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Geosphere by Geospace
Brand New! Geosphere by Geospace, the super fun, incredibly rewarding puzzle lamp. Check it out on Amazon.com (search "Geosphere") for all models, including wireless LED puck light with infrared remote. So many sizes, so many colors, so much fun!
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Teach Skiing with HAND-Z-BAR: The Safer & Easier Way!
http://bit.ly/handzbar Kids now have an easy, safe way to learn to ski with fewer scary falls. This is thanks to the Hand-Z-Bar™, a teaching aid designed to help beginners keep their hands out in front of their bodies, and always directed downhill — the most important part of staying balanced on skis. With Hand-Z-Bar, you can teach children the correct body position from their very first day on skis! Available for sale on Amazon.com, through the manufacturer, Geospace International (http://www.geospaceplay.com), and at ski shops. Retailers may contact [email protected] for reseller information.
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Range of Outdoor Toys from GEOSPACE for Spring & Summer
POP-UP FLYER giant disc for playing catch, POP 'N CATCH Double Set Game for 2 players, the AQUA CANNON for fun in water, and the one and only WALKAROO Stilts! More about all items from Geospace International at www.geospaceplay.com OR visit our YouTube Channel to see all our videos by clicking "GeospacePlay" above or go to www.youtube.com/user/GeospacePlay
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Geoflux® SOLAR™ Interactive Spring Toy (NEW Colors & Glow In The Dark!)
We've updated our popular Geoflux® spring toys by adding four new rich and brilliant, metallic colors and a GLOW IN THE DARK version, plus a see-through zip storage bag. Everything else about these dynamic creations remains unchanged. They still magically transform from what looks like a series of rings into a wondrous 3-D sculpture center piece that resembles a giant atom or an extra-planetary orchid! what's more, when you insert your hand through the coils geoflux begins to spiral up and down your arms, spinning so fast it's a blur of motion. Geoflux can then "bridge" over to your other arm, staying in perpetual motion. A fantastic party trick and exercise tool, it "fluxes" easily arm-to-arm and person-to-person. Or place geoflux on a broom handle, lower one end slightly, and watch as it moves along the handle, twirling so rapidly it looks like a giant soap bubble. Constructed of one continuous band of rugged stainless steel, geoflux folds flat for easy storage in the included travel pouch.
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R/C UFO™ 'USB' Remote Control Flyer Charges on your Computer! by Geospace 12036
This miniature R/C UFO™ is a thrill to watch as it slowly moves around a room as if exploring the surface of a new planet. You control all the action with an infrared remote. Pilots (ages 5 & up) can change prop speeds with a sliding switch and choose the light setting (either a pulsing red light or a multi-colored burst pattern). And when the 3 diameter UFO runs low on power, simply connect it to any computers USB port to recharge the built-in Lithium battery.
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SEQUIN ART® BLUE (Incredible sequin craft)
Sequin Art Whether you want to piece together a stunning picture to hang on your wall or create a glimmering 3D rendition of your favorite animal, SEQUIN ART® has it. Using the simple concept of small pushpins to affix your dazzling sequins to a pre-planned picture board or design figure, it is as easy as pick, stick, and play. • Sequin Art pictures are so easy to make. You don't need to be an artist or a dedicated crafter to produce a gorgeous sequin picture every time. • Includes an easy to follow full colored instruction book. Just place the velvet design on the frame and attach the glittering colorful sequins using the pins provided to complete a vibrant picture. • Hours of relaxation and fun; plus the pride of hanging it on any wall for family and friends to admire. Ideal for every skill level and interest. • Both adults and children 8 years and above will love creating this fantastic picture. Find at: GeospacePlay.com -or- Amazon.com (Search "Sequin Art")
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Geospace New Toys for 2010 USB R/C Cars Helicopter
http://www.GeospacePlay.com Geospace International has released a number of new products in 2010. This video highlights some of them, including the R/C EASY COPTER 3G™ (an easy-to-fly micro helicopter), R/C USB UFO FLYER™ (mini "UFO" that charges via USB port), the POP-UP FLYER™ (a flying disc that can be folded & stored in a pocket), the R/C QUICKSPIN DRIFT RACER™ (spins 360º!), the JUMPAROO BOING!™ POGO Stick, and MicroDriverz™ TWISTERZ™, and the ingenious SuperSonic LASER GYRO TOP with LED lights.
