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Zootility - PocketMonkey
http://www.thegrommet.com/pocket-monkey-ultra-thin-multi-tool-2-pack Pocket Multi Tool by Pocket Monkey Zootility, discovered by The Grommet. All the utility of a pocket knife, but in your wallet. It's so light and thin, you won't even know it's there.
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Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder
https://www.thegrommet.com/bondic This liquid bonder, discovered by The Grommet, fixes toys, eyeglasses, jewelry, and more. Bondic works on wood, metal, and even fabric.
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Guardian Bells | The Grommet
https://www.thegrommet.com/guardian-bells-good-luck-bells Good luck bells.
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Turn the handle, get homemade butter.
https://www.thegrommet.com/kilner Even if you swear you’re not handy in the kitchen, this homemade butter churner lets you make your own butter in about 10 minutes. It’s as easy as turning the handle. Kilner has been England’s trusted name for glass since the 1840’s, so they were the right folks to revamp the old-school butter churner. Theirs follows the original design but with a few modern tweaks. The gears are made from stainless steel to wash easily and avoid rust, while the paddles and lid seal are made from food grade silicone. All you need is heavy cream and a little effort. When the butter takes shape, you’ll also have buttermilk—a tasty byproduct—to cook and bake with, too. Once you see how simple it is, you’ll be a churning convert. This 21st century update on the standard churner makes it easy.
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This pan will outlive you.
https://www.thegrommet.com/solidteknics Steel cooking pans that combine the best of cast iron and French steel pans are going to be a game changer in your kitchen. They even might be the last pan you ever buy. The Australian-made AUS-ION pans are created from one seamless piece of iron steel. The dense material cooks similarly to cast iron, but is lighter and thinner. The result is a hard-core pan that heats evenly and maneuvers easily. The durable pans are built to last a lifetime—which is why SOLIDTEKNICS backs them with a multi-century warranty. Founder Mark Henry’s design features a longer, vented handle that stays relatively cool and is easy to control. And each pan is pre-seasoned, too. Clean it like cast iron—so no soap or dishwasher—and it will continue to season with each use. With a guarantee to last a lifetime, if not more, these hard-core pans will prove to be the new workhorse in your kitchen.
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Guac-Lock | Guacamole Preservation Container
https://www.thegrommet.com/guac-lock Lock that guac. This shatter-proof, odor-proof guacamole container keeps it fresh, green, and ready-to-eat for longer. The container sits on a base that removes oxygen with a push (it reminds us of those push-up popsicles), creating an airtight seal. This keeps the avocados from turning brown, which means your guac stays green for days. And this oxygen-deprived environment can preserve other dips, too, like hummus, cocktail sauce, salsa fresca, and even tzatziki. When you’re ready to eat, Guac-Lock is great at serving, too. The push feature helps when you’re enjoying your dip. Give a gentle press down on the container’s sides to push the dip to the top, which looks more appealing and avoids having to scrape down the sides. We know how seriously people can get about their guacamole. Guac-Lock preserves it ‘til the last drop.
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Are you good at sukhasana?
https://www.thegrommet.com/alexia-ergonomic-mediation-seat Meditation should be relaxing, but unwinding is much more challenging when you’re uncomfortable. Alexia is an ergonomic meditation cushion that lets you find your zen with perfect posture and comfort. Alexsandra Nascimento Giganti is a meditation devotee, but she hadn’t mastered getting comfortable. Her husband used his industrial engineering degree to design a gorgeous, functional seat. He researched ancient yoga books to find the right combination of support, comfort, and beauty. Alexia’s internal foundation points help your body find perfect sukhasana pose. Also known as “easy seated pose,” sukhasana is used in yoga for easing hip tension and reducing stress. Alexia raises the hips and angles them forward to naturally make you sit up straight, while your legs fold underneath you—without the pressure of your body weight. Alexia’s lotus-like design is enhanced by richly colored fabric or leather—it’s an unusual-but-practical piece. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or just watching TV, Alexia can improve your meditation practice as well as your posture.
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GrowOya - Deep Root Watering Vessel
This terracotta watering system, discovered by The Grommet, saves water and time the porous terracotta material releases water slowly near the roots.
