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"Smoothie Song" - Nickel Creek (Josh Shuman Guitar Cover)
Tabs are available! Send a message with your email address and I can share it with you. "Smoothie Song" by Nickel Creek has always been one of my favorite instrumental songs, and I finally got the chance to learn it! All of this was done by ear, so if you think there are parts that aren't quite right, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Both Chris's mandolin parts and Sean's guitar parts are covered in this video. Enjoy!
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Craig Ferguson "Hot and Grumpy Tour" - Baltimore (Part 1)
Isis and catch phrases. Also, the lighting guy kept messing up and Craig addressed this at the end, haha. Craig Ferguson at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore, MD 2/8/15
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Little Toy Gun - honeyhoney (Josh & Skylar Shuman Cover)
F&M arts house open mic night on 9/21/13. First time I ever performed with my sister. Very fun and memorable night!
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"Afraid to Dance" - Don Ross (Josh Shuman Cover)
Hey, this is a WIP cover of Don Ross's "Afraid to Dance". Recorded through my computer's microphone and camera, so hopefully I will be able to re-record in hi-def audio and video soon. Enjoy!
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Blues Jam 1
Completely improvised little diddy.
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"The Low End" - Josh Shuman
Hey peeps, I have been tinkering around in my "studio" and finally figured out how to record HQ audio and video! Make sure you watch it in all of its 1080p glory. This video is my first go at it and I have a lot more to learn, but I am excited that I gave this a test run. The audio is not 100% where I'd like it to be, but hopefully that gets fixed in my next video. This song is an instrumental song that I wrote and, unlike my other WIP's, I actually finished, lol. I hope you enjoy it.
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"Day Tripper" - Tommy Emmanuel (Josh Shuman Cover)
Hey guys! This is a cover of Tommy Emmanuel's cover of "Day Tripper" (by the Beatles, of course). I know what you're thinking...a cover within a cover? What is this, cover-ception? Anyways, yeah, Tommy Emmanuel is my guitar hero, so I was obligated to attempt a cover, haha. Enjoy!
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"Dracula and Friends (Part One)" by Don Ross (Josh Shuman Cover)
Here's my cover of the wonderful "Dracula and Friends (Part One)" by Don Ross. I utilize Antoine DuFour's tuning here (DADGCE). As I have been doing recently, this vid features HQ audio and video, so be sure to watch in 1080p! Hope you enjoy! PS - Some annoying little mistakes in this vid (the brightness constantly changing due to some glitch with the video camera, the audio distortion in the beginning, and some problems with the high E string because I changed the strings incorrectly, lol) were unavoidable. Oh well, comes with the territory!
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"Lost Woods" Legend of Zelda - Acoustic Version
Inspired by a fellow YouTube user who did a fantastic recreation of Koji Kondo's catchy tune, I decided to give it a try. Super fun! The original YouTube user who played and tabbed this was "GameMusic Guitar Arrangements!"
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Spanish Fly (Tapping)
Hey. I was bored today, so I made this vid. Haven't played guitar in awhile, so I was a bit rusty, and the vid lags also. This is the tapping part of Spanish Fly played clean. Well, thanks for watching. Guitar - Steve Vai Jem7V Amp - Line 6 Spider II
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Josh Shuman Soccer Recruiting Video
This video contains clips of me playing soccer for Georgetown Day School and the Bethesda Ajax, and it is being sent to my colleges of interest. I am a 6' 1" left midfielder.
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"Dee" - Ozzy Osbourne (Josh Shuman Cover)
My cover of "Dee" by Ozzy Osbourne. I tried to play pretty closely to the beautiful original. It's a bit hard to hear some of the details but...you get the idea! Enjoy the music! :)
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Instrumental Piece #1 (WIP)
Hey guys. I've been working on a new song that I am liking so far. This was just a quick recording I snapped today. Check it out and let me know what you think!
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Punch Brothers - Magnet (Live in Cockeysville)
Hot August Music Festival - The Punch Brothers somehow played their entire set today without bass player Paul Kowert! Pretty cool and also very interesting to see them perform in an outdoor venue. August 15, 2015 Recorded by Lou Shuman
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Addicted to That Rush (Intro)
I heard "Addicted to That Rush" by Mr. Big on the radio for the first time last week, and I've wanted to learn it ever since. Unfortunately, no tabs are available, so this is my attempt at reproducing the intro of the song by ear.
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Random Guitar Bit 2
A random guitar bit I recorded not too long back. I'm planning on recording an improved version later. This was a sort of demo version, if you will. Turn up your speakers. Peace.
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"Get Lucky" by Daft Punk (Josh Shuman Acoustic Cover)
Hello! This is a cover of "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk, BUT done on an acoustic guitar (because my voice isn't YouTube ready yet, haha). I recorded this last year and it received some good comments, so I figured I may as well post it on the Interwebz. I have to give credit to Gareth Evans here, because he played this cover and it inspired me to learn it and do the same. He has tabs to this interpretation, and his playing is also incredible, so you should go check him out! Thanks for listening and enjoy your day.
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Instrumental WIP #2
Hey y'all. Just working with some new material and improvising here. Let me know what you think!
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Craig Ferguson "Hot and Grumpy Tour" - Baltimore (Part 2)
Hamsters, Dr. Phil, and showbiz. Craig Ferguson at the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall in Baltimore, MD 2/8/15
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