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Fatbike Custom Catrike/Surly Pedal Quad Recumbant
So awesome! Pedal power Quad with huge Surly tires, 4 wheel disc brakes, RWD, multi gears and a real differential ! As seen at Arbor Lodge Park and McCoy Park North Portland Sunday Parkways June 22 2014
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Unrestored Diamond T pickup truck
For years I'd make a trip to North Portland to run a once a week errand. On the way back, I'd always drive by this house to see this truck parked out front. It's been here for years ! Ten at least. Today I made a point to drive down this street and video this awesome old Diamond T pickup just to record a glimpse of the coolest truck in the neighborhood. I'm speaking softly, as I've never met the owner and would hate to meet on bad terms.
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Brand New 14hp "Cushman II" Scooter
This is a brand new, 2013 modern retro styled Cushman 2 scooter. 14hp aluminum Subaru OHC engine, electric automatic choke, electric start, and completely California emission compliant. CVT belt drive. Scoot weighs 325 lbs. Holy Cow! this thing moves! Lots of smooth torque that feels like the hand of god pushes it right along. What fun!. It whips up to 50 mph no problem ! This scooter has the optional 404cc BIG BLOCK engine, the other engine options are smaller
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Hand crank starting a Renault 4CV
That's right... we're not cranky...., we do laugh a lot ......and like to " hand crank" start an engine. Who needs a starter? We don't need no electric starter !! This year's 2012 GPNW microcar show was blessed with a bunch of "crank-pots" .....one being, Terry Cassem and his delightful 1960 Renault 4CV. Part of the Friday night meet and greet parking lot antics is playing with, and talking cars. Specifically microcars. Here we see a combined effort on the correct way to hand crank start a Renault 4cv. If you are into microcars like this 4Cv featured here why not like my Facebook page called " Magnificent Microcars " Here is the direct link.https://www.facebook.com/Magnificent-Microcars-1711284452458986/ I post interesting microcars every day !
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Subaru 360 Engine Tech
Proving the simplicity, space efficient, lightweight, realively fuel efficient two stroke compact Subaru 360 power unit in details
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Subfreezing Subaru 360 Drive to 'Stupid-Cold' Cars and Coffee
My lips didn't want to move, I slur my speech, my fingers and toes are numb. The Garage door was frozen stuck, I'm surprised the little 2 stroke engine even started. Temperature is 25'f and Freezing Cold blowing East winds from the Gorge.
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COE  Rat Rod Tow Truck
Not often you see a old school 1940 COE Chevy Roll Back with a Buick 455 cid. V8. You will have to excuse my repeated "that's so cool" voice over as I was somewhat overtaken with admiration. Imagine how many microcars will fit on the bed of this truck?
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Chevy Spark EV is FAST ?! ...  Super Fun !
I did not expect this at all. This Spark EV has Tesla P90D Ludicrous power for ultra cheap !. Amazingly the EV power (400 ft. lbs. torque?) with FWD has no noticeable torque steer. Yet this cheap roller skate of a car scrambles for traction for as long as you dare pin the go pedal. You can actually feel each front tire on the limits of adhesion the entire time. Amazing! Very fun.
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Buyers Remorse. Come get this Jeep FC !
1958 Jeep FC 150 runs and drives, runs good, 6 volt, sold in as is condition, unrestored, clean title, located in Portland Oregon. $6000. See this video of the Jeep running and driving. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp-UwjpG8Kk Post a response or inquiry if interested below and I will p.m. you the owner's phone number. It is not mine to sell. Just doing a guy a favor.
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Modify your Harbor Freight Purple Gun to shoot primers
I like to recycle. I hate to throw tools away. Even worse is to buy a tool I really don't need. I modified my normally 1.4 tip HF purple gun to spray thick Automotive body primers like Slick Sand sprayable polyester and SPI 2K High Build. I'm not sure what size tip I ended up with, I hand drilled out to 5/64" . I would guess it's a 3.0 tip or larger . It now works great !
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1949 Nash Ambassador Airflyte barnfind 1st time driven in over 44 years
Come along for a ride in this arcane behemoth !!! It feels so satisfying to drive a car that has sat for so long and required so much work to bring back to life and restore to driver status. This kind of job satisfaction keeps me going. It's my life reward and passion. All brakes, fuel system, engine and chassis repairs now complete. This old Airflyte now purrs like a kitten and stops on a dime. Update: this car is a "Special Super", of course, we all know it it super special....Haha, it has special handwritten in pencil on the fire wall, but, I never thought much about it. Turns out it has been positively identified as a very rare 1949 "Special Super", no other 1949 special supers are known to exist....yet
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Heinkel Kabine Road Test
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Isetta-"Licious" Test Drive
This beautiful Two -Tone Crème over Turquoise 1957 Slider window BMW Isetta has spent some time with me trying to remedy a worn carburetor and some drivability issues. I finally get it done, and take a test drive. Why not come along for a quick spin around the block ?