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sugru - self setting rubber
http://www.thegrommet.com/sugru-self-setting-rubber The Grommet team discovers Sugru self setting rubber; a soft-touch silicone rubber that molds and sets permanently. It sticks to aluminum, steel, ceramic, glass, wood and some fabrics and plastics, too.
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elephantrunk | Secure Parcel Drop Box
http://www.thegrommet.com/elephantrunk-parcel-dropbox The Grommet team discovers the package mailbox, Elephantrunk from Architectural Mailboxes. The Elephantrunk is like a mailbox, but it's a secure drop box designed specifically to accept your packages.
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stasher | Silicone Storage Bags & Baggies
https://www.thegrommet.com/silicone-storage-bags For something so flimsy, disposable plastic baggies can really add up. But these durable, reusable silicone bags do the same job—and more—without any waste. stasher bags are made entirely of silicone. There’s no plastic in them—as well as no BPA, phthalates, and latex. And, unlike their plastic counterparts, these bags have way more uses. Just make sure to press the seal firmly and squeeze excess air from the bag to help close it up tight. They can go in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher. They can even handle boiling water, so you could cook with one, too—sous vide, anyone? The pure platinum silicone is non-porous, so bacteria can’t grow, keeping food fresher. Besides snack duty, you can use a bag to store household odds and ends, or to keep toiletries mess-free on trips. A clear window lets you peek inside, and you can label each bag with a dry erase marker. The waste of plastic bags wore Founder Kat Nouri down. She channeled her frustration into creating an eco-friendly alternative—and now those one-use bags are a thing of the past.
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Say goodbye to slimy produce.
www.thegrommet.com/vejibag Organic gardener Sally Erickson couldn’t bear the thought of selling her homegrown greens in plastic bags. She knew that fresh produce needs humidity, so Sally created the Vejibag. This ingenious vegetable bag keeps produce crisp and fresh longer. The Vejibag is made of 100% organic American materials. The cotton is grown in the southern U.S. and sewn by hand in Maine. The resulting fabric is beautiful, breathable, and easy to clean. Add just a bit of moisture to the bag every few days and watch your veggies thrive. Carrots stay crunchy, kale stays crisp, more plastic stays out of our landfills, and more U.S. workers find pride in contributing to a healthier planet. There really is much more in this vegetable bag than just produce.
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Drink in the Box - Reusable Drink Boxes
This reusable juice box, discovered by The Grommet, is an eco-friendly and cost-efficient alternative to the disposable juice box.
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For healthier digestion, leave this on the counter.
https://www.thegrommet.com/mortier-pilon This fermentation pot will help you create nutrient-rich foods that are good for digestion . . . and it looks great doing it. If you’re not familiar, fermentation introduces helpful bacteria, or probiotics, to balance your digestive system and help it absorb more nutrients. It’s an age-old food preservation technique that—without the right tools—can be as messy as it is beneficial. You put your foods in a type of brine (usually a mixture of salt, water, and vinegar), and a delightful chemical reaction happens. Mortier Pilon creates the ideal environment for this biological transformation. This vessel has a futuristic look with clean lines, but the design has a purpose. As the organisms inside begin to grow, they create gases. The water seal lets those gases escape, while also keeping air out. An included weight makes sure your veggies stay submerged under the brine and outside the reach of unwanted bacteria. Get new recipe ideas fresh from the Mortier Pilon cookbook—like pickles and homemade sauerkraut. To keep track of your creations, update the rewritable label. To store your fermented foods in smaller batches, you can use their optional canning jars. Whether you’re an expert or an amateur, this fermentation crock will get you asking, “Is that fermentable?”
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Fiat Luxe - Felted Soap
http://www.thegrommet.com/fiat-luxe-felted-soap This felted soap discovered by The Grommet is like a soap and washcloth in one. Fiat Luxe is made in the USA using only natural ingredients.
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ROK - Espresso Maker
http://www.thegrommet.com/rok-espresso-maker The ROK Espresso Maker discovered by The Grommet is a non-electric espresso maker that allows you to make each cup just the way you like it.