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Ski Skooter Easy Fold-Up Snowboard Toy for Kids by Geospace
http://www.geospaceplay.com/products/ski-skooter Kids love riding scooters and skateboards, but usually only do it in dry weather, and only on concrete or asphalt. The amazing SKI SKOOTER from Geospace opens up new worlds of exploration for young riders -- snow for one, but also grassy hills and even sand dunes! The Skooter works on flat terrain as well as hills...just leave one foot on the board and push with the other, using the handle for balance and directional control. In dry, deep snow, Ski Skooter acts like a snowshoe, allowing riders to float on the surface. Kids stay glued to the Ski Skooter thanks to its sturdy folding handle and non-skid surface. Made of monster-tough polyurethane. Traveling with the Ski Skooter is easy...simply fold down the handle and carry it by hand or strap it onto a pack. For Ages 4 & Up
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Original Ergonomic WALKAROO Kids STILTS
Kids & adults (up to 210 lbs.) will find the challenge of balancing & walking on stilts easier than ever! WALKAROO™ Stilts are ergonomically designed for vastly improved control & comfort. Adjustable height. Use indoors or out. Ages 5 & Up. By Geospace International. More info at: http://www.geospaceplay.com/air-kicks-active-toys/walkaroo-stilts-original-steel/ Available for purchase at Learning Express and many other fine retailers.
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The PUMP ROCKET Line of Air-Powered Foam Rockets by Geospace
http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/ This short video shows an overview of the line of PUMP ROCKET toys manufactured by Geospace International. PUMP ROCKETS are Foam Rockets which are launched exceptional distances by the simple but amazing power of AIR. Shown in this video are the following products (with the item number shown in parentheses): JUMP ROCKET Set (#12912): http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/jump-rocket-3-rocket-set/ JUMP ROCKET DELUXE Set (#12923): http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/jump-rocket-deluxe-set/ PUMP ROCKET MINI (#12925): http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/pump-rocket-mini-launcher-rocket/ PUMP ROCKET JR (#12915): http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/pump-rocket-jr-2-rocket-set/ PUMP ROCKET SR (#12908): http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/pump-rocket-2-rocket-set/ PUMP ROCKET RAPID LAUNCHER (#12907): http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/pump-rocket-rapid-launcher/ SQUEEZE SHOTZ Foam Dart Gun (#12922): http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/squeeze-shotz-foam-dart-gun/ The original PUMP ROCKET product is called the "Pump Rocket SR" (as in "Senior"), so named to differentiate its size from the smaller JR ("Junior") size, as well as the even smaller "MINI" size. The SR sizes are for age 6 & up, the JR for age 5 & up, while the MINIs are sized to be easy-to-handle enough for kids as young as 3 yrs. For more information, or to see ALL the PUMP ROCKET items that Geospace offers, visit the "Flying Toys" section of our website: http://bit.ly/at2l7x Additionally, every PUMP ROCKET product has compatible "REPLACEMENT ROCKETS" which can be purchased separately as "Extra" rockets for more fun or "replacements" in case you lose the rockets that came with your launcher. "Replacement Items" section of the Geospace website can be found here: http://bit.ly/cFFu8T Since the time this video was shot, some additional products have been introduced into the PUMP ROCKET line, including "AQUA" versions in several styles (Waterproof), an AUTO LAUNCHER (in both SR and MINI sizes), and a JUMP ROCKET in the MINI size.
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GeoFlux Amazing Interactive Spring Toy - Mesmerizing
GeoFlux™ appears to be just a series of rings, but be amazed as it transforms into a wondrous 3-D sculpture that resembles a giant atom or an extra planetary orchid! But that's not all this cool metal spring does! Insert your hand through the coils and Geoflux will begin to spiral up and down your arm! Transfer it from one arm to the other or from your arm to a friend's arm! Just simply let gravity do all the work and be amazed as this metal coil fluxes and flows down and up your arm with a blur! You can also place GeoFlux™ onto other things like a broom stick or water hose! Be creative with the amazing GeoFlux™! Constructed of one continuous band of rugged stainless steel. Folds together into a flat ring for easy storage in the included travel pouch.
