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Cream bakes a cake
Hey guys ,so sorry that I have not done a vid in quite a while so heres a vod of me baking a cake @all about mushrooms with some friends bye 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️
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Unbox daily #1 :Smooshie mooshie
Hey guys quick reminder plz get me to 1k subs and I will give away 3 Iphone x to 3 lucky people
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Safe and sound - Taylor swift cover by unknown
Hey guys to day I do not have much to say but todays shout out goes to miminina mana lobe you guys bye :D
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Closer - the chainsmokers ft. Halsey cover by unknown
Hey guys if you did not know I perform in a band we are called the unknowns btw shout out to short toy skits love you guys :D
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Welcome to my channel!!!
Hey guys plz sub i will really aprieciate if you do and coment what to do next and you might get a shoutout
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Stiches-Shawn mendes [ukulele tutorial]
Hey guys today in this clip I will show you guys how to play stiches on the ukulele
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Safe and sound - taylor swift cover by creamocat
Hey guys this is my first cover video i hope you guys like it for more videos like this be sure to subscribe it would mean sooooo much to me bye :)
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