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Battlefield 3 Limited Edition - PC (Going Hunting) Maxed Out
*** SKIP TO 30 FOR FOOTAGE""" i made it to long..sorry Hey Guys just wanted to share with you what i think is the best level in the battlefield 3 single player campaign My Specs Intel I7 2600k @ 4.6ghz 8GB DDR 3 Ripjaw x 1600Mhz Nvidia 570Gtx Twin Frozr III Ocz Vertex 2E (OS) Ocz Agility 3 (Game) 1 Tb External Western Digital (For Fraps Videos)
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Fsx Iris F15 + TrackIR Vegas 4 Min Full HD Uncompressed
Fsx w\ Iris F15 + TrackIR (Just Ouside of Vegas 4 Min Full HD Amazing Aircraft from Iris made even better by Track IR.
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Aliens Vs Predator Oh My (Downsampled HD)
*Update* Sound is messed up probably due to msi afterburner and fraps clashing. Hey guys just a Graphics Test putting my Rig through it, using this method frame-rates will drop a little. As you can probably agree the visuals are beautiful. To give you an idea of the files sizes we are talking here the video is 3200x1800 the original file was 10gb for 2 mins. Enjoy some beautifull eye candy none the less.
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