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SEQUIN ART® RED (Incredible sequin craft)
Sequin Art pictures are so easy to make. Sequin Art Whether you want to piece together a stunning picture to hang on your wall or create a glimmering 3D rendition of your favorite animal, SEQUIN ART® has it. Using the simple concept of small pushpins to affix your dazzling sequins to a pre-planned picture board or design figure, it is as easy as pick, stick, and play. Create a simplified version of the popular Sequin Art pictures using an easy to follow full color pre-printed design. Colorful Sparkling designs for the younger child. • Includes a pre-printed paper picture that shows the position for the pins and which color goes where so it is easier for younger children to complete. Just pin the full color pre-printed design onto the polystyrene frame and decorate with sparkling colored sequins. Match the colors of the sequins to the design provided to complete a vibrant picture. •Hours of relaxation and fun; plus the pride of hanging it on any wall for family and friends to admire. Ideal for every skill level and interest. •Both adults and children 6 years and above will love creating this fantastic picture. Find at: GeospacePlay.com -or- Amazon.com (Search "Sequin Art")
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Rockin' B-Ball Game! And Now...there's a MINI!
An introduction to both ROCKIN' B-BALL games by Geospace: This unique game is no easy challenge, but the results are sweet! The object of ROCKIN' B-BALL is to maneuver the transparent orb with your hands so that the little rubber basketball inside rolls up and flips into the basket hoop. Each successful shot earns you cheers from the adoring "crowd" in the stands. As of 2011, ROCKIN' B-BALL is now also available in a MINI version! The smaller size means it is even easier to carry around, and play anywhere! Find it here: http://www.geospaceplay.com/games-puzzle-toys/
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3-Year Old Learning to Ski with Hand-z-Bar
Little Gabriella skis by herself for the first time -- with NO scary falls or crashes! She's learning to ski with the Hand-Z-Bar, a teaching aid designed to help beginner skiers keep their hands out in front of their bodies, and always directed downhill -- the most important part of staying balanced on skis. The Hand-Z-Bar also helps to train the skier to maintain the correct upper body orientation when moving and turning on the snow. With Hand-Z-Bar, you can teach children the correct body position from their very first day on skis! Most ski instructors agree the it is best to start children skiing without using ski poles. Poles can be unsafe and confusing for small children while they are just beginners. Of course, ski poles will eventually be necessary for skiing, and can be introduced to the child after their balance and control are adequately developed. Harness & Straps not included. "HAND-Z-BAR: Easier, Quicker and Safer than Ski Poles!" For more information about the Hand-Z-Bar, visit http://www.Hand-z-Bar.com
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AirKicks by Geospaceplay
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Remote Control Mini UFO - Recharges via USB Port!
http://www.geospaceplay.com Mini R/C UFO 'USB' manufactured by Geospace International. This little remote control "UFO" flyer is new and will be available for purchase in 2011!
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WORD SPIN Original Hand-Held Magnetic Word Game
The Original WORD SPIN® Game is a hand-held travel-ready word game made up of 8 magnetic wheels, each with 10 letters printed on them. Spin... Shuffle... Spell... Score! This is the quintessence of the award-winning hand-held magnetic word game from Geospace International known as WORD SPIN® that combines the elements of popular word games, crossword puzzles and word searches into a portable magnetic game with a spin. A great way to sharpen language skills by identifying words and anagrams from two to eight letters in length, for decades, WORD SPIN has been both entertaining and challenging for kids to scholars. Since its creation in 1995, WORD SPIN® has won numerous awards including: BEST MIND GAME OF THE YEAR American MENSA, Ltd. The High IQ Society GAME OF THE YEAR By the Australian Toy Association BBC-TV GOOD TOY GUIDE By British Broadcasting Company OPPENHEIM GOLD SEAL By Oppenheim Toy Portfolio THREE STAR TOY SEAL By Canadian Toy Council PARENTS CHOICE HONORS By Parents Choice WORD SPIN comes in several variations in addition to Original WORD SPIN, including Travel WORD SPIN, and Deluxe WORD SPIN Family Edition. Recently, WORD SPIN went digital!! Now you can literally play WORD SPIN anywhere with the MOBILE WORD SPIN® application for iPhone and iPod touch! Find the iPhone App in the Word Games section (in the "Games" category) of the Apple iTunes Store. Be sure to visit the Geospace website to purchase the original game, and the WORD SPIN Page on Facebook for the latest news, plus more videos and information. Follow us on Twitter @GeospacePlay.
