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Tara hates DirecTV commercials
Tara, the normally extremely mild-mannered therapy dog, is just laying in her chair, watching television (yes, she WATCHES television), and there are a few commercials that she doesn't like. Tara has an absolute fit over these DirecTV commercials. I have no idea why she hates them so much, but wow... she sure does! She can be in a different room, and as soon as she hears any of these commercials, she turns into a black & tan blur to get to the TV and let her annoyance be known. Tara loves to watch television, and her favorite things to watch are horror movies, because she things she's providing a service to anyone who is getting harmed; she will growl and bark and do her best to menace the "bad guy".
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Saiga 7.62x39 steel can shoot
Just a little fun in Gary's back yard, blasting away at a steel can.
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Zombie Pumpkins 11 8 2014
Some shooting fun with my Springfield XD(m) 9, Stag Arms STAG-15 Model II, and my every-faithful Saiga 12.
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