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Keysmart - Minimalist Key Organizer
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The math game kids actually ask to play.
https://www.thegrommet.com/math-for-love Link colors to numbers to fun in a math board game that’s addicting and stealthy. Prime Climb makes you exercise math skills while you’re distracted at play. Married mathematicians Daniel Finkel and Katherine Cook are the architects, creating a new take on doing equations. After training teachers for many years, they turned their attention to designing a visual, intuitive game to help kids become fluent in math. Much like learning a language, getting the key concepts down while you’re young can help them take root. To play, you roll two ten-sided dice—then you use operations to decide how many spaces you can move. Add the two numbers or subtract, multiply, or divide them, depending on which total will give you the best turn. Climb your way up to 101—gaining special powers and bumping opponents back to the start along the way. When we played the game, our teenage kids even asked to play it again. That’s right—teens asking to play a math game with their parents. There’s no greater endorsement than that.
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Yogibo Supreme Lounge Bags:  The New Generation of Bean Bags
http://www.thegrommet.com/yogibo-yogi-max The Grommet team discovers Yogibo; whose huge bean bag chairs have a frictionless bean bag filling that make it the most comfortable bean bag chair available. Relaxing on a Yogi is more like floating than sitting.
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iFixit - Tech Repair Kits
https://www.thegrommet.com/ifixit This tech repair kit, discovered by The Grommet, provides you with the tools you need to fix your electronics, not toss them away. No longer will we let tech companies prevent us from fixing or upgrading our electronic devices. Our “right to repair” is on the rise, thanks to iFixit and their tech repair kits. iFixit is acclaimed in the tech community for its free step-by-step guides for fixing everything from laptops to game systems to phones. It’s crowdsourcing power at its best – everyday people post instructions and then the community updates and perfects them. The guides are a breeze to follow, even for beginners. But knowing how to fix something isn’t enough. You need the right tools to get the job done, which is where the tech repair kits come in. iFixit’s kits contain unfamiliar tools like Pentalob and Torx bits—tools that the tech companies hope you won’t have so you’ll buy a new device or pay them to repair your existing one. With iFixit guides and a repair kit, your tech products don’t have to be disposable. And you don’t need to be beholden to pricey repairs from tech companies. Join the DIY repair revolution today.
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Lake Art | The Grommet
http://www.thegrommet.com/lake-art-3d-wooden-maps Personalized wall art and cribbage boards from Lake Art add a personal touch to your home, cabin or lake cottage. Each piece is made entirely from scratch, by hand, and even the framing is beautiful.
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Oru Kayak - Origami Kayak
https://www.thegrommet.com/oru This origami kayak, discovered by The Grommet, folds into itself without tools, making kayaking accessible to those who can't store a full-sized kayak. Plenty of folks enjoy kayaking, but none of them enjoy moving, storing, or carrying one. Inspired by origami, the lightweight Oru Kayak is made from a single sheet of corrugated plastic engineered to fold in on itself for never before seen portability. Oru is made of 5 mm, double layered, custom extruded polypropylene. The special monolithic structural unit is designed to allow the boat to forgo a structural frame without compromising durability. Assemble it in 20 minutes; disassemble it in 10, and use the time it would have taken you to lug a traditional one around, relaxing on the water.
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Burn a twig to charge your phone.
https://www.thegrommet.com/biolite From emergencies to camping, BioLite’s power supply and lighting innovations bring charging and illumination anywhere. They design every solution to work as well in developing countries as it does here. Alec Drummond and Jonathan Cedar bonded over their passion for sustainable design, then started on a mission to develop clean, affordable energy. By creating products to take off the grid, they can serve places in the world without reliable access to electricity. A great example is their CampStove. It turns twigs, leaves, and other biomatter into usable electricity and cooking heat, courtesy of a thermoelectric generator. The energy created can charge your devices via the integrated USB port. Plus, an internal fan helps to produce a cleaner, more efficient burn that emits less smoke. This technology—cool on your camping trip—is vital in remote countries. There, people often have cellphones but lack access to electricity and heat. They also tend to cook on open fires, which create dangerous amounts of smoke. Just for those populations, BioLite offers a larger version of the CampStove that makes cooking as well as charging simpler and safer. BioLite believes energy is a basic human need, and they’re committed to sharing it with the world.