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Car in a Can: Micro RC Pocket Power Racer
http://bit.ly/kF14Ad Never before has so much realistic high-performance driving action been packed into such a tiny miniature racer! About the size of a matchbox car, the RC POCKET POWER RACER™ comes in a soda-can package (that can be reused for storage), plus controller & "traffic cones" for setting up courses and maneuvers. The controller (powered by 2 AA batteries) recharges the car's on-board lithium battery. Manufactured by Geospace International. For more info, visit the Geospace website at http://www.GeospacePlay.com
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EXTENSION SET for WalkAroo Stilts: Walk Even Taller!
http://www.geospaceplay.com/air-kicks-active-toys/4-piece-extension-set-for-walkaroo-stilts/ Walk even TALLER when you give yourself an extra "boost" (or "bounce!") on your WALKAROOs with this awesome EXTENSION SET! This cool accessory kit will increase the fun factor (for our WALKAROO Steel Stilts, #11110) by securely attaching to the base and elevating you up to an additional 5 inches higher than with the stilts alone! The 4-PIECE EXTENSION SET comes with 2 pairs of Stilt Extensions. The first is a simple pair of steel stilt extensions, which gives kids a taller perspective, plus a little more challenge. The second pair is a height extension that also gives a springy feel to each step, thanks to a metal spring cushion (safely enclosed by a special polymer), that will make the stilts feel like walking on a trampoline. Both ramp up the rapture of walking on STILTS, one of the great pleasures of childhood. This item is an accessory for use only with WALKAROO Stilts Original (Steel), item #11110, available from any fine resellers. More information is available on the Geospace website at http://www.geospaceplay.com/air-kicks-active-toys/walkaroo-stilts-original-steel/ Available for purchase at many Learning Express stores and other fine retailers.
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POP 'N CATCH Game = Backyard Fun!
Press the launch trigger button on your "Pop 'N Catch" basket to launch the ball. Your partner tries to catch the ball in her basket before launching it back to you. Makes a great beach game, or to play outdoors anywhere. For Ages 3 to Adult. Find out more at http://www.geospaceplay.com/games-puzzle-toys/pop-n-catch-game/ From Geospace International.
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Laser Spinning Tops by Geospace Toys
Details at http://www.geospaceplay.com/balls-yo-yos-tops/
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ICE CREAM MUGZ Maker: Make Your Own Ice-Cream Anywhere!
http://www.geospaceplay.com/newest-products/ Kids love ice cream. With personal-sized ICE CREAM MUGZ, they'll love creating it almost as much as eating it. These miniature ice cream makers take just three minutes to turn ingredients (sugar, milk cream, water, and anything else you'd like to add like nuts, raisins, or candy) into the smoothest, tastiest, freshest iced confection ever. And there's no motor or batteries...the only energy required is a little vigorous shaking. Simply place ice cubes and salt into the lower part of the cup, and fill the top with sweetened juice, milk or cream. Fasten the lid and shake. The salt quickly melts the ice, which makes the aluminum plate super-cold, turning the liquid into ice cream, ice milk, or sorbet. Children and adults get a kick out of explaining to friends how the "magic" happens. Available in assorted animal characters (polar bear, cat, seal, dog, penguin), ICE CREAM MUGZ really are MAGICAL! For Ages 4 & Up with adult supervision.
