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This man crushes racism with his simple act
This is a video clip of white old man and black young boy..white old man wins the heart of black boy by simple act.This is real humanity.
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short transmission line modeling , power system engineering
DR. Abdul Khaliq is a chairman If Electrical department in case University and is very great teacher, he is graduated and P.D.D from top American universities
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Islamabad Taekwondo Tigers(Amazing Skills)
This is the video of Combined classes of Qamar kiani Taekwondo Academy and Farhad shah Academy at G-9,Islamabad Organized By QTA.Special Thanx to QTA club instructors ,Coaches and Our honourable Guest Farhad Shah
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Medium transmission line model, P ower system Engineering lecture 2
This is second lecture(medium transmission line modeling ) of power system engineering series , we have already uploaded short transmission line model ... check it on our channel and dont forget to subscribe
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Imran khan latest speech 2017 make you cry
PTI chief imran khan is a renowed cricketer and poltition of pakistan. Iman khan is a real hero and true leader of pakistan.He speaks on every issue like corruption , missing persons,and against feudalism
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The most beautiful Mahodand lake kalam, Swat Pakistan
Mahodand Lake (Urdu: مہوڈنڈ جھیل‬‎; Pashto: د ماهو ډنډ‎ - "Lake of Fishes") is a lake located in the upper Usho Valley at a distance of about 40 km from Kalam, Swat District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The lake is accessible by a four-wheel drive vehicle, and is often utilized for fishing and boating
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Best MMA fight :American beast vs Russian boxer
This is the best fight between american and russian fighter, you can see crazyness in both fighters
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Leo Messi Vs Cristiano comparison... Pele says Leo is best
pele is the top class player of football history.he said messi is no doubt great player from last 15 years
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Best Qirrat I have ever heard...Teacher shock student rocks
This a student "Saddique " of Imcb F11/3 Islamabad, best qari in the Pakistan..All Pakistan winner
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Pakistani Awam ka siasat dano ko khula pegham -اب باتیں نہی بیٹے قربان کرو
Pakistani Nation have given clear decision to support Pakistani army in any situation against the corrupt politicians who always bark against Pakistan army . Long live Pakistan --long live Pakistan army
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Students  Giving Awsome  "Guard of honour" farewell to  Their Best Principal
This "Guard of honour" was arranged to give farewell to Sir Najeeb Dar AT IMCB F-11/3 Islamabad,Pkaistan.Sir Najeeb Dar was a great physics teacher and motivator.May You live longSir
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love kung fu
love kung fu life, Kung is the mother of all martial arts, your body parts can be used as a weapon.
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Kashmiri students protest against indian brutality April 2017
kashmir is bleeding since dacades of years.Kashmiris are fighting for freedom and indian government is using state power defeat the freedom movement .but this uprising increases day by day... kashmiris will never surrender
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The End of the land- Beaufort Sea
A beautiful video of our channel sent by our media member from Canada.The Beaufort Sea is a marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean, located north of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon, and Alaska, west of Canada's Arctic islands. The sea is named after hydrographer Sir Francis Beaufort.
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How to Fly paper Aeroplane
Margilla Hills Islamabad
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Girl driving Bike while man setting behind her#Islamabad#
Where our society is going???
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Sandeep Maheshwari top 10 motivational Quotes
Sandeep Mahaswari is a renowned motivational speaker not oly in india but in the Whole world, Sandeep changed the life of many peoples...
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Monkey drunk in Margilla Hills  Islamabad
What Happened to Drunk monkey..
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Amazing Chineese kung fu kata
kung fu is the mother of All martial arts, here black belt Muhammad Adnan is performing such a nice kaata of kung fu wushu
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Shah MEHMOOD OUTSTANDING SPEECH IN UN General Assembly Sep 29, 2018
شاہ محمود نے اقوام متحدہ سب پاکستانیوں کا سر فخر سے اونچا کر دیا
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How to lit a Cigrete through Motor Bike
How to lit a fire through motorbike , If you dont have any match or lighter . Its an awesome technique:)
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Maulana Tariq Jameel Latest Bayan  April 2017
Molana Triq jameel is a renowed islamic scholor frm pakistan.He changed millions of lifes of peoples through his speeches,May ALLAH gave him ajar.
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Panama case judges decision leaked video Viral
panama case is the biggest corruption case in pakistan against the current PM of pakistan nawaz shareef and his family... this is leaked video of jugdes decision in 201h April 2016
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Trump Top 10 funny memes
Trump is newly elected prezident of United states of america.He is unique in his style.
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*very important byan **Bachay nafurman kioon hotay hain by Molana tariq jamil shb
bachoon par jab bilawaja sakhti ki jati hai to wo nafurman hojatay hain, bachoon ko pyar say smjhaen, sakhti say nahi
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Us Soldier Accepts Islam
Us soldier accepts Islam after serving in middle east.He accepts islam by concept of muslims "Only Fear Of ALLAH".
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US dropped biggest non nuclear bomb , killer bomb Mother of all bombs" MOAB" in afghanistan province
Mother of all bombs is the largest non nuclear bomb and dropped in afghaistan province nangarhaar to destroy the hide outs of IS according to sources.
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Tariq fatmi refuses to resign, Dawn leakes issue
Tariq fatmi is the PM Pakistan advisor,he refuses to reign on allegations of Dawn leaks and said he has none matter to this news
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UFC 200 Knockouts| lesnor| ultimate fighter
This video contains the most brutal knock outs in Ufc 200 history
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Fantastic Music with Delicious Food specialy Peshawari Kabab
Annual Festival Lokvirsa Islamabad
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Best farewell speech I ever Heard ,16 oct 2018
This is a speech given by Sir Ihsanul Haq on the farewell party of Sir Najeeb dar Principal IMCB f-11/3 Islamabad.This was an amazing speech ,what a great words ,What a great appreciation .
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Peshawar Locked
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