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Wait: Is This Video BRANDED?!
Watch these ad gumshoes dig up the TRUTH about the branded shill in their midst.
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OUTTAKES: I Got NO Sleep Last Night
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Heist Night Parts 1-3 Outtakes
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OUTTAKES: This Drink is Embarrassing
It takes a big man to drink from a chalice. CAST Zac Oyama Grant O'Brien Mike Trapp Matt Cordova CREW Director - Michael Schaubach Writer - Zac Oyama Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty Director of Photography - Luc Delamare 1st AC - Dawson Taylor 2nd AC/DIT - Matt Richardson Gaffer - Vince Valentin Key Grip - Andy Fronczak Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound Production Designer - Rick Mader President of Original Content - Sam Reich Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks Supervising Producer - Alex Edge Production Legal - Karen Segall Production Accountant - Shay Parsons Production Accountant - Chetera Bell Production Assistant - Kevin Clark-Ryan Production Intern - Kristie Lee Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart Editor - Michael Schaubach Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Ryan A. Kelly Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol
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Every Day is a Holiday on Twitter OUTTAKES
You will never know the pain of being truly alone on national calico cat appreciation day.
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The Ultimate Dad Joke Duel
Some dad jokes are so punny, they kill. Created by Chomp Chomp Comedy Starring: Dru Johnston & Ted Limpert Featuring: Lauren Adams, Alex Viola, Molly Lloyd, Stephen Keeley, Jacqui Rossi, Greg O'Neill, & Frank Carson Written & Directed by Tyler G Hall Picture by Tim O'Brien Sound by Ross Brunetti Edited by Jon Hart Production Design by Casey Adams Lighting by Steve Huber Animation by Tim Luecke Music by Ted Limpert Special Thanks to Black Crescent Bar - www.facebook.com/BlackCrescentNYC
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Outtakes: Sex Daddies Celebrate Father's Day
CAST Grant O'Brien Ally Beardsley Raphael Chestang Rekha Shankar CREW Director - Arthur Enright Writer - Mike Trapp Producer - Jessie Hixenbaugh Production Coordinator - Olivia Aguilar Outtakes Editor - Ryan Bender
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Deleted Scenes: MoviePass CEO
Edited by Erin Hassidim
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Heist Night Parts 4 & 5 Outtakes
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The sCHining Outtakes
For this 2017 Halloween Special, CH Does The Shining! Watch from the beginning: http://bit.ly/2gygHBi
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Definitely Real Grandmas Try Pot for the First Time OUTTAKES
These are DEFINITELY not three dudes who dressed up like grandmas to score free weed.
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If Green Eggs And Ham Were A Horror Film
Green Eggs & Ham could've been a LOT darker. New video from CHartoons! Written by: Willie Muse Illustrated by: Nathan Yaffe Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHartoons Original post: http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7025948/if-green-eggs-and-ham-were-realistic
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Outtakes: Grant and Katie Are Starting Their Own Company
CAST Katie Marovitch Grant O'Brien Raphael Chestang Ally Beardsley CREW Director - Ryan Anthony Martin Writer - Katie Marovitch Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty  Outtakes Editor - Sydney Drummond
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If “The Floor is Lava” Became Reality (Parody Movie Trailer)
You’re gonna need a bigger couch. www.alanstarzinski.com Directed by: Dan DeLorenzo Written by: Alan Starzinski and John Timothy Cinematography by: Alonso Homs Produced by: Teresa Lee Gaffer: Alexander Cortes Key Grip: Alexander Echeverria Cast: Alan Starzinski, John Timothy, Kerri Sohn, John Murray, Charlie Murphy, Micah Philips, Katelyn & William Hunn Extras: Morgan Fry Pasaic, Melanie Owens, Francesca Guglielmo, Mike Hernandez, Martin Ryder, Tiffany Champion, Kaitlynn Paul, Kate Sidley, Jake Hyland, Sam Hanna, Kevin Moyano, Kerry Starzinski Special thanks: Alex Song, Hannah Caggiano, Sean Dermond
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Solution For Assholes Who Hold Up Phones At Concerts (Starring Marky Ramone)
Swat it. Written & Produced by Alex Scordelis Directed by Jake Fogelnest Cast: Marky Ramone Lauren Adams Emily Altman Johnathan Fernandez Frank Garcia Hejl Geoff Garlock Mike Pace Meyer Rossabi Josh Ruben Riley Soloner DP: Tyler Ribble Editor: Jenny Filippazzo Gaffer: Colin Allen Sound: Corey Poindexter Additional music by The Walk Ons
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Everything is Too PC These Days: Outtakes!