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Micro RC SUPER KART Rechargeable Radio Control Go-Kart
http://www.geospaceplay.com/cars-trucks-planes-copters/remote-control/rc-super-kart-radio-controlled-speed-racer1/ R/C SUPER KART is part of a new wave of rechargeable lithium-ion battery powered toys that allows long run times, hundreds of recharges, and superb performance... at a price point that was unthinkable until a few years ago. When R/C SUPER KART runs low on "fuel," simply steer it in for a quick pit stop. The controller contains 3 AA batteries (either standard or rechargeable, not included) that juice up the KART's on-board battery in only about 5-10 minutes. Then it's off to the races again... and again... and again. It's also distinguished by its superior R/C technology, which can go through walls and other objects, unlike IR (infrared)-controlled devices. Each SUPER KART comes with four traffic cones that kids can set up to hone their driving skills. Beautifully crafted. Great detailing... Unbelievably FUN!! Available at the http://www.GeospacePlay.com website or at Amazon.
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WALKAROO XTREME Stilts - Walk Taller!
Like the Original Walkaroo Balance Stilts - Except More XTREME! These stilts, for advance stilt walking, include VERT LIFTERS™ that adjust walking height from 12" to 17" off the ground! A great challenge for anyone who has already mastered walking on the Original Steel Walkaroo Stilts. These also quickly adjust to accommodate anyone from 4' 6" to 6' 6" and are made of rugged tubular steel for use indoors and out. Maximum rider weight is 210 lbs. Ages 6 & Up.
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See the Geospace International JUMP ROCKET™ line up. Includes JUMP ROCKET™, JUMP ROCKET™ Deluxe, and JUMP ROCKET™ Mini.
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The Swimming Yellow Ducky Swims in your Pool or Bathtub!
http://www.geospaceplay.com/water-toys/swimming-yellow-ducky/ How does YELLOW DUCKY manage to swim without propellers or jets of water? A battery-operated motor moves his soft, rubbery, fin-like feet back and forth...just like a real duck's feet. He's built tough enough to withstand hard play, and his bright coloring and engaging smile will win hearts everywhere he goes. For Ages 3 and up.
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FLY MAX 100-Yard Football with RPM Turbine Technology
http://www.geospaceplay.com/products/fly-max-football The amazingly aerodynamic FLY MAX™ Football from Geospace is the coolest throwing device to come along in years. Not only does it create a unique buzzing sound as it soars, it's incredibly accurate and flies uncanny distances...up to 100+ yards! The FLY MAX Football breaks from the pack of ordinary throwing balls by using patented RPM Turbine Technology: a super-aerodynamic shape, a hollow interior for less wind resistance, and adjustable fins. A quick twist of the RPM MAX Dial at the base of the fins alters their angle, allowing both left and right-handed throwers to achieve maximum RPM spin and thus maximum speed, accuracy, and distance. Why throw an ordinary ball when you can launch a FLY MAX Football? It's far more satisfying...and gives you the arm of an All-American quarterback! Find out more on the Geospace website: http://www.geospaceplay.com/products/fly-max-football
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GEOSPIN™ - Ultimate Fidget Spinner!
Feeling a bit anxious or maybe just a little bored? The GEOSPIN™ Ultimate Fidget Spinner is the toy for you! It's the newest addition to the GEOSPACE® motor skills category line-up. The GEOSPIN™ utilizes a premium 7 ball bearing design for smooth and long lasting spin times up to 3 minutes. Made of durable ABS plastic with smooth rounded edge design and high quality construction, the GEOSPIN™ is sure to withstand thousands of spins. Perform dozens of cool tricks or just relax and feel the force of GEOSPIN™ at your fingertips. The GEOSPIN™ Ultimate Fidget Spinner is great for maintaining focus, building motor skills, alleviating boredom and is great for children with anxiety, ADHD or autism. Collect all 6 colors, including Glow In The Dark! The GEOSPIN™ is available with either a Ceramic or Steel center hub 7 ball bearing with ergonomic finger caps. Be sure to watch the video! Ages 5 & up. Get it now on Amazon (Search: "Geospin by Geospace") or at www.Geospaceplay.com
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ROCKIN' B-BALL™ Hand-Held Basketball Game from Geospace 12097
Maneuver the transparent orb with your hands so that the rubber basketball inside rolls up and flips into the basket hoop! Flashing LED lights and the cheering of a "cyber-audience" congratulates you for scoring! Fun for all ages (5 & Up) to master, plus makes a great travel game. Replaceable watch batteries are easy to change. Find it online at: http://www.geospaceplay.com/games-puzzle-toys/rockin-b-ball-hand-held-basketball-game/
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AIRCYCLE Air-Powered Motorcycle Toy from Geospace - No Batteries Required!
