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Jeanine Tesori & a Millie song
Jeanine Tesori plays one of her most famous songs from Thouroghly Modern Millie while one her girls (who was the understudy for Millie) sings it for us!
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Jeanine Tesori & Shrek song with Haven Burton
Composer Jeanine Tesori playing one of her songs (which was cut from Shrek) which was written for Fiona - while Haven Burton (understudy for Fiona and currently a Dragonette, Sugar Plum Fairy, & "Gingy") sings along. From Broadway Teachers Workshop, July 2009
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Stand Up JetSki - attempt 1
First attempt at the stand-up JetSki
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Adrian Rosas singing Black Max at Juilliard
Adrian performs one of his favorite songs as an encore to his last performance at Juilliard with his Graduate Recital. September 2010
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Proposal on stage @ PVHS Oklahoma 2012
Rich proposes to Rachel at her former high school's 2012 production of Oklahoma with the help of her former high school directors, family, friends, and whole cast
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Stephen Flaherty and Once on This Island song
Composer Stephen Flaherty plays a song from his first big musical with one of his original leading ladies
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"Riding" the Stand - Up Jet Ski
getting the hang of it.....
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Rich's "new" Jetski.AVI
one of the first few attempts of using the "new" jet ski & learning how to safely ride/maneuver the thing
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Jet Ski donuts
Finally getting the knack of these things & laying the jet ski down kinda far doing donuts around the lake
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skiing and boarding 08
Video for my grad class on why Skiing and Snowboarding are AWESOME - especially at Big Boulder
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Paul McCartney "Get Back"
Opening of the July 15th taping of his performance on top of the Late Show facade for the show!
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Paul McCartney "comin out"
July 15th performance on top of the Late Show stage; taken from right across the street!
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Paul Mc Cartnety "USSR"
Back in the USSR by Paul McCartney on top of the Late Show stage
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Skiing & Snowboarding at Big Boulder: winter 08
compressed version of entertaining video about learning to ski/snowboard video from Big Boulder & the awesome instructors!
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Stephen Flaherty and Ragtime songs
The new lead in the revival of Ragtime sings along to some classic numbers while composer Stephen Flaherty plays the music.
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Getting better on the JetSki
Rich learns how to make 'better' turns on his new JetSki as he goes around and around in circles!
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