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Subaru 360 acceleration test
Pushing the limits! My Subaru "slightly modified" 360 Sedan burns rubber and chews up the timeclock...... top speed was foiled by a city bus in traffic.....Dang. I will have to try again.
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Grandma's clean and pristine 1990 Honda Civic SI Hatchback
My "Mom in Law" bought the car brand new with 12 miles on it in 1990. It was a special order Honda Civic SI, with optional A/C, mudguards' and radio antennae, special ordered, and reserved for someone else who backed out. It was her 1st new car ever. She is very a responsible and upstanding citizen, does not smoke and used the car daily for groceries and over the years, hauling her 6 grandkids in car seats in the back seat, all girls, by the way. I came onto the scene as a boyfriend of her only daughter and started maintaining this car in 2002 before we'd even married. I am a Master ASE certified self employed mechanic since 1988. I have a degree in Automotive Technology and love cars. This car has always struck me as special. How cool is it the Grandma drives a Civic SI ? It is completely original and unmodified. Since I listed it for sale, I have had numerous calls from kids who want to modify the car by installing an Acura engine or change it in some way to a race car. I don't believe this is the future for this car. This is what makes this car unique. Yes it has manual steering, Yes it has no air bags, Yes it is very sporty and lightweight. Yes, it runs great and has a few quirks. Yes it does have a few scrapes and nicks. Yes the price is more than blue book value. And, no... a 1/2 price offer without even seeing the car won't seal the deal. This car is an original Civic SI hatchback. They don't make cars like this anymore. Please know we are looking for a new owner who will appreciate and enjoy this car as it is, for what it is. This car is almost a classic or a unicorn in that no more original Civic SI's exist. Thanks for taking a look ! Craigslist Ad here : http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/4959869886.html 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback SI 1 adult female owner since car was new (25 years now) White exterior, black cloth interior ( front seat covers have been installed since car was new ) Black Cloth seats are perfect 163547 miles Very original ( no aftermarket stereo, or any performance modifications of anytype) 5 speed close ratio manual transmission 1.6 liter 4 cylinder multiport fuel injection "SI" package: 14" tires, body colored bumpers, tachometer, bolster seats, factory spoiler, sway bars, chin spoiler Power sunroof and rear wiper A/C blows ice cold All service records since new Original window sticker ( purchased locally at St. Johns Honda in Portland Oregon for $ 11,400. in 1990 with a 1977 Datsun trade in ) All original sales contracts, sales brochures, salesman information, finance, options, and warranty pamphlet's No rust what so ever See many pictures Garage Kept Well maintained New windshield New alternator Recent clutch Zexius 185/60/14 tires with 95% tread Fresh detail 2016 tags (Good until 10/16) Clean/Clear, 1990 issued Oregon title Drivers floor mat missing Single tip non SI muffler Rock Chips $ 4000. obo No trades please
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1985.5 Nissan Hardbody heater core
tough job that's got to be done
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Microcars You Dont Want to Miss
Random Micro Car Clips from GPNW #13 microcar show June 16-18 th 2017 McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove Or.
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Renault LeCar
A not so popular Amercian R5 Renault LeCar gets closer to daily driver status. This is a fine example. I explain and demonstrate some interior details and describe the offset wheelbase, very unusual for a production car.
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Come take a ride in "Antoine" a 1963 Citroen 2CV Truckette (furgoneta)
We take a Citroen truckette (furgoneta) for a drive. What fun !
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How to use a Thermal Camera to seal your house
On a whim I purchased a Flir One thermal imaging camera and installed the free app on my Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone. This is a high tech amazing tool that works on thermal temperature differential. I find it comes in very handy for sealing cold air leaks and drafts on a older home . Make your house less drafty ! Today was 40'f outside and 69'f inside
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1979 Rabbit 1.5 liter Diesel 4 speed
Who remembers these? Volkswagen introduced the diesel powered Rabbit here in America in 1978 or 1979..... as I remember.... as I was only 11-12 years old. They were NOT so popular. Stinky, noisy, and underpowered were the comments I heard. They had a following, but 'normal' people drove big Amercan Iron. haha. Now those 'odd' people are the cool people, just ahead of thier time. And...now these old stinky diesels are cool. This particular car belongs to one of my best customers This Rabbit, is a one owner, daily driven, all original 1979 Rabbit 1.5 diesel with roughly 40 hp and 50 ft lbs torque. You just don't see these anymore.