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The secret to brushing your pet, without a brush
https://www.thegrommet.com/handson-gloves Dog grooming gloves mean the end of brush anxiety for your worried pup. In fact, he probably will just enjoy the massage, unaware that you’re de-furring him with each rub, scratch, and stroke. Grooved palms and fingers free up shedding hair—in a major way, so you’ll want to do this outside. The nubs are shorter than bristles, so there won’t be any tangles or clumps to unwind. Use them on a dry pet or in the bath—where they give extra grip and deeper scrubbing action and make maneuvering around your animal easier, too. And your pet gets a nice rub down in the process that helps promote a healthy coat. Jay Michaelson created HandsOn for his horses, who enjoyed brushing and gentle scratching on their thick coats. He quickly realized other animals could benefit from these grooming gloves, too—like dogs, bunnies, and even cats. Whatever pet you have at home, these gloves will make grooming easier and more pleasant for you and your four-legged bestie.
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Mind blowing ceramic barware. Really.
www.thegrommet.com/magisso Magisso is a Finnish design collective that creates simple, beautiful solutions to everyday problems—and they’re constantly winning awards for their designs. Their iconic cake slicer is a whole new approach to cutting and serving. Push the loop down to cut a neat, perfectly sized piece. Squeeze and lift to serve. No need to balance the slice as you move it to the plate. That same brand of thoughtful innovation transforms beverage chilling with Magisso’s naturally cooling ceramics. Submerge them in cool water and the porous surface absorbs it quickly—almost like magic—and the outside becomes dry. With the cool water inside, your chilled beverages stay cool for hours without needing ice. Plus there’s no condensation dripping onto your hands or table. The matte surface is an aesthetic and functional detail, too. It looks sophisticated while doubling as a chalkboard. We can't wait to see what simple, stylish solutions the Magisso team will come up with next.
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Sponge bathing goes luxe.
www.thegrommet.com/spongelle Spongellé makes Infused Soap and Pedi Buffers that do more than most exfoliating sponges—four times more. Infused with premium skin care ingredients and exotic extracts, these luxurious buffers exfoliate, massage, cleanse, and moisturize all at the same time. With delicate, invigorating scents, these Made in the USA bath products are a treat for the senses. Enjoy each sponge for a few weeks or more, courtesy of a unique technology that lets the soap and other nourishing benefits last through multiple showers. And the surface texture is special, too—changing from a rougher exfoliating texture to a soft, silky one when you squeeze the sponge. Tired of her youngest son wasting body wash, Founder Elaine Binder developed the idea for an exfoliating sponge infused with body wash. The Spongellé Pedi Buffer is perfect for in-between pedicures, while the Body Buffer will rejuvenate your entire body. With their luxe ingredients and giftable packaging, these premium bath sponges make perfect gifts for someone special, including you.
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Tangram Factory | Smart Jump Rope
https://www.thegrommet.com/tangram-factory Meet a truly modern jump rope. The Smart Rope counts your jumps and shows them in real-time with a futuristic LED display that appears right before your eyes. It’s a slick, motivating feature. And this connected jump rope gathers even more data as you exercise. With specially designed handles, the rope rotates inside them as you jump. Via a Bluetooth connection to the Smart Gym app, you’ll see all of your fitness stats—like calories burned, time elapsed, and goals reached. The app even lets you connect with friends for extra motivation or to spark a jumping competition. Fitness buffs know that jumping rope burns calories fast and provides all-over toning. The Smart Rope is the first innovation from Tangram Factory, founded by two designers who worked in the tech and fitness industries. They wanted to combine this efficient exercise with a fitness tracker that doesn’t need to be worn. The rope is lightweight and compact, so you can use it in pretty much any space. Pack it in your bag to squeeze in workouts while you travel, too. A simple fitness tool is now a connected piece of exercise equipment that is as engaging as it is effective.
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This coat changes into a sleeping bag. And changes lives.
www.thegrommet.com/the-empowerment-project To help homeless people stay warm in the winter, Veronika Scott created the EMPWR coat. This water-resistant, self-heating coat transforms into a sleeping bag for nighttime and a crossbody bag for the off-season. It began as a class project. Veronika and her classmates were challenged to design something that fills a need in Detroit. She came up with her innovative coat after doing research at homeless shelters. While the coats are definitely useful, Veronika realized that many homeless people needed more long-lasting help—jobs. To give homeless people a chance at financial stability, she started The Empowerment Plan. This non-profit employs individuals from shelters to make the coats, then donates them to people living on the street around the country. The company’s workforce is able to give back while getting back on their own feet.
