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All-Star match; Second inning highlights in New Yo
Not my video. Second inning highlights. Warne team wins in New York!
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Gronk vs Bills
You get injured when you go one on one with the Beast! Go GRONK!
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Air plane landing, a bit jerky but successful!
Just came from California and captured the landing.
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Bulls v 76ers(March 22, 2014)-Bull's Entrance! :D
My first Bull's game, so I was a bit over-excited. My camera is terrible so please forgive me for that as well. Lol.
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Jasim and zobi banging
Haha, Jasim and zobi, messing around in the basement
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Disneyland - "It's a Small World" Ride
I was at Disneyland on this ride and thought it was amazing so I thought I'd share it with you. You definitely should go and check it out!
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Drawing a penis on my cousins foot! Haha!
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Haris and his cake!
Chilling at Kami uncles house, playing our cute little cousin Haris!
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3 guys and one girl in the bathroom, peeing
Basit, Jasim, Zohaib, and me, trying to piss my bro. There's no girl in this video perves! Lmfao
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Haris loving his songs!
Was chilling at Kami uncles house and couldn't help but to record my little cousin, Haris! :D
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Haris Fighting Part 2
Haris beating the doll more
Views: 75 Fahad Tariq
Chicago's Mascots v Stunt Team Amazing Skill/Fail
Recorded it on March 22. The Bulls played 76ers and just had to record this. Benny the Bull is a beast!
Views: 834 Fahad Tariq
Indoor Golf Practice
Anybody else find golf boring but love smacking the ball far away? I know I do. Definitely helps your arms though.
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Messing around at Meijers with guys!
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Sirius and Harry
Definitely one of my favorite scenes in the series!
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Very funny!!
I do NOT own the video. Just thought I'd share it cuz I found it amusing! Like it if you do as well!
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Saving your cell phone battery!
Here are a few ways that can help you extend your battery life! I'm sure there are other ways out there, but these are the basic ones!
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Epic fail by the biker!
I do NOT own the video, but thought of sharing it. And no, I do NOT know which language they're speaking. Lol
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Sirius and Harry
One of my favorite Harry Potter scenes. The last 20 seconds always get to me. I'm not taking credit of anything. Just sharing these memorable moments.
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Haris fighting Part 1
Haris fighting a doll
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Disneyland - "Finding Nemo" Submarine Ride
Finding Nemo ride was pretty awesome! I'd definitely go there again!
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My LG G4 Video
I bought a LG G4 and wanted to try the video out. The sound quality and the video is absolutely stunning!
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Manny vs Floyd
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Disneyland Autotopia - Car Ride
Was at Disneyland and this looked so cool so just had to drive it! You have to press really, really hard on the pedal to make it go, which was the only thing I didn't like! I'm definitely driving there again the next time I'm there!
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Millennium Park, Chicago
My family and I went to Chicago, so I thought I should record this. My phone was in my pocket, sorry. Lol. But I love my LG G4! The video quality is awesome!
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X-Ray View of How We Drink Water
I do NOT own the video. I saw this on Facebook and thought others should see this as well!
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Fight at Bismillah Store
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Connect phone to vehicle (Bluetooth)
I drive the Outlander SE 2016. I tried resetting network settings but didn't help, so if you don't have warranty, try to reset network settings first. It might help.
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My LG G4 Video 2
Just cruising around, testing to see if the camera can keep up with the camera.
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Beautiful, massive sheet of clouds from the plane
This was just over Los Angeles, after my Disneyland trip. I've never seen a great big cloud like that over the plane and judging by other cameras in the plane, others hadn't either. Such a breathtaking view.
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