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Professional Artillery Shots - World of Tanks Xbox
Some people think they can handle the power. Not so much..
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Torpedoes and Pink Tags - World of Warships
I was going for the 2k xp container. Turns out people are blind to torpedoes, even friendlies.. And I got pink tagged post battle
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USS Sims First Sailout
I bought the premium T7 US destroyer, the Sims, as a crew trainer. This was my first battle above tier 6 and had quite a fun game
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Back at the Helm - Battlefield 4
Back at it again with the tanks and jets
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Touch You Softly - Battlefield 4
Touch You Softly
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A Day in My Artillery - World of Tanks Xbox
A single day in the seat of my beloved Howitzer carriages. Some nasty hits await.
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