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Craft a Brew - Premium Beer Making Kit
http://www.thegrommet.com/craft-a-brew-premium-beer-making-kit The Grommet team discovers Craft a Brew's beer making kit whose clear instructions, small batch sizes, and quality ingredients will turn beer lovers into beer brewers.
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Who made that gorgeous ravioli? You did.
https://www.thegrommet.com/repast Making homemade ravioli can be intimidating, but it’s easier to master with Repast’s handcrafted rolling pin. Founder Michael Finizio is an engineer, woodworker, and foodie who loves bringing people together for a meal. (His company is named for the time during which a meal is eaten.) Michael wasn’t impressed with most ravioli rolling pins, so he created his own. Thoughtfully designed, this rolling pin is as much a piece of art as it is a kitchen tool. Repast believes in sustainable living, so each rolling pin is Made in the USA from hardwood. And for every tree they use, they plant 100 more. It won’t do everything for you, though—you’ll still need to make your own pasta sheets and filling. Spread filling across two thirds of one pasta sheet, then top with another. As you press the rolling pin firmly across the sheet, you’ll feel like a pasta master, watching deliciously plump ravioli form beneath your hands.
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Math lovers (and haters) unite!
www.thegrommet.com/mobi Möbi is a fun, fast-paced number tile game. The goal is to make simple Math equations as quickly as possible—a great way for kids or grown-ups to apply Math skills. Plus, it comes in an adorable blue whale. Players draw blue number tiles, then use them to create simple equations (like 2+3=5) by including white Math tiles (plus signs, minus signs, multiplication signs, etc.). Each valid equation is called a “pod.” Keep using your blue tiles to build new equations on those pods, almost like a crossword. The first one to use all their blue tiles yells “Möbi” to win. Wildcard tiles and a few other creative rules make this a great family game. Want to play with younger kids? Just remove the multiplication and division tiles. With no need to calculate scores, and no paper or pencils, all you need to play Möbi is a flat surface. It’s a great travel, beach, or picnic game. And it can help kids with hand-eye coordination, cooperative play, and automaticity, which is the ability to apply learning automatically without actively thinking about it. Wife-husband creators Vanessa and Marc Nobrega like classic word games (Scrabble, Bananagrams) that disguise learning as play. They wanted to invent a game their son, Noah, would stay interested in as he grows up. Whether or not you think you love Math, you’re bound to love Möbi.
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Cozy, colorful slippers that YOU make.
https://www.thegrommet.com/lasso Cold floors lead to icy toes, naturally, and then to these wool felt slippers. But Lasso slippers are a bit different from the rest. They’re made from one piece of wool felt that arrives flat for you to turn into tasty slippers. With just a few minutes, and some colorful laces, the slippers take shape and are ready to wear. Founder Gaspard Tiné-Berès was studying design in London when he put his education to good use. He DIY-ed some leftover wool felt scraps and sneaker laces into makeshift slippers. His feet felt warmer, but he kept working on his design until, 164 prototypes later, he was finally satisfied. Gaspard appreciates a minimal approach, so his slippers look streamlined, and are made with minimal tooling and materials, too. Genuine leather soles add more insulation to the already super warm wool, and extra laces let you switch up colors—if you’re ever willing to take them off.
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Rolo - Roll-up Travel Bag
https://www.thegrommet.com/rolo-travel These rollup portable closets, discovered by The Grommet, let you compartmentalize and compress your clothing into a lightweight travel bag. With its four separate mesh compartments—two large and two small—Rolo can hold up to four days’ worth of clothing and toiletries. No need to pack and unpack a suitcase on short trips or when hiking, camping, or backpacking. Just roll and unroll Rolo. Rolo was also designed with your destination in mind—when you arrive, simply unroll it and hang it up. Ta-da… portable wardrobe. You can access each and every pocket and see where everything is all at once. No need to unpack... how great is that? In fact, for weekend trips, you may not even need a suitcase. Made with strong fabric, brand name YKK zippers, military grade mesh, and patented side-release buckles, Rolo is built to last. It weighs just 1.25 pounds and comes with a convenient shoulder strap. Simply put clothes and smaller toiletries into Rolo, roll it up, buckle it, and you’re on your way.Travel can be complicated—but packing doesn’t have to be. Rolo is a new way of packing that is simple, convenient, and smart.