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1996 Mercedes Benz E320 HVAC fan regulator upgrade and repair
Upgrading the wimpy E series HVAC fan regulator to a more robust S series fan regulator for more reliable fan output and save lots of cash
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Volvo 740 valve adjustment
This car and it's and owner are very special to me. Back in the day, they called this car a 7 passenger Ferarri. I remember the funny Volvo TV ad's comparing both cars. It is a 1988 Turbo Volvo 740 2.3 liter 4 cylinder with mechanical shim and bucket valve adjustment discs. Very simular to the older 1.6 liter VW water cooled engines like the Rabbit and Scirocco. This Volvo has 272k miles on the clock, 155k miles on a rebuilt engine and rebuilt head without any valve adjustments. I rebuilt the entire engine in 2003. Recently the idle quality became rough and spark plugs started to foul when the two front cylinders valve seat and valve wear absorbed the valve lash clearances to almost nothing. This car belongs to a very special client. She'll never know how many hours I have invested in keeping this Turbo Brick going.
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1949 Nash Ambassador Airflyte ( ....a true time capsule )
......Just like it never left 1967. This 1949 Nash Airflyte 2 door Ambassador with every available dealer option was put into a barn in Walla Walla Wa. in 1967 with 25K on the odometer.......and, it just emerged !!. A true time capsule. A little fiddling, a good carburetor cleaning, lots of systems inspections and fluid changes and "Bada-Bing !", She runs ! What a sweetie!
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Subaru Outback Interior Water Leak Fix
Stopping the pesky and elusive Subaru Outback interior cabin rainwater leaks. This particular car has had a persistent issue with rainwater leaking into the passenger foot well area when parked outside during heavy rains. No forum or Outback site had a real fix. I cleaned the cowling drains and A/C drain multiple times and it still leaked right thru the HVAC fan motor. I fixed it ! Watch the video to find out how.
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Subaru 2.2 liter swap Vanagon Syncro Westy conversion
1990 Subaru powered Vanagon Syncro pop-top, pretty much the deluxe camping rig or outdoors person ultimate mobility machine. 4x4 with electronic locking differentials and a special granny gear for crawling
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Junkyard Find: I think I found a 1964-1/2 K  Code Mustang Convertible !
Super Secret Salvage Stash. Tetanus shot recommended. Yesterday I set out to find a potential donut truck, and ran across more than one ! Actually about 5 ! The old International KB-5 step van is repurposed as a storage shed for car parts. I then stumbled upon this old Mustang Convertible. This is a old fashioned junkyard that still exists. No organization. No barcodes. Nobody knows what lurks where. Funny thing is, if you call them, they will say they don't have it, but they do ! Crazy amount of junk.! Update as of today March 5th 2016. The junkyard has moved this Mustang Convertible from the back lot to the very front . The scrapyard is trying to get a lien title, they are trying to get the front wheels un-seized so it will roll, they are taking pictures, trying to ID parts, and preparing it for sale. Supposedly it's going to a buyer in Australia for $5k., but that is just a rumor. If you're interested call Crystal Lane Auto Salvage in Portland Oregon. I can almost guarantee YES ....it will come with four flat tires !
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24' ChainLink Custom Driveway Roll Gate on Rail
I have been slowly upgrading my house with a new driveway and new driveway roll gate. This is how I spent my day today, a very precious Saturday. The gate on a rail works awesome and I love it now.
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My "two-stroke" 1958 DKW 3=6  Auto Union Morning Commute
It's a brand new day! Come smell a little two stroke smoke and go for a ride to work in my 1958 DKW 3=6 Sonderklasse with it's 3 cylinder , two stroke, dirt bike sounds. The weather lately has been unseasonably warm for a typical January so I've been driving the old Deek every day
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Nissan Xterra valve cover gaskets
Fixing leaky valve cover gaskets on a 2001 Nissan Xterra. Not a fun job but it needs to be done! It looks intimidating but with patience its pretty easy
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1986 Toyota FJ60 Landcruiser Improvements
One of the last carbureted Toyota's , this FJ get some love.
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Ford Focus SES Transmission Woes: Shift Soleniods !!
