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Nappy Roots Introduces New Music Artist Kelsey  "Lu"
Nappy Roots bringskelsey Lu to us in Seattle. Special Thanks to TwentyFifty.
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The Sam Lachow Interview On The Gene Dexter Show - Seattle
We had to rush back to Seattle inorder to meet a big member of the new school - Sam Lachow. Here he speaks about his history in rap music, affiliation with Raz Simone and social media. His 80 Bars video is ridiculous too. Thanks for viewing. Sincerely, Mr. Miyagi...
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Chef Sean Langan @ FareStart Seattle Part 1
The fire that destroyed chef Sean Langan's restaurant, Amore Infused Seattle, does not distract him from giving back to his community. Here he takes a walkthrough of facility with FareStart's Drew, Virginia - and Sean's team. 1.26.12 guest chef event.
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Nacho Picasso Speaks on Macklemore - Eighty4Fly - The Gene Dexter Show Seattle
Catching up with a rising music star from Seattle often said to be the hottest rapper in the game. Meet Nacho Picasso.
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Larry Mizell Jr. of The Stranger Magazine & Mashall
Power Lunch Hour with Gene Dexter and Larry Mizell - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-gene-dexter-show
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The Onry Ozzborn Interview - Meet Old Dominion / GraySkul's Guy
In the Green Room at The Crocodile Seattle - Coolout Network 20th Anniversary celebration. This is the last interview of the night...
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Presidential Suite Tulalip Casino Hotel
@ the Gold Elite event for Yelp Seattle.
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Alki Beach Waterfront. First Time Resale. #Seattle #WestSeattle
This stunning first time resale on the Gold Coast Of West Seattle is now available for private tour. Contact me. [email protected] http://www.GeneDexter.com http://www.Twitter.com/GeneDexter http://www.facebook.com/GeneDexter http://www.Instagram.com/GDexperience
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Trina Parks (Bond Girl)  On Miss Casey Carter - The Interveiw
Meet the first African American female Bond girl ever. 1971's Thumper from Diamonds Are Forever.
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The Maltese Falcon Yacht
Moored today @ Antigua Yacht Club.
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Interview w/ creators of Swift Kick sneaker cleaner
Because I know you like clean sneakers!
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Gene Dexter Miss Casey Carter w Tre Simmons
Miss Casey Carter & Gene Dexter caught up with basketball star Tre Simmons to talk a bit about his joint Birthday Gala with Portland Trail Blazer Brandon Roy!
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Heather Gin - New Seattle Music Artist
Pre interview with Heather Gin! Her debut Single - Take Me Home - premieres tonight in Seattle. www.HeatherGin.com
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Drunk at the penthouse with Grynch Eight4Fly Jpinder Wizdom
Drunk with Grynch and Friends
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Late Summer Menu - Cantinetta - Seattle / Bellevue, Washington 2011
August 24th, 2011 - the late summer menu for Cantinetta Restaurants - Seattle - Bellevue. Sit in the patio!
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Too Short And Devin The Dude - Lunch - 10/15/09
During my 7 years + as Rap A Lot Records regional promotions rep at Crazy Pinoy, it was my responsibility to make sure its artists were at the foreground of my Markets. Upon introducing Devin to the Great Northwest and some of the committed live show promoters in region, he ended up becoming a staple of the Seattle - Portland - Spokane - Boise - SLC scene. By the time we did this lunch he was already years into the campaign I set out from Year 2000. Too Short I met via Melissa at FootWork Media. It was time for me to host a lunch and get to know him better. This is what happened... October 15, 2009. As it was a live show on Ustream, we had early tech that didn't include sound production. This is raw and uncut.
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The Gene Dexter Show feat. Miss Casey Carter (on her 1,000,000 view!)
Gene Dexter and the final show of the 2011 season - interviews Miss Casey Carter on her 1,000,000 view on www.MissCaseyCarter.com, @ Ba Bar in Seattle, Washington Music by : Props!
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Case Study Enclosed - Why Your Restaurants Fail
A word about the brave new world of remaining competitive in the restaurant business. And a shoutout to Seattle music!
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Fabulous 76.15 Acre Paradise For Sale - 171 Baker RD, Randle WA 98377
Price Reduction 12.15.16 Now offered at $815,000 Presenting 76.15 acres of pristine Cowlitz River waterfront property: The Little Cayuse Ranch 171 Baker RD Randle WA 98377 MLS 901581 King Salmon - Steelhead fishing paradise. Elk playground. Annual timber harvest income. Structures on property include a caretakers cottage and small ranch house that can be used to house builder/contractor of your estate, equestrian facility, lodge, eco hospitality concept. A $300,000 barn buildout. Stable. Corral. A second waterfront along entire northend of property line. Gene Dexter of Brazen Sotheby's International Realty Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/GDexperience Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/GeneDexter Website: http://www.GeneDexterHomes.com Website: http://www.TheDexterExperience.com View Interactive Tour: http://www.tourbuzz.net/482982?a=1
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The Black Senate Interview - Preboarding Gemini Boat Cruise Seattle
Catching up with Black Senate members Trama and 50 Yak prior to the Gemini Boat Cruise Seattle event.
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The Remains Of Half Moon Bay Resort - Antigua
A one of a kind property still waiting to be returned to glory. Destroyed in 1995 by hurricane, what will become of Half Moon Bay Resort on Antigua?