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The Great Scrape - Barbeque Cleaning Tool
http://www.thegrommet.com/the-great-scrape This grill cleaner, discovered by The Grommet, is a all natural grill scrape that shapes to your grill with use so you can clean every groove.
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Bet you didn’t know your grill can do this.
https://www.thegrommet.com/diamondkingsmoker Want to smoke meat or fish? This bbq smoker box lets you use the grill you’ve already got. Made in the USA, it streamlines the smoking process and works on any type of grill. Patrick King paired over 30 years of experience in the forestry industry with expertise in wood science—not to mention a passion for smoking—to make a bbq smoker that does the job easily at home. And his all-natural wood chunks and pellets lend distinctive flavors to the meat (like almond, cherry, and mesquite). Just place your protein—ribs, chicken, or even fish—next to a lit box, and the smoker does the rest. It’s a simple process, but it does take some time to get that smoky goodness just right. But trust us, the tasty results are worth it.
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Pull a full-length mirror out of your bag.
https://www.thegrommet.com/floxsee This compact, tri-view mirror makes seeing the big picture—whether on the go or in a tight space—easy. Hang it vertically from its adjustable hook—like on the back of a door or a shower curtain hook—and it gives you the same view as a full-length mirror. Or, for a 180-degree view of your hair and makeup, hang it horizontally. Friends Deena O'Neill and Ellen Hollin created Floxsee after they both cut their long hair to donate to charity and found styling their new short hairdos tricky, particularly in the back. They have maintained their giving spirits, and donate 5% of Floxsee proceeds to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Fox Chase Cancer Center. Both ladies traveled frequently, too, so their dream mirror had to be compact enough to take along. Their design is surprisingly slim when folded, making it perfect for hotel stays, getting ready at the gym, or any place where a good mirror can be hard to find.
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This blanket has been to war and back
https://www.thegrommet.com/faribault These heirloom quality, 100% pure wool blankets are stain-, wrinkle-, and water-resistant—and Made in the USA. And they’re made to last for years and years. For five generations, the Faribault Mill has spun together a tight knight community of craftspeople that take the raw wool and transform it into high quality blankets. This Minnesotan mill been around for over 150 years—using some of the same techniques and machinery that made 250,000 blankets for soldiers during WWII. The wool they use has active properties that react and adapt to changes in your body temperature. It warms you up if you’re cold and releases heat and moisture when you’re hot. Propelled by a legacy of careful craftsmanship, Faribault blankets will be keeping your family warm for years to come.
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Yaktrax Traction Devices - ice cleats
http://www.thegrommet.com/86-yaktrax-traction-devices-ice-cleats-for-walking-on-ice-and-snow The Grommet team was happy to discover Yaktrax Pro, a shoe traction device that enables young, old, and those in the middle to walk confidently on snow ...
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Go ahead—try to name a blade this can’t sharpen.
https://www.thegrommet.com/solinge Most of us don’t sharpen our kitchen knives, tools, or other household blades correctly—if at all. Sol.inge’s blade sharpener is a single, multi-purpose tool that lets you keep many different blades in top form. To properly sharpen, you need the right angle for the blade. Normally that would mean a special sharpener for every single tool. But Sol.inge’s tool has two sets of self-adjusting plates. They move to create the proper angle for sharpening each blade. Work on a variety of tools, from scissors to knives—even those with serrated blades. A stationary blade lets you tackle heftier jobs like garden shears. And for smaller surfaces like cheese graters, nail clippers, and can openers, there’s a pop-out handle with a blade to get them in shape. Creator Marc Adam has been perfecting this sharpener for years, combining his efforts with knife makers and engineers. He made this tool so versatile that it will put an end to dull, annoyingly ineffective blades.
