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Me singing 5 nights of freddy
Five nights of freddy song just my 7 year old fooling around
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Fnaf:scary story
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Lps: Annabelle’s story
Thanks wilk n tea for the love and lps tinkles thanks I hope I said your channel right I probably did but thanks for all the love you’ve been giving us thanks you guys make me happy thanks for all the love and Celtics father love to my dad he’s been helping a lot around my videos and I love him for that
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Billie Jean
I hope I got the Billie Jean thing right I’m sorry for not uploading in an a while it’s just because I’ve been spending time with family and stuff and I’ve been going to school a lot in that setting up for the Thanksgiving things in the Christmas things I’ve been writing a Christmas list that I want for things I think I want for Christmas and I there’s a lot going on but the heroes Billie Jean
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LPS:horror video
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This story is about two sisters that got separated when their parents so they found each other in this video and one of them got hurt so what the other sister did was call the doctor which was baby of course and so she got healed but then spring trap to didn’t like them so he decided to try to kill the cat sister which is Malibu and the other sister is yuppie so what he did was try to kill Malibu but then the yapi pushed her out the way and she got stabbed and she died so what Malibu did is she killed her self because she wanted to be with her sister all her life so that’s the story
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Reply your nightmare
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Cheeseburger but with no cheese
I hope this little skit was funny enough for you guys thank you so much for supporting me
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LPS:sad story
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My first asmr video
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Lps:try not to laugh 😂
Milk and tea and LPS tingles I want to thank you guys so much for giving me all this love my videos and also my sister and my dad I love them so much because they’ve been helping me to please leave a like and in the comments
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Fake LPS
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It ends here jk
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From lost boys
Milk n tea and LPS tingles you guys are literally giving me a lot of love thanks
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Back to school
I hope you guys like this video there might be some talking like other people this video but I hope you liked it anyway if Lizzie Elysses watching this Lizzie Lizzie Scherer your channel is amazing and you’re so special you’re a special person as potential somewhere
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LPS: sing battle
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Coco songs
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We changed our lives
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Bloopers when I did little do you know lps song
I know it’s bloopers but I hope you like it
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My crazy addiction
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How to make a squishy
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Lps: tangled
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Lps:horror story
Did you like it
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I love your channel so much you inspired me to make this video
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The saddest thing I ever heard
So guys a shout out to my mom and dad they’re very supportive they’re trying to get me back into rainbow Elementary and I’m just so glad they’re trying so I’ll play you try
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Try not to cringe
Don’t be mean it’s not good God made the world it mean also don’t be mean to other people bad
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I know at the end there was some noise that just because my family but it doesn’t matter and also she kept falling the teacher kept falling I don’t know why she just kept falling so I hope you like it anyways
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December 18, 2018
My Christmas holiday 🌲
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Game Thorey
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Under the service fnaf song
I know I made them sound weird just because I want to show you guys that Funtime foxy is a girl I made baby sound so weird sorry
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Bubble party emoji taco
I just said taco in emoji’s so I can make it funny but I hope this video was fun I know it was short so my videos have been really short but doesn’t matter I hope it is not a
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LPS it’s free
I hope this video is funny
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The cutest Bonnie ever
So guys remember that video that was like one second long I uploaded the wrong video so I hope that you guys don’t mind
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Please like
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Baby shark 🦈
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Party 🎊🎉💯
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Why love me meme
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Where’s my super suit
I hope this was funny
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[sfm fnaf] they’ll find you-fnaf song by griffinilla
Hope u like this video please put a comment in the comment. Section
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Party in the u.s.a
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Incredibles where is my super suit
I hope the camera wasn’t too shaky and I hope it was funny love you dad
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Just gold
Sorry I have an uploaded in a while it’s because I’ve been spending time with my family please like and subscribe
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Shot out to u
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