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Interview w. The Core DJs Tony Neal In Miami
While at the Coast 2 Coast DJs Mixtape Convention, I talked briefly with The Core DJs CEO Tony Neal. Special thanks to www.MissCaseyCarter.com
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Kid For Ransom in Burien, Wa.
@gprez206 takes me to all the best neighborhoods!
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Old Bellevue, Wa.  Neighborhood Has A New Italian Restaurant!
Thanks for the party invite, Cantinetta Restaurants!
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Adult film Industry Star Summer Bailey In Seattle
The limo bus in back of Nectar Lounge was our green room during the @SonicsGate party. Some of the antics were caught on tape.
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Antigua Traffic Jam
Right Of Way issues in caribbean.
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If Casey Carter Were On Soul Train
Feat. Gordon Curvey, Vivica Fox, and other people who were not there. #LetsGo
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Miss Casey Carter EXCLUSIVE w. Gloria Velez
Gloria Velez was in Seattle for Brandon Roy & Tre Simmons Birthday Gala. Casey gets to know Ms. Velez & briefly talked about her opinion on today's "Video Girl", Kat Stacks & what's the deal with her & Nicki Minaj! She is comin with it!
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The Chris Pirillo - Empire Avenue Seattle Meetup #EAv
The first official #EAv Seattle meetup, featuring the most active and motivating player on this exciting, new social media portal. http://www.EmpireAvenue.com
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Raz Simone Interview On The Gene Dexter Show
Meet Raz Simone. He's Next. #Seattle. Here, we get indepth with his work, life and upcoming legal negotiations in NY and ATL.
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Macklemore And Grynch October 2009 Interview
I found the #TBT interview of an up and coming set of artists known throughout Seattle as Macklemore and Grynch. This was Live show format at a time no one knew what to do with Ustream. It was barebones production and held literally in my backyard or living room from 2009 - 2010. We then transitioned to YouTube.
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Chef Sean Langan @ FareStart Part 2
The total loss of Amore infused Seattle by fire does not prevent Chef Sean Langan from contributing to the community. He's guest chef on 1.26.12 @ FareStart Seattle!
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Chatting With Adult Film Industry Star Kristina Rose
The making of a porn star. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-gene-dexter-show
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Chris Pirillo Talks #EAv - Liz Strauss and Bounty Paper Towels!
The Seattle Empire Avenue Meetup. We spoke with the one, the only, Chris Pirillo. http://www.EmpireAvenue.com
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Neema - Unexpected Arrival on Gene Dexter Show
Neema discusses the new album release, set for August, 2010
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Abandoned Buildings 1: Palm Springs Edition
Once a proud Chevy dealership, this just speaks to me. The past needs to reconcile here.
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The Casey Carter Chat
A fantasy discussion about Casey Carter. www.MissCaseyCarter.com
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The Funk Daddy Interview  July 27, 2009
#tbt . Producer and DJ Funk Daddy was one of my very first guests on the show. From E-40 to a host of many Bay Area and Seattle artists such as Livio, Funk Daddy is prolific. We had to get this in. One of the early live shows via Ustream.
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Gifted Gab Interview (Gift Uh Gab) - Meet Moor Gang's 1st Lady
No interview is complete without doing it on the Seattle Ferris Wheel. Meet Gift Uh Gab. Now known as Gifted Gab!
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Ba Bar Seattle Is Coming Soon!
A quick tour of the latest concept in late late night dining. A Viet-French inspired kitchen. 12th Ave. Seattle.
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Ba Bar 3AM - Seattle
After-hours on streets of Seattle. Ba Bar.
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Seattle bus tunnel late night
I think the Seattle bus tunnel is lovely Reminds me of Europe. this is the Westlake station.
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Goodbye Hotel ZoZo - Hello Hard Rock Hotel. Palm Springs 2013
Out with the old, in with the new. Hard Rock Palm Springs is coming soon. #Fall2013
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For Queen And Country
Just playing with the Vine app today.
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Marek Grubel from T.I.T.S Brand Clothing
A little chat with founder of T.I.T.S Brand Clothing. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-gene-dexter-show
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Miss Casey Carter & Gene Dexter talk Nicki Minaj, Dream, RapFest Ep. 2
Miss Casey Carter & Gene Dexter get together at Elliott's Oyster House on Pier 56 to chat a minute about what is currently going on in the Urban Hollywood world as well as what events to expect here in Seattle this week!
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Heather Gin! A Seattle Interview Before The Gemini Boat Cruise
Preboarding at Islander Yacht dock in Seattle w/ Seattle music artist, Hether Gin.
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The DJ Mr. Supreme Interview  10/06/09
It was important to me getting this live interview in. Mr. Supreme is a NW tastemaker and curator everyone needs to know. The Gene Dexter Show. October 06, 2009
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The Mr. D Sane Interview - @ ViaVita Cafe  - Bellevue, Wa
Meet one of Seattle's most active and prolific urban music producers, D Sane of Street Level Records and Not 2 Sane Productions. After 150 projects, he knows more than you do!
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Nappy Roots on The Gene Dexter Show
Gene Dexter Interviewing Grammy Award winner Southern Hip-Hop Group "Nappy Roots".
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