http://www.geospaceplay.com/cars-trucks-planes-copters/aircycle-air-powered-motorcycle/ This little Air-Powered Motorcycle blasts across the floor at scale speeds of over 200 MPH — fueled only by AIR! Simply attach the air hose from the included hand pump to the "fuel tank" (actually an air reservoir). After pumping several times, remove the hose, set the AirCycle™ upright on any hard surface and give it a nudge. Suddenly the compressed air rushes from the reservoir into a viewable cylinder that drives the oversized rubber rear wheel. The AirCycle takes off like a rocket for bursts of up to 100 feet or more with piston-pumping engine sounds ripping through the air. No more batteries to buy; the only fuel needed will be the calories kids burn as they pump up the reservoir with air and chase after the AirCycle! Choose from Red or Green. Ages 5 & Up Package Dimensions: 9" x 6.75" x 3" Item #22003
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Geospace REMOTE CONTROL R/C Toy Vehicles Cars Helicopters, UFO
This video shows the variety of the Remote Control (R/C) toys produced by Geospace International. Specific items included are r/c helicopters (including the latest: Easy Copter "3G"), the wall-climbing R/C GECKO™ car, R/C Stunt RoboCar™ and the RoboCar JR (both of which have spinning axles so they can flip, spin, stand up, and do tricks), the mini MicroDriverz™ R/C RODZ™ (the "World's Smallest Remote Control Car" which comes in 4 colors, each with a separate infrared channel so you can play with all of them at once), and the R/C QUICKSPIN™ Drift Racer (a cute little "beetle" style car in 4 cool colors with "headlights" and capable of lots of awesome maneuvers like popping wheelies!), the R/C U-RAV™ (which is a unique little "Unmanned Reconnaissance Air Vehicle", and the USB UFO (a UFO-style flyer that can re-charge through your computer's USB port!). More information about all items shown can be found in the Remote Control section of the GeospacePlay.com website: http://www.geospaceplay.com/cars-trucks-planes-copters/remote-control/
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SUPER SOFT SLINGER™ 12" and 18"! Available in 3 assorted colors (Red, Blue, and Green).
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BOUNCEaROO Hopper Giant Jumping Hopping Ball
http://www.geospaceplay.com/air-kicks-active-toys/bouncearoo-hopper-ball/ You've seen smaller versions of these perennial backyard favorites, but never one THIS size! The GIGANTIC size of the BOUNCEaROO™ compels kids (and even adults!) to climb on and start bouncing. There's something irresistible, almost addictive, about playing on a Hopping Ball. Kids and adults use their leg muscles to launch into ever higher orbits, the energy transmitted by the ball elevating them ever upward, landing in a new spot every time. If parents can ever pry them off, kids end up exercised, soothed, and alert. What more could a parent ask of a toy? Made of durable, heavy-gauge vinyl, it includes a separate foot pump that lets everyone get right to bouncing! For Ages 5 & Up. From Geospace International
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The Incredible Flying Feather! by Geospace - Descends like a Maple Seed or Helicopter!
