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Truth - Sherlock BBC
"The truth is rarely pure and never simple," - Oscar Wilde.
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Sherlock | Way Down We Go
Another Sherlock Fan Vid !
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Sherlock | Of Chaos and Pain
Eurus, Sherlock, John and Mycroft face the final problem. Through chaos and pain.
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Irene Adler, the SHERlocked woman
A fan-made video about the story of The Woman, Irene Adler, and Sherlock Holmes. This encompasses the love, the mystery and the heartbreak surrounding the relationship between these two extraordinary human beings. All rights go to the BBC!!!
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Sherlock BBC | Guess that's love
I guess that's love, I can't pretend. Oh Sherlock, you know nothing. #Teenybittooobsessedwithsherlock
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Multifandom - I'd Love to Change the World
I'd Love to Change the World is such an amazing song so I simply had to make a video, that included some of my favourite fandoms. Enjoy!
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BBC Sherlock : The Demons Beneath Sherrinford
"The roads we walk have demons beneath...Sherrinford is a fortress, built to keep the rest of the world safe...the demons beneath the road, this is where we trap them."
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arsonist's lullaby \\ multifandom
fandoms: game of thrones, class, sherlock, doctor who music: hozier - arsonist's lullaby
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multi female // starring in your bad dreams
let's appreciate all the woman! all their power and awesomeness!! here's some of my favourite females from television including arya stark, sansa stark, Daenerys Targaryen, missandei, clara oswald, missy, amy pond, irene adler, mary watson / morstan, sybil crawley, mary crawley, lady grantham, the dowager governess and rose crawley. music: look what you made me do - taylor swift shows: doctor who sherlock downton abbey game of thrones i really hope that you all like it!
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jon snow | the king in the north
in commemoration of the season finale of game of thrones and the fact that so many of you love the show, i decided to make a game of thrones video about the life of jon snow, and the recently uncovered truth about him. and i used music by the amazing max richter to accompany this video! (november) please enjoy! xxx
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Agents of SHIELD: Heroes
A tribute to #agentsofshield as part of a 30 day video challenge i have been a part of! Enjoy (sorry it's so short ahh) xxx
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Hello my dear viewers and subscribers!! I am dreadfully sorry about not posting for such a long time, I've honestly been lacking time and, more importantly, inspiration. Alas, I have burst from my cocoon and have finally completed another video. I hope you all enjoy!! Fandoms: This is a multifandom video, as you can probably tell, with some new Fandoms I haven't included before, with many from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe)! Doctor Who Agents of Shield Jessica Jones Victoria The Crown Alias Grace Jessica Jones Avengers Infinity War The Leftovers Thor The Dark World Game of Thrones Music: Sarajevo / Max Richter / Memoryhouse
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marvel: heroes
a marvel tribute. side effects include depression, sadness, and broken hearts. enjoy :)
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"let's talk about john" | sherlock bbc
here's just a quick video i made because i miss sherlock and john too much
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de sherlock crackkk...ish
enjoy sherlockians
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a story | doctor who
let's appreciate doctor who because this show can never ever ever be appreciated enough! this features the tenth, eleventh and twelfth doctors plus amy, rory and clara. all these clips were selected by my sister maddy who is probably the world's biggest fan of the show. no kidding. anyways, i hope you all enjoy!! please do like, comment and subscribe if you like this video. xoxo
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