These outtakes really cross the line. Edited by Michael Schaubach
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Christmas 2017 OUTTAKES
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We’re Stuck In A Fast Food Commercial!
HALP. written by Jon Bershad directed by Ryan Hunter Starring Jonathan Braylock, Dan Hodapp, Langan Kingsley, Jon Bershad, Lisa Kleinman Director of Photography - Daniel Zimmer Assistant Director - Cory Willis Editor - Ryan Hunter Sound - Rob Miller Production Assitants - Jon Monje and Al Holm
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Most Insane VO Booth Ever - “Fatter”
Annnd...he might've nailed it this time. Or at least made us hungry. Cast: Josh Ruben, Kelly Hudson, Ben Rameaka
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When Your Boss Promotes You Without A Raise
There's more work, and that's the gift that keeps on giving. Director of Photography: Dan Zimmer Frank: Tim Martin Meredith: Keisha Zollar Gwen: Sam Reece Special thanks to Sonic Union! Dollar Pizza: Jared Eimicke, Tom Reed, Jamian Shapiro, Jennie Sutton
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Guy Who’s Too Cheap To Pay An Assassin
If only the general public could chip in to help this poor guy aid and abet. CAST Dan Kaller - Dan Siegel Hitman - George Basil Megan Kaller - Michele Santoro Hitwoman - Lauren Davis CREW Director - Paul Briganti Executive Producer - Dan Siegel Writers - Paul Briganti & Dan Siegel Producer - Sam Kirkpatrick Cinematography - Carissa Dorson Editor - Dan Siegel Production Manager - Lauren Davis 1st Assistant Camera - Zimran Lucero Gaffer - Juan Pablo “Chip” Fuentes Key Grip - Tav Murphy Production Sound Recordist - Stephen Herrod Boom Op - Roger Kean Art Director - Abby Sanford Hair/Makeup - Kathleen Pardo Key PA - Andrea Chrunyk VFX Artist - Dru Korab Colorist - Brian Barrow Graphic Design - Lisa Hall Still Photographer - Sam Sparks Post Sound Mixer - Dru Korab MUSIC Constance Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) The Right Call Peter McIsaac Music (premiumbeat.com) Life of Riley Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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When You Make A Half Court Shot And Nobody Sees
If you make the shot and no one sees, did it even happen? Created by Chomp Chomp Comedy Written and Directed by Tim O'Brien and Ross Brunetti Starring: Jon Hart With: Emily Lynne, Matt Ward, Sarah Sixt, Gio Naarendorp, Lucas Whitehead, Ted Limpert, & Jacqui Rossi Director of Photography - Tim O'Brien Sound and Music - Ross Brunetti Editing and VFX - Dave Seekamp Production Design - Casey Adams Producer - Tyler G Hall Special Thanks to Nick DeMichele & Steven Huber
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Most Insane VO Booth Ever - “Can You Be Cooler?”
Still not nailing it. Cast: Josh Ruben, Kelly Hudson, Ben Rameaka
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The Murder Twins: Superheroes Who Take It Too Far
It takes guts and no-remorse to get the job done. Content Creators: Sketch Team International
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Guy Loses on Game Show and Can't Even
No one ever said game shows were fair. Cast: Andrew Barber - Host Chris Wilson - Flip out Peter Carlone - Contestant Diana Bang - Contestant Chris Cochrane - Announcer Kaitlin Williams - Showcase Model Crew: DOP: James Gill Sound: Stephen Hooper Costumes: Chelsea Leach Makeup: Celina Seib Production Assistant: Daniel Johnston Set: Kyle Sutherland Producers: David Kaye, Jameson Parker Edited by: Peter Carlone
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Most Insane VO Booth Ever - “Dates”
Yeah, I don’t think he nailed it. Cast: Josh Ruben, Kelly Hudson, Ben Rameaka
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Why Being A Slob Is Good For The Environment
Irresponsibility got us into this mess, and will get us out of it. Maybe. Written and Directed by: Evan Watkins Cast: Evan Watkins, Kat Palardy, Tim Banning, Rachel LaForce, Jason Kaye, Bill Kessler, Dave Ciaccio, Raphael Chestang, Owen Robinson Director of Photography: Jacob Hill Editor: Evan Watkins Special Thanks to: Mike McAlister and Graham Beckett
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How Not To Cry In The Workplace
An instructional PSA for crybabies at work. Crew: Director - Michele Santoro Producers - Katie Marovitch and Kerry Barker Writers - Katie Marovitch & Kerry Barker DP - Nathan Krauss Editor - Wolf Kirchner Assistant Editor - Katie Marovitch Art Director - Andrea Chrunyk Gaffer - Wolf Kirchner Sound Mixer - Anthony Kozlowski HMU - Ash Esparza Key PA - Wolf Kirchner Cast: Katie - Katie Marovitch Kerry - Kerry Barker Evan - Evan Watkins Colleague - Paul Roblano Colleague 2 - Michele Santoro Colleague 3 - Andrea Chrunyk Katie Marovitch: Instagram and Twitter: @katiemarovitch Kerry Barker: Instagram and Twitter: @kerryleebee Michele Santoro: Instagram and Twitter: @michele5love
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The ABCs of Drinking
Next time won't you drink with me? New video from CHartoons! Written by: Willie Muse Illustrated by: Jacob Andrews Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CHartoons Original post: http://www.collegehumor.com/post/7034...