Fling this incredible new flying toy into the air, by hand or with the included bungee launcher. It knifes through the air with amazing speed, soaring up to 35 feet. Then watch the magic unfold as it twirls slowly to the ground, like a gigantic maple seed or helicopter rotor! Kids and adults alike are fascinated by the mesmerizing motion of its descent. Inspired by the aerodynamic shape of a real maple seed, it is engineered to fly far, auto-rotate perfectly, and last for years. Assorted two colors. Measures 8” long. Ages 4 & Up. Item #12404 "Fairy Wing" - http://geospaceplay.com/collections/flying-toys/products/the-incredible-flying-feather-fairy-wing Item #12408 "Falcon Wing" - http://geospaceplay.com/collections/flying-toys/products/the-incredible-flying-feather-falcon-wing
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R/C Driving Fun By Geospace Toys
http://www.geospaceplay.com/cars-trucks-planes-copters/remote-control/ Several examples of remote controlled (RC) cars manufactured by Geospace International are shown, including RC QUIKSPIN Drift Racer (item #16340), RC GECKO Gravity-Defying Car (#16345), RC STUNT ROBOCAR JR (#16330), the original RC Stunt ROBOCAR (no longer available), and finally, the Micro RC RODZ. Each RC vehicle has unique features such as Xenon headlights, ability to race across walls and ceilings, or the ability to perform stunts like flipping over. More info about Geospace Vehicles can be found online at the official Geospace website: www.GeospacePlay.com
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Games by Geospaceplay
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Fly Wrapz Flying Wristband Toy: Slap It on, then Sling It! by Geospace
Everyone will think it's just a cool wristband. How surprised they will be when you grasp the end of the silicone-covered bi-stable metal band, which instantly straightens into a flat surface measuring 9"x 2.5", then grip it by one end and let it fly end-over-end like a boomerang, watching it sail 60 feet away! You can further impress them when you grip it another way and give it a heave. Miraculously, it curves around a light pole. Then you skip it on a hard surface and it bounces back up into the air. Go for precision, go for style points, do tricks, play catch. When you're done, slap it back down on your wrist, where it wraps securely, ready for the next time someone compliments you on your cool wristband! Made by Geospace. Item # 12407. Ages 3 years & up. http://geospaceplay.com/products/fly-wrapz
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Spring Skiing with Hand-Z-Bar - The "No Poles" Way to Learn
This is 4-year old Gaby — she's well on her way to becoming a hot dog on the slopes. She learned proper body position using the Hand-Z-Bar trainer, which she has been using in place of poles since she started at age two-and-a-half. The awe-inspiring setting is the beautiful Cascade Mountains in Washington. The Hand-Z-Bar is a unique training aid for beginners because it automatically puts kids into the correct "skier's stance," which stabilizes their center of gravity, making it easier to focus on turns (and FUN!), without so much worry about falling. And turning is no longer so complicated or scary: just turn the bar (in the way that skiers using poles "plant the pole" into their turn, turning the bar actually turns your direction). All of this gives kids confidence and makes learning to ski so much easier and more fun! Isn't FUN what it's all about, after all? You can find the Hand-Z-Bar™ on Amazon. It retails for just $9.99. Made by Geospace International. Find out more at http://www.geospaceplay.com/hand-z-bar
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Geospace PUMP ROCKETS in 3 Sizes! SR, JR & Mini - Powered by AIR!
http://www.GeospacePLAY.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/ PUMP ROCKETS -- Original Air-Powered Foam Flying Rockets!... Load a rocket, pump the launcher, and watch as it soars up to 50, 75 or even 150 feet! Made of safe, soft foam, these rockets have extra soft foam tips that can be launched indoors or out. Each PUMP ROCKET™ includes durable pump launcher, one rocket with stabilizer fins and patented Thrust Booster™ (except Mini) that adds more flight time and distance. Each of 3 styles comes in assorted colors. Geospace also makes packs of Extra Rockets for each size, so you can shoot more rockets over and over before it's time to go chase after the ones across the yard. Look for Large SR. Replacement Rockets Twin-Pack, JR. Replacement Rockets 4-Pack, and MINI Replacement Rockets 8-Pack. Be sure to check out our website for the full range of PUMP ROCKET items, including JUMP ROCKETS, Auto Launchers, and Waterproof styles! http://bit.ly/pumprockets You can also find us on Facebook by searching for "Geospace."
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Walkaroo 'WEE' Stilts for Beginners, Little Kids 4+ by Geospace
http://geospaceplay.com/collections/walkaroo-stilts/products/walkaroo-wee-stilts Walkaroo WEE Balance Stilts are made of rugged tubular steel, but are designed and engineered for smaller kids as young and short as a 3 or 4 year old! And these stilts also adjust as kids grow taller. Special foot design makes easy balance movement possible as well as adjusts from 10 to 15 inches off the ground.
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Geospace Airplane Pump Rockets: Air Thrusterz JR. & Mini Air Thrusterz
AIR THRUSTERZ are a new smaller version of the Geospace AIR STRIKER: A lightweight glider plane that you can shoot from your Pump Rocket launch tube, using the same launching: Just load your rocket or jet, then PUMP.... LAUNCH.... and watch it FLY!! It is powered entirely by AIR — the energy is generated by your quick pump action using the launcher. The force of air, along with the Air Thrusterz aerodynamic design and helps to sustain the plane's flight for up to 50 feet! Comes in 2 sizes: Air Thrusterz JR. and MINI Air Thrusterz. Includes pump launcher and plane with patented Thrust Booster for longer flight. Made by Geospace International. To learn more, visit the Geospace website at: http://www.geospaceplay.com/?view_type=grid&product_search=Air+Thrusterz
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Super Sonic Gyro Disc Whirring Spinning Toy
http://www.geospaceplay.com/balls-yo-yos-tops/super-sonic-gyro-disc/ A new twist on an always-popular toy, our new SUPER SONIC GYRO DISC™ entertains in three different ways. First it's a hoot to grasp the two handles and spin the disc a few times to store kinetic energy in the twisting nylon cords. It's even more fun, and a stimulating challenge, to then pull the cords out, releasing their energy and spinning the disc. The disc revolves so quickly that its blue, red, green, and yellow LED lights, activated by tiny motion sensors, glow and sparkle fiercely (especially in the dark). Along with the mini light show comes a whirring high-pitched sound that helps you keep up the pulling rhythm. For Ages 3 & Up
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Jump Rocket Triple Shotz - Watch it Shoot 3 Rockets at once!
Geospace has added a new item to the JUMP ROCKET line of toys: The TRIPLE SHOTZ has 3 launch tubes so kids can shoot three rockets at once, and even aim at three different targets at once if desired! You can adjust each launch tube at a vertical angle or at any rangle of angles between 45 degrees left or right of vertical. Ruggedly constructed launch tubes are easily interconnected. You line them up toward the stars, connecting the foot-activated air pump. Now jump up and STOMP on it with all your weight. A burst of air rushes through the tubing, launching the 9" foam rockets off the pad and into the stratosphere! For Ages 6 & Up. Manufactured by Geospace International; Item #12939. This set uses JR size rockets, so if you need Extra Rockets for the TRIPLE SHOTZ, choose JR. Replacement Rockets 4-Pack, #12914, which the correct size extra rockets for this and all PUMP ROCKET JR. launchers. Sold in better stores across the USA. Find out more at: http://www.geospaceplay.com/flying-toys/pump-rocket-line/jump-rockets/jump-rocket-triple-shotz/
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Pump Rockets from Geospace
http://www.geospaceplay.com/collections/pump-rocket Pump the handle to send the Rocket flying! The force of air is the energy that propels the foam rocket — up to 200 feet for the SR size!! Geospace's Pump Rocket line now contains over 20 items, including 3 main sizes: Mini, JR, and SR, for kids and adults from age 3 and up.
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WORD SPIN® Original Hand-Held Magnetic Word Game
WORD SPIN® is the original hand-held magnetic spingame! Players re-arrange and spin the wheels (which contain letters, each with a point value) to create words and win the most points! Developed in 1995, WORD SPIN has been released in multiple languages and has won a number of prestigious awards, including "Best Mind Game" of the year by American MENSA. In 2009, Mobile WORD SPIN for the iPhone was released to excellent industry reviews. A week after the launch, the WORD SPIN Game was an iTunes store Paid App top seller! Available in several styles, including Original Gift Box, Travel Version, Deluxe Family Edition, and Mini Keychain. Manufactured by Geospace International. Ages 8 & up.
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Pump Rocket BUNGEE BLAST - Flies Farther than Ever!
http://www.geospaceplay.com/products/bungee-blast-jr The Geospace BUNGEE BLAST™ Pump Rockets ramp up the fun and excitement by an order of magnitude. Engineered with a patented elastic bungee cord inside the pump cylinder to turbo boost the launching power. Load a foam rocket into one end and pull back the cylinder, feeling the increasing tension of the cord inside. Then let go. Kids will be amazed as the stored energy of the cord pushes the piston of air very forcefully, blasting the rocket out at hyper-speed. It’s like putting a turbo-charger inside!
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