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CompoKeeper - Food Scrap Collector
https://www.thegrommet.com/compokeeper This kitchen compost bin, discovered by The Grommet, keeps the bugs away and the smell contained with quadruple-action odor control.
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Hang-O-Matic - Handheld Ruler & Level
http://www.thegrommet.com/hang-o-matic This picture hanging tool, discovered by The Grommet, combines a tape-measure, level, and wall marker so you get to enjoying whatever you may put on your wall.
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Are you a beast, a Texan, or a gentleman?
https://www.thegrommet.com/walton-wood-farm Walton Wood Farm uses a “farm forward” approach with their all-natural bath and body products. High quality, sustainable ingredients are sourced from the U.S. and Canada, and their process is cruelty-free. They also leave out parabens, dyes, and SLS—a common but irritating cleanser. The farm is run by a pair of adventurers. Leslie is a Coast Guard veteran and wilderness hiker, and Peter’s a farmer and bush pilot. They pack their outdoor experiences and unique perspective into their goods. The solid colognes are a great example of their approach. The soy-based scents are light and fresh. Each features a name like “The Texan” (with subtle notes of tobacco and hints of fresh-cut cactus) or “The Beast” (a citrusy blend of lemongrass and mandarin with manly traces of cardamom and pepper). The fragrance is subtle, and you only need a dab. It travels and stores well, too. The generous amount will last for months, or even a year. Peter and Leslie’s personality and humor shines through these goods that feel and smell good.
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BOSKKE - Sky Planter
The Daily Grommet team loves the dramatic design of the BOSKKE sky planter, a modern upside down hanging planter that is mess free.
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Escama Studio - Recycled Pull Tab Clutch
http://www.thegrommet.com/escama-studio-pop-tab-clutch The Daily Grommet team discovers unique handbags, silver clutches from Escama. This recycled pull tab clutch is handcrafted, made in Brazil, in impoverished communities.
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BluApple - prolongs produce freshness
http://www.thegrommet.com/bluapple-starter-kit-2-apples-w-12-month-refill-kit The Grommet team introduces you to BluApple and shows you how to keep fresh fruit and vegetables longer and save money.
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PopSockets | The Grommet
https://www.thegrommet.com/ Unfortunately, this product is no longer available on The Grommet.
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Molecule-R - Gastronomy and Mixology Kits
http://www.thegrommet.com/molecule-r-cocktail-r-evolution-gastronomy-mixology-kit The Grommet team discovers Molecule-r whose molecular gastronomy kits include the ingredients, tools, and recipes to make molecular gastronomy accessible to amateur chefs.
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How did they open bottles in the 1940s?
https://www.thegrommet.com/eagle-cap-off This mechanical bottle opener is making a comeback after decades. Pop your bottle caps off with a quick plunge like they did in the 1940s. It’s a retro design that’s Made in the USA and Made for a Lifetime. Maker Mike Grace was with his stepfather when he witnessed a vintage bottle opener in action. He was intrigued. Apparently the clever design had a limited production run by the now-retired Eagle Lock Company. Mike decided to buy the patent. There’s something instantly gratifying and also visually captivating about when this opener is it at work. Make sure you have extra bottles around for the occasion, because it’s the type of device everyone at the party will want to try out. Cap collectors love it because the cap comes off intact. This American made heirloom will be charming and hosting for generations.
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Anywhere Fireplace - Ventless Fireplaces
http://www.thegrommet.com/350-anywhere-fireplace-wall-mounted-fireplace-and-contemporary-fire-pit The Grommet team discovers the Anywhere Fireplace: a contemporary stainless steel wall mount fireplace or fireplace pit that goes anywhere.
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Shape + Store - Burger Master
https://www.thegrommet.com/shape-and-store This hamburger press, discovered by The Grommet, makes 8 burger patties at once and transfers easily between your freezer and the grill. Shape + Store's freezer storage containers let you easily create, then freeze, individual portions of your favorite foods. The Burger Master in particular is quite the problem solver by creating perfectly shaped patties without getting raw meat all over your hands. Simply fill the tray, freeze it, then pop out individual frozen portions as needed. It's the perfect BBQ grilling tool for summer entertaining and makes a great gift for the grillmaster in your life.
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