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Make Him Wait: The Perfume for Girlfriends Who Don't Give a F***
Eau de Give Him Blue Balls. Written & Directed by Alan Michnoff Man…………..Luke Cook Woman……....Rachelle Goulding Kitchen 1…….Anthony Mendoza Kitchen 2…….Kerstin Alm Kitchen 3…….Martin Sprints Kitchen 4…….T. Mason Dowell Kitchen 5…….Cheryl Anderson Producer……..Kate Krantz Cine.………….Arjun Prakash 1st AC………..Ryan Summersett 2nd AC……….Ed Leer Gaffer………...Doug Frerichs Key Grip……...Ryan Game Sound………...Hannah Baker Art……………..Davon Stallworth Costumes…….Britney Wotherspoon Hair/Make-up...Megan Dugan PA……………..Molly Wassel Special Thanks Nick Roney Mark Zoeller Krantz Family Anthony Lucido Daniel Molayem See more from Alan: www.alanmichnoff.com
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Every Donald Trump Cameo Ever
...that's a lot of Trump.
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What Space Jam Looked Like From The Police Station
Michael Jordan's missing and all the clues are ridiculous. CAST Frank Kobola Louis Kornfeld Joe Lepore Rebecca Robles Matt Antonucci CREW Written by Matt Antonucci & Frank Kobola Produced by Matt Antonucci, Grant Goldberg, Frank Kobola Photography by Matt Antonucci & Grant Goldberg Audio by Grant Goldberg Edited by Matt Antonucci Music by incompetech.com Website - mattantonucci.com Youtube - youtube.com/user/mrantonucci Twitter - @mattantonucci
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Guy Breaks Up With Google Autocomplete
Let me finish my sentence, please. Written by: Ross Snow Cast: Joel Weidl & Caroline Cotter Special thanks: Will Bareford & Boris Khaykin
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Thomas Lennon Plays Sock Or Hat (Game Show)
Will Hines challenges Thomas Lennon to the world's most intense game show. All 3 seconds of it.
