and the rest of us
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Skiing with Jill
Skiing at Ski Big Bear
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Alex on the Mountain- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex, Age 3 Skiing March 22-2015
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Ashlyn's first day at Ski Big Bear 2016-2017
Ashlyn's first day on skis for 2016-2017 season- 3 years old
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world snow day 2016- Alex and Ashlyn at Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex (4) and Ashlyn (2) celebrating World Snow day at Ski Big Bear, PA.
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Alex Skiing Alone- Ski Big Bear- 17 Months
Alex, 17 Months, skiing on his own
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Alex's first run to the bottom of the mountain- Ski Big Bear, PA
Alex finally got to ski to the bottom of the mountain! 2 years 4 months
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1. opening credits
the opening credits to Skrew: A Ski School Movie
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Happy Alex Skiing- Ski Big Bear, PA
This kid just loves to ski (17 months old)
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Ashlyn's first run to the bottom of Ski Big Bear
Ashlyn makes her first trip to the big chairlift- 3 years old
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I always get the best view of the jumps!
Stan cleared me by another whole me!
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15. Off The Hill
Skrew has fun, even off the mountain
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20. Skrew Time
End of the year stuff
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