2008 Ford Focus SES with 77k miles and major transmission issues.
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$200 dollar 1988 Chev S-10 work truck (lil' blue)
Great story. I bought this truck 15 years ago for $ 200. from a transient. This was before Craigslist. I answered a Oregonian 200 dollar and less, thrifty classified ad. A rice wholesaler in downtown Portland gifted the truck to the transient whom I got it from, he got it for free. He needed the money. I paid the full asking price of $200. Truck ran good, it is the base mode with no AC, but is has the optional 2.8 v6 & 200r4 automatic and had 200k miles, needed a radiator and windshield. I fixed it and gave it to my mom to drive for 11 years! My brothers borrowed it from my mom and wrecked the doors. Still runs great and still worth $200. Poor thing has been beat! Takes a lickin' Still tickin !
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14' Custom Cedar Driveway Swing Gate
I originally built this swing gate 13 years ago, it was holding up fairly well but i never liked the way it closed and latched. It bothered me for years but never made the "To Do" list. A strong South wind storm a few weeks back took care of that. The latch end shattered and it was swinging free like a ship with out a rudder. I lassoed it temporary while I engineered a system. It was a lot of work but I love it.
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Motocycle powered 1958 Berkeley test drive
John was kind enough to let me drive his awesome 400cc, SOHC, 43hp, 4 stroke, 6 speed Honda Motorcycle bike engine powered 1958 Berkeley during the start of this years GPNW microcar show in Tacoma. What fun!
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Floor starting an ancient 1776 cc VW aircooled engine ...it roars to life !!
Watch me floor start / cold start this old school 'hot rod' buggy engine. It was a mess. It's been sitting for 20 years. I got it to turn over. I cleaned the carbs, adjusted valves, replaced missing gaskets and hardware, fixed the alternator and cooling fan, replaced rear main seal, checked crank end play, machined rust off fly wheel, cleaned points, modified a 6 volt bell housing, added some fuel ....and she roars to life! Listen to open exhaust! checked out the flames
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DKW Freeway Blast
1st time on a real freeway with my 1958 DKW 3=6. The car is pretty sorted out now. The engine really likes to rev up. I was suprised it went 70mph so easily. Traffic hampered any super high speed test runs. The engine just screams, come ride along!
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Classic Fiat 500 vs: Classic Subaru 360
A quick microcar comparison. I forgot to mention not only is the Fiat heavier and slower it costs twice as much as the 360 in todays money
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1969 Toyota Corona
What did your Grandmother drive? A Corona maybe? A 1900cc 3RC 4 cylinder engine, manual drum brakes, manual steering, manual transmission, 2bbl carb, 1969 Toyota Corona. Perfect example of an old school Toyota. From what I heard, some of these Corona's came with a 2 speed " Toyoglide " automatic transmission, plaid seat inserts, and, if it was an early model, exterior turn signal indicators on the fender tops..
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TDI VW Beetle alternator replacement
Some helpful tips for replacing a very intimidating alternator on a 2000 TDI Beetle. You will swear it will NOT come out, it is very tight, take your time. It took me 4-5 hours to do this job with a lift. Removing the bumper and radiator takes an additional 4-5 hours.The Beetle with the 2.0 gas or 1.8T gas engine is MUCH easier. Just the TDI Beetle is ultra tight.
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Living the Isetta 300 Dream (Part 20) My Wife Drives the Isetta! Grand Finale
It's a wrap ! Thank you for watching all 20 episodes of "Living the Isetta 300 Dream" . This is why I started this multi year, multi segmented project. All this was done so my lovely wife could drive (her?) "our" Isetta reliably and comfortably with no fear of break downs. Like all old cars, this will be a continuing project, so check back or better yet subscribe to my YouTube channel for further upgrades and updates. You know there will be more !
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1962 Rambler American walk around
My old Rambler 400 with some modern touches. Trying for 30 mpg with old technology. Custom LED DRL's in front turn markers, vapor injection, electronic ignition conversion. Factory 3 speed on the column with electric overdrive. Vacuum wipers and vacuum fuel pump. Hideaway CD player. Sears Allstate wide white walls. We got married in this car in Sept. 2004. Still married, still have the car ......
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Ugly Job : Fox Body Mustang Heater Core Replacement
This is a time consuming job for sure. Convertible 1990 Mustangs GT 5.0's NEED a good heater for top down cool days .
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Come go for a ride in my Newly Restored Two Stroke Subaru 360 Van
Be prepared to wave and smile a lot. I've been working on resurrecting this old 1969 Subaru 360 Van for almost 9 years, and it's finally time to enjoy a drive. Come on ! Lets go for a drive in my newly restored Subaru 360 Van ! This was filmed in Super HD with my new Panasonic Lumix LX7 and a Belkin Double Gecko suction cup camera mount on the inside roof of the van
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Rotten Wood MG TD
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