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If “She’s All That” Starred Hipsters
Cool isn’t cool until its uncool. Director/DP/Editor: Danny Cameron Writer/Directors: Lilan Bowden and Wilder Smith Sound: Yasaman Kazerooni Cast: Justin Michael - Dutch Ryan Hitchcock - Bronco, Dutch's friend Wilder Smith - Stacy Lilan Bowden - Dutch's girlfriend Heather Woodward - makeover friend Honora Talbott - cheerleader Shannon Joy Rodgers - cheerleader Jake Sprague - Garrett Drew Difonzo Marks - car hipster Cody Kopp - hipster bully Rose o'Shea - hipster bully Kate Huffman - hipster Nora Mindell - hipster Kevin Debacker -hipster Corey Johnson - hipster Matt Pavlovich - hipster David Kantrowitz - hipster Brooke Anderson - hipster Clare Loughran - hipster See more from Lilan and Wilder: http://www.lilanandwilder.com/
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Romantic Comedy From The Best Friend’s Perspective
An inspiring pep talk from his best friend gets the hero running to the airport! What does the best friend do in the meantime? http://lowbudgetsketchshow.com Written by Ethan David Directed by Jorja Hudson Produced by Stephen Gardella and Jorja Hudson Starring: Colin O’Brien Billy Bob Thompson Elyse Brandau Shot & Edited by: Ethan David Sound Engineer: Brian Russo Additional Sound Recording: Caleb Joslin Music by: Louie Aronowitz Production Assistant: Pat Foy Thanks to: Leah Spigelman Theresa Scott Brittany Tomkin The Laundry on Graham C-Town Supermarket
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The Next 27 Denzel Washington Movies [Trailers]
This IS the formula for Snakes on a Plane, and John Q, and…Training Day? Written by Russ Armstrong Directed by Michael Canzoniero Cast Denzel Washington - Justin Brown Movie Announcer - Greg O’Brien CIA Director - Langan Kingsley Barista - Ingrid Ostby Russian Thug - Nick Kanellis Neighbor #1 - Ivy Hong Neighbor #2 - Chet Siegel Neighbor #3 - Geri Cole Neighbor #4 - Kristen Acimovic Neighbor #5 - Hannah Chase Neighbor #6 - Lauren Olson Ninja - Candice Opperman Ninja’s Victim - Brendan Jordan President Robber #1 / Vampire #1 - Jamaal Sedayao President Robber #2 / Vampire #2 - Jamie Rivera President Robber #3 / Vampire #3 - Andrew Yurman Glaser Main Crossfit Guy - Ben Rosen Yoga Mom #1 - Tara Parian Yoga Mom #2 - Casey Cline Wine Shop Customer #1 - Willy Appelman Wine Shop Customer #2 - Hayley Swinburne Coffee Shop Customer #1 - Emma Barker Coffee Shop Customer #2 - Frank Bonomo Batman the Dog - Himself Head Writer - Michael Kayne Sensitive Writer - Ryan Farrell Rebellious Writer - Matt Starr Goofy Writer - Matt Gehring Frustrated Writer - Mike Dwyer Sara - Moujan Zolfaghari Henchmen & Henchwomen: Kevin Tully, Alex Shifman, Billy Breuer, Matt Roren, Candice Opperman, Ben Rosen, Casey Cline, Todd Shaeffer, Tara Parian, Matt Wassung Crew Produced by Sara Lennox Co-Produced by Andy Mills and Caity Quinn Associate Producers - Thomas Sullivan and Jason D’Aversa Director of Photography - Zach Halberd Assistant Director - Thomas Sullivan 2nd Unit Director - Matt J. Weir 1st Assistant Camera - Jake Horgan 1st Assistant Camera - Diego Cordero Gaffer - Roberto Muolo Gaffer (Warehouse) - Jason D’Aversa Grip - Joe D’Aversa DIT - Thompson Plyler Production Assistant - Roheeni Saxena Production Assistant - Brendan Jordan Best Boy - Greg Ahlfeld Post Production Edited by Adam Yeremian Co-edited by Jake Serlen and Desiree Lavoy Graphic Design by Alex Marino Compositing by Thompson Plyler Color Correction by Ben Perez Audio Post Production from ProMedia by Pete Serenita Music Composed by Dan Fontana Additional Music by Doug Fischer Vocals by Melody Rose Lyrics by Russ Armstrong Music recorded, mixed and mastered by New Royalty Records Color Correction and Audio Post-Production Services provided by ProMedia New York Lighting & Grip courtesy of Supergrip NYC (www.supergrip.nyc) Camera and Lenses provided by MCM Productions/Letra Films VOICE OVER COURTESY OF Greg O'Brien / Innovative Sound [email protected] special thanks Studio 13 Jarrod Kloiber Novel Kitchens The Winey Neighbor Dean Street Brooklyn Bubbleworks Laundry & Dry Cleaning Andy Mills, Geri Cole & Mina Joe D’Imperio, ProMedia Bill Scurry ProMedia NY Post Production Services, NYC
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The Employee Who Screams In The Bathroom
Everyone tunes him out because he’s technically employee of the month. Writers: Sal Gentile and John Purcell Director: Zack Poitras Starring: Sal Gentile, Jackie Jennings, Justin Lamb, and John Purcell Extras: Dylan Evans, Mitra Jouhari, Austin Sanders, Glo Tavarez DP: Hayley Kosan Producer: Jackie Jennings Sound: Frank Flaherty Editor: John Purcell Colorist: Hayley Kosan Special thanks to Justin Lamb
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Bad TV Pitches: Orphan Flippers
The reality is this show probably exists already. Created by Greg Stees & Jeff Ward Featuring Jeff Ward, Greg Stees, David Lengel
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Cast of Avengers 2 Plays Sock or Hat (Game Show)
Can’t help but feel like we’re an afterthought at this red carpet…
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Taking “That’s What She Said” Way Too Far
We wanted to know HOW and now we regret asking. CAST Chris Blakeman Ben Kleinman James Kuo Elizabeth Migliaccio Greg Mills Cian Smith Joleen Montes James Issac Sharon Cohens Simon Gibson Crystal Pace Haris Pervaiz CREW Co-Producer / A.D. - Dan Veet Director of Photography - Tony Sur Assistant Camera / G&E - Phil Eslick Sound Mixing - Nick Do SPECIAL THANKS Dan Veet Danielle Nicotera Serena Montes David Velasco Vanessa Weiss
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Found Footage Movie Taped Over Super Embarrassing Video
Just when the footage gets good this guy breaks into song. Created by Greg Stees & Jeff Ward Featuring Jeff Ward, Greg Stees, Rachel Laforest
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Building Your Own Campaign Setting (with Matthew Mercer)
Sign up for DROPOUT.TV: https://bit.ly/2DXQ59A Download the INTERNATIONAL app here: https://bit.ly/2OiNNoP Discord available in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND and the U.S. Matthew Mercer and Brennan get into Harry Potter's rad world building and those tricky NPC accents.
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Amish Women Confess Their Endless Sins
They left with their innocence, they returned with a lifetime of stories. Directed by: Anthony Caronna and Alex Smith Written by: Lindsay Calleran Story by: Steve Calleran and Lindsay Calleran Cinematography by: Michael Herbert Assistant Director: Mickey Delvecchio Producer: French Kiss Records Starring: Kiki Mikkelsen and Lindsay Calleran With: Steve Calleran, Zach Cherry and Luke Field Costumes by: Donald Birely Original music by: Ryan Dowd Creative contributions from: Emily Wallace Featuring: Jeanne Calleran, Jim DelVecchio, Katie Sicking, Harry Barron, Kevin Cobbs, Lauren Besser, Tommy Michalec, Eddie Michalec, Jane Michalec, Jill Dowdall & Arthur Herman Special thanks to Mike Kelton
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If Jewish Mothers Wrote “Baby It’s Cold Outside"
This song’s so catchy we forgot we’re being nagged. Writer, Director, Animator - Jon Wolf Original Composition & Vocals - Matt Campana Titles & Finishing - Brendan H Banks Special Thanks - Dodge Greenley & Lorraine Howard
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When Van Gogh Gave His Ear To His Girlfriend
What exactly is the return policy on an ear? Written by Anthony Apruzzese & Clara Morris Director - Jay Buim Director of Photography - Kyle Repka Assistant Camera - Rick Cook Sound - Catherine Hood Producer - Lauren Kahn Set Dresser - Zak Roland Costume Designer - Samantha Jane Gurewitz Editor - Rachel Webster Hair and Makeup - Lauren Kahn Starring - Clara Morris as Sien Anthony Apruzzese as Vincent Julia Kelly as Anna Nicholas Guercio as Frederick Special thanks to Jay Buim, Miss Master's Closet and Amanda Poryes
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BTS: How Tall Is Grant?
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Big Boned Cheerleaders Have So Much Time To Talk
They dream of being at the top of the pyramid, but then, they’d just weigh it down. Written by Elaine Carroll and Jessica Rona
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The Opposite of the Friend Zone: Getting Girlfriend Zoned
These guys just want to be boyfriends, ugh! Created by: Siobhan Thompson For more from Siobhan, vist: http://siobhanthompson.com/
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What Really Goes On At CollegeHumor Headquarters
Explore the dark underbelly of your favorite neighborhood comedy shop. Written and Directed by: Eve Hinz & Grace Earley Shot by: Grace Earley & Eve Hinz Edited by: Eve Hinz VO: Grace Earley Cast: Edwin Manukyan Alex Edge Julia Bales Lauren Davis Paul Robalino Katie Marovitch Frankie McLafferty Shane Crown Phil Fox Sabrina Curry Ryan Anthony Martin Sam Sparks Grace Earley Eve Hinz Executive Producers: Alex Edge Sam Sparks Special thanks to: Jillian Vogel Julia Bales Sabrina Curry